Angel Heart 133 to 134 and Zetman chapter 102-104

  » Posted February 14th, 2009 by Eldo

So here are some chapters:

Angel Heart chapter 133 and 134
Zetman chapter 102 to 104

Bloody great stuff, I say. Hope you guys enjoy reading them.

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  1. cabbagesoup Says:

    what’s the latest vol released in the states so far (berserk)? Here in france it’s the 30th and I think 31 isn’t far away

  2. krazyivan Says:

    Well, here in poland we last had 0th and 0th is to be announced to be released right after the 0th…
    But to be honest it actually doesn’t matter since people who translate comic books and mangas in poland often show signs of mental retardation and most five year old would do it better.

  3. FuRiA_KuTaSoW Says:

    Theres no hope left for us!
    No berserk?
    Is that Miura guy still alive?
    I love it, when those chapters are released in such a hurry -_-.
    Another month will kill us, im afraid…

    krazyivan, smutna prawda xDDD

  4. Rancid mind Says:

    I woul dlike to thank the crew that is still working on Zetman it is a very enjoyable series.

  5. Harold Says:

    haha, the jedi mind trick. that’s way worse than me using a 4 sided die on the multiple choice part of a physics final exam. got 46% 🙁

  6. skins Says:

    If I had a nickel for every time I wanted to take Miura’s family hostage in hopes of forcing him to finish up…Id have a bunch of nickels.

  7. rocket_man Says:

    @krazyivan, maybe you should get out of your ass and stop spewing insults all around. Do you even buy any comic books or just steal them all the time? Because last I checked, here in Poland translations were pretty good.

  8. venice Says:

    “since people who translate comic books and mangas in poland often show signs of mental retardation and most five year old would do it better”

    Don’t worry, same goes for the people who translate Berserk in france :D!

  9. Good Imbecile Says:

    You guys know what song I’m dedicating Miura?
    Yeah Baby! Kathy Perry Hot n Cold!

    Cos youre hot n youre cold!
    Youre Yes then youre No!
    You release a new chapter every three or four years!

  10. ekiow Says:

    beautiful! Angel Heart is as good edited as ever.

  11. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    right now i’m really wondering what does Mr Miura intent to do with Berserk manga because he’s definitely not interested in drawing it any more, nor does he give a damn about anyone who reads it or appreciates it. i’m fed up… it’s a shame such a great manga has an irresponsible creator. I don’t know what to think about him, usually people say you need to put a lot of soul into something if you want it to be extraordinary but I can’t see any Miura soul in Berserk right now. I apologize but that’s it!

  12. ultra lucky cat Says:

    How very strange… All the scanlation sites i visit seem really dead at moment. Could there be a serial killer, targeting our beloved scanlators, afoot? 😮

  13. Thana Says:

    So you are a psychic then? I mean you can definitly tell that Miura isn’t interested in Berserk anymore – I can’t tell that much with such less info…

    But hey: You are not just Vegeta, the powerful Sayajin – You are MYSTIC Vegeta! Makes all sense now.

  14. cabbagesoup Says:

    well mystic does have a point because usually when something interests you you keep doing it. But then again, maybe Miura’s taking breaks because he’s been doing the same thing for nearly 30 years and he wants it to be enjoyable! Let’s face it who here would have the determination to tell a story for 30 years and still not having finished it? Respect to Miura sensei

  15. MelroseMan Says:

    If berserk ended today, how would you feel? At this point I believe this is pretty much the end of Berserk.

  16. kimpan Says:

    Well i love the manga and the story so i wont complain, so you guys should be happy that a manga that good was even created. But i really hope the next chapter will be released very soon =)

  17. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    well I am not a psychic nor am I a sayajin, mystYc vegeta is just my nickname (and I do know it is “mystic” I just like writing it differently). “I apologize but that’s it!” meaning it is a personal opinion and I apologized if it offended anyone. I have always had respect for Mr Miura, for his work but his attitude regarding this manga has changed in the last few years we all know that. Every mangaka takes breaks from time to time but 3 months of break, one month with 3 chapters and then another 3, 4 or god know how many more months of break? you have to agree, Thana, that’s a bit to much.
    The quality of the drawings and the story are still the same, I love it, I even bought 3 volumes since last month and encouraged other friends to do so (it’s a minor contribution, it probably doesn’t make any difference but heck, hope dies last) yet Mr Miuras attitude points to the fact that he is less interested in berserk manga and isn’t worried about it’s readers.

  18. krazyivan Says:

    @cabbagesoup:are you 100% shure that 2009-1989 (or 88 if you count prototype) equals 30? :D.
    As for the wait – after few delays like this you just get used to it. The most painfull ones are those right after you finish reading the chapter realeased previously and start reading up to date. It allways more fun to read 5-6 chapters in a row.

  19. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    yeah… I got used to it. That’s why I’m still here.
    It is indeed nice to read a few chapters in a row, I remember last time when 298 was out after 3 months of break and I started reading it instantly, stared at each pic at least 5 minutes and when I was done with the chapter I felt like only a few seconds had passed. I started reading berserk when the manga was already at volume 28 and it was soooo much fun to read a few chapters each evening. Until I had reached the latest one and the wait began :). By the way has anyone here started reading Berserk since 89′ ???!

  20. Phireo Says:

    I began reading it shortly before the making of the anime was announced! As for the breaks, Miura, after the first manga was published in December 1990 he published the second and the third manga in March and October ’91. Then, Berserk was announced to be published in the magazine. And not counting the fourth manga, because he had to start working with some deadline in mind and so on, he published two mangas per year, every year except for 2004 and last two years, ’07 and ’08. So, as you see, he did take a break from his work. Maybe for studying or thinking more clearly! But just think how he says he doesn’t have a life; meaning, he stays in the house most of the week, so he might have found something entertaining to do and to relax, like all of us that are reading his manga, he might have found some manga too, or some new video game (Most mangaka that have stopped projects have done so because of Playstation addiction). Or maybe something else… like Stephen King that wrote his Dark Tower, also Miura will draw Berserk! Just hope he won’t take as much as King did…


  21. Monksbane Says:

    I think what really bothers people is the lack of story progression. Berserk doesn’t really have filler in my opinion, but its TOO graphic based. I think the artistic talent (drawing wise in this instance) that muira possesses is phenomenal, and his artwork is beautiful. Yet, it encompasses too much of his work. I am a strong believer in plot/story before graphics, and the fact that CG is the #1 cause of horrible movies being released from hollywood in the recent decade. This is a generalization and Pixar doesn’t count…they are a freak of nature hahaha.

    If you get 8 chapters a year, and nothing is revealed, nothing has really taken shape, but instead is still in the process of taking shape, people will get angry. This is why sitcoms in America start strong and fade. Take friends for example. It was on for 10 seasons and most of its following stopped watching after season 4-5 due to repetitiveness and lack of anything new. This can be said for almost all sitcoms, if not all.

    At this rate I will be a grandfather before Berserk is over (as it has been 19 years and a foreseeable end at this rate is unavailable) seeing as the average age of grandparenthood (i know its not a word but bare with me) in America is 45 according to the 2003 Census. I am 22, so another 19 years would make me 41…cutting it close. I’m not complaining…it gives me a constant in an ever changing world, but I can see how people would be vexed by this.

  22. ekiow Says:

    It is also possible to develop the plot with graphics alone. There are good wordless comics out there, like „The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8″ from Thomas Ott.

  23. Good Imbecile Says:

    you guys are probably wanna kick my teech out but as a graphic artist, my humble opinion is that berserk is not “beautiful” in an artistic way, yes its highly detaild but still there is a difference..

  24. Good Imbecile Says:

    you guys are probably wanna kick my teech out but as a graphic artist, my humble opinion is that berserk is not “beautiful” in an artistic way, yes its highly detaild but still there is a difference.. so thats no excuse for miura sensei to release a chapter so seldom.

  25. Good Imbecile Says:

    ah shit… sorry for the dubble (tripple post) my super(crapy)computer does that to me sometimes…

  26. Derp Says:

    I’m not quite sure what you want, Good Imbecile. What does “beautiful in an artistic way” mean anyway? What can he change? Do you want Berserk to drawn/played out like Pulp Fiction or something?! Elaborate, plz.

  27. DrPepperPro Says:

    you’re retarded.

  28. Good Imbecile Says:

    Im not retarded. Im special.

  29. Arto Says:

    Hey, lay off Good Imbicile guys! Everyone has a right for his own opininon! In fact he’s probably blind so show some respect for the disabled! JK ;))

  30. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Good Imbecile, I think manga is a form of art which transmits its message through both images and text (storyline, plot). Both of these are important and that’s why berserk is top quality: it has ’em both. It’s not like some junk manga with poor storyline or drawings like the ones of a 2 year-old. I think I understand what you refer to as “artistic beauty” and you can’t compare a picture of berserk with a painting made by an artist at least as respected in painting community as Mr Miura is in manga community. The painting would indeed have “artistic beauty” but it would transmit the whole message, express feelings etc by itself. On the other side berserk is an expression as a whole, you can’t just take a picture out of it and analyze it. Still, you have to admit the majority of berserk drawings are very expressive. berserk is beautiful if you take it as a whole

  31. ultra lucky cat Says:

    Berserk is one of the most masterfully drawn, written, and composed mangas ever, no doubt about it. I also work as a graphic designer/illustrator so take my word for it. 😉

    But Blame! takes first place for must stunning setting and environments, the megastructures just blew me away when i read it! I keep fantasizing of how a collaboration between the two would look (Miura – characters, Nihei – backgrounds, story – both)

  32. Good Imbecile Says:

    Thank you Mystyc, youre about the only peron who understood what I meant. and yes, I completley agree with you.
    Berserk is the best manga ever created in its whole and has
    pioneered way for the rest of the mangas out there.

    It was a bit late that day I wrote that and I must admit
    that It was a bit off.

    (now where are my prunes, and my handicap sign…)Timmy!!!

  33. name Says:

    berserk =[

  34. Henrik Says:

    I think it would be easier on the Berserk fans if they simply had quality alternatives up to the standard of Miura’s work. Yes I know people have listed some similar stuff – but again there are not many.

    As far as Miura being irresponsible, I suppose it’s not my place to judge. But from what I have learned he is wasting most of his time these days playing some perverted video game and absorbed in other forms of entertainment because according to his (few) interviews he is a very lonely person. I am guessing he is not married. Sadly this situation is typical of too many in Japan it seems. They keep themselves to such high standards in some regards but inside it seems like they are quite miserable. And you hear a lot about how the economic situation is hitting Japan right now.. I wonder if that has also rubbed off on him.

    I know how it is to be a creator of something, and it is easy for the mind to wander if you are not disciplined. But to manage on something like that for 20 years with few people to be accountable to is no small accomplishment. I just hope that he realizes that to come as far as he has and then allow himself to lose steam before finishing would be a damn shame.

  35. ekiow Says:

    Wow Mystyc Vegetas word moved me to tears, I will copy his words the next time I have to speak with a non comic reader.
    Now all thats left is wait for the next Angel Heart chapters…

  36. Showers Says:

    There’s no words to describe the greatness that is Angel Heart. Thanks for the scanlations.

  37. Carlos Says:

    hey guys, I will be finishing a berserk rpg game, that will begin with bazuso, and end with the count, like the anime, I plan on doing a second one, the game will contain twits to the story. 😀

    it will be $5.99.

    More updates later, here is my email.

  38. J.P. Says:

    Tnks for all the chapters from Angel Heart. I realy like too much this manga 😀

  39. Lol Says:

    Moved to tears? >.> Anyone here feel a bit old when you read these comments? I know I do. Feels like years ago that you would see these type of posts and still go “Yeah, I get what you mean”.

    Or am I the only jaded one here? It can’t be possible right? Frigging Zetman is right here next to Berserk.

  40. Dyhalto Says:

    Whoa. Did I read Berserk correctly? Fantasy-land monsters literally popping up all over the world? This completely takes away the “hidden mysticism” aspect of Berserk. Has Miura’s story completely jumped the shark, or does he have some master plan to keep Berserk going strong from more than just fanbase?

    This is f–ked.

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