Berserk 314

  » Posted July 12th, 2010 by DrPepperPro

Elfhelm… the Final Stretch. These are the voyages of the battleship Sea Horse. Its thirty-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out Elves and heal Casca; to boldly go where no musclebound swordsman has gone before.


New torrent. Now with all the pages! (the missing page is 14 btw)

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  1. dude223 Says:

    Awesome. Thanks EG. I see nothing to complain about like some of the others. This is just pure enjoyment and the rising tension and cliffhangers make it that much sweeter. We’ll learn more and more, just need a bit of patience and savor what the master is presenting us now.

  2. Ngoc Minh Dao Says:

    Thank you for the new chapter.

  3. Thana Says:

    Yeah, thanks for the new chapter.

  4. Tom Says:

    Awesome. Thanks.

  5. Fendo Says:

    You guys are the best! thanks EG!!

  6. DeMs Says:

    I know it’s captain obvious but for some that think about the next chapters being linear, remember the gust of Wind that followed with Femto when he came to Midland; I don’t expect elfhelm to be intact if they ever get there.
    My only reproach is the other characters as companions, some being a tad too shallow for too long in the development but oh well.

  7. Knightzelda Says:

    Did the gust of wind appear when Femto descended to Midland or when he fought with the Empire?

  8. buttobasu Says:

    More Slan pl0x, need moar SLAN!!

  9. gatsu Says:

    Thnx I love u guys EG

  10. Suprasl Says:

    Please, for the opinion poll, don not write in fat, i can’t read it it’s too small!
    Anyway, thx for the speed and for your great job!!

  11. Phireo Says:

    New Berserk Chapter Out!!


  12. Random Says:

    Damn, I’ve finally reached the final chapter. Read all 34 volumes in the last 3 days. After all that devouring I’m hungry for more …but… Sigh, guess I should forget about Berserk for a year or so, and then go on a rampage again 🙂
    It’s such an awesome manga, might start collecting the hardcopy volumes.

  13. IRNINJ4 Says:

    @Random. first if you wait a year youll only have another 3 or for chapters to read. 2nd yes the series is amazing ive managed to by all 33 volumes out in america and waiting on 34 which will be out in september

  14. tsubaimomo Says:

    More like a whole volume after a year, but ya, reading the paper volumes is much more satisfying, plus Dark Horse does a good job.

  15. Legato Says:

    The new chapter is out right?
    When will the NEXT chapter be? Two weeks? Or are we on yet another break?

  16. Kurr Says:

    Take a wild guess Legato… Did you really think he would publish 4 chapters in a row? That’s just crazy talk.

  17. Korci Says:

    I’m also curious. Was there a date for 316 or just a random “Next time” message at the end? Please confirm whoever read it in original.

  18. DrPepperPro Says:

    Break =/

  19. DUEdueDUE Says:


  20. Korci Says:

    Sigh. Thanks for the info.

  21. Legato Says:

    In that case, take your time EG, there is no rush… Just one chapter before the big break.
    I’ll check back in September or something *sigh*

  22. Pode777 Says:

    Well Miura did release 3 chapters before another break, that’s 50% more than the usual 2 chapters! Maybe there is yet again hope that he will finish the manga in his lifetime.

  23. thepeaguy Says:

    Yes yes yes! I need my Berserk fix.

  24. GhostUnit Says:

    About all these detours in the way to Elfhelm, maybe Miura hasn’t come up yet with what will happen there?

    So, he has the crew get stuck on an island fighting monster octopi. Brilliant (sarcasm).

  25. stargood Says:

    Will there be any more Wicked Eyes coming anytime in the near future? Just curious as I read the three scanlated chapters recently and it was interesting.

  26. Thana Says:

    Yeah, exactly… Because this is a filler and Miura has no clue about his own plot (sarcasm).
    Sometimes I wonder what went wrong with the education of some people…

  27. tsubaimomo Says:

    @ stargood

    The Wicked Eyes project has been on hold for a while on the translation side, but we do plan on continuing it. I guarantee at least one chapter during these upcoming harsh times. The harsh times without Berserk that is.

  28. stargood Says:

    @ tsubaimomo

    Awesome, thanks. I look forward to the new chapter. 🙂

  29. blackrose Says:

    Just read ch.315 and it wasn’t really surprising. i’m getting tired of that pirate-.-. guts needs to kill him already and that octopi! well im not sure about the manga update pattern since i started reading/watching berserk 4 days ago and i caught up today after reading the current chapter but when will ch.316 come out?

  30. tsubaimomo Says:

    @ blackrose

    Only our heavenly father Miura knows… but you can assume anywhere between 2-4 months.

  31. blackrose Says:

    @ tsubaimomo

    aw really?……oh well…..ok i guess i can wait:3~ but isnt 316 gonna be the last chapter for vol.35? I’m guessing the elf island ch. is gonna be pretty long~

  32. Mato Says:

    Are all the links dead? I can’t wait for my berserk chapters… Help please.

  33. Poet Says:

    It’ll be another 30 yrs before Berserk finish. God, I just want the story to end.

  34. marko8819 Says:

    I wish for my birthday that BERSERK is released weekly

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