Angel Heart 179-180, Berserk 315, Zetman 149

  » Posted July 25th, 2010 by arke

Yep, more Angel Heart for you, plus another chapter of Zetman and finally, Berserk.


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  1. Ghengis John Says:

    He isn’t taking a break, it’s merely that the next chapter features a sack full of rice exploding. In front of a dragon. On a ship. On the high seas. In front of a fire. Miura is simply taking his time carefully drawing and shading each grain of rice flying through the air as it passes in front of the dragon who’s skin must be meticulously scaled and veined on the boat that must have every rope thread drawn, every iron ring properly rusted and every tree ring present and properly aligned in each frame, checked for continuity while the hundreds of waves are added and shaded, to say nothing of the flames and smoke and the individual hairs and blackheads on the faces of the terrified crewmen all of this no doubt essential to telling the story he aims to tell.

    And when you see it you will say, “surely if the Renaissance masters had sketched a sack of rice exploding on a burning boat caught in a storm while a man with a sword as big as he is fights a dragon, it would have looked like this panel. Or this panel. Or any of these 30 others. Also, muttonchops.”

    The man is telling a STORY, people. And to do that we NEED to see that the man who just got eaten by a snake-monster after appearing in 14 panels had one dark side burn hair on the right side of his face that probably amused him while shaving for years and that needs to be consistently shown!

  2. Thana Says:

    Your puny try to be funny was… puny…
    You have failed me, Ghengis John!

  3. Candido Says:

    I’m brazilian!

    Love berserk! Thank you for the effort. Hug!

  4. Ghengis John Says:

    Sorry Thana, I’ll just have to make sure my next attempt at humor will be GIGAAAAAANTIC!

  5. Thana Says:

    I hope so!

  6. otakuzero Says:

    Word has it (on the obi of the latest volume release of Berserk) that a new Berserk anime is in the works–which would explain the delays. There’s also been some supposed leakage of new art for the anime (which looks awesome! IMHO)

  7. Fabio Says:

    I’m thinking if I’ll live enough to see the end of Berserk… ¬¬

  8. Maxi Says:

    Check for “Berserk 2010 trailer” on youtube. there is some trailer of the new anime of berserk.

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