Zetman chapter 52 and Angel Heart 52-55

  » Posted April 28th, 2006 by Eldo

OK, I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for Berserk…so here’s some other manga releases to keep your attention directed elsewhere. Finally, a release on Zetman! And chapter 55 concludes volume 5 of Angel Heart.

Zetman Chapter 52 BT download

Angel Heart Chapter 52-55 BT download 

If those don’t work properly (it shouldn’t be wrong, but some issues were raised with a conversation between arke and myself) you could always try to IRC channel. I’m sure you know the packlist and all that mumbo jumbo by now.

Lastly, we haven’t gotten our hands on the raw yet. I’m afraid psi has left for a ‘corporate retreat’ and won’t be back till Sunday, so we’re all a bit lost right now (especially me). If anyone can find the raw, send me a PM or something on the forums. There’s no preview on the Berserk website and while that is irregular, it has happened before. I’m sure that’s because it has something to do with golden week in Japan.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the releases.

5 Responses to “Zetman chapter 52 and Angel Heart 52-55”

  1. Fake_Brasilian Says:

    Damn you Kentarou Miura and your awesomeness that is Berserk that takes awhile to draw and what not because it’s really detailed! Take your time on the scanlation guys, you always do an awesome job, and that in itself is worth the wait.

  2. ogar Says:

    AAAWHR! Zetman! Thanks alot! 😀

  3. BoA_Lover Says:

    thanks so much for Zetman chapter 52!!!
    I’ve been looking forward to it.

  4. FoxWar Says:

    Very nice! Thx! I cant wait to see the next Berserk 😀

  5. Shoumetsu Says:

    Thanks again for the Zetman 😀 Keep it up – looking forward to future releases.

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