Angel Heart 132, Dead Heads, and Zetman 101.

  » Posted January 17th, 2009 by Eldo

So we have some new releases for today. One is this Dead Heads manga which is technically not really a one shot, but rather a ‘pilot’ chapter that was later canceled. What is it about? I have no idea, it has something to do with flies, but it’s by that guy that does Biomega. Check it out. The other is Angel Heart, one of the very few touching manga series that’s around. There should be a disclaimer that it might make you cry. Also, Zetman. Spoiler alert: There’s blood and stuff. You have been warned.

Angel Heart chapter 132
Dead Heads
Zetman chapter 101

I haven’t done much of the blog updating lately, so if anything goes wrong, blame someone else, that’s my motto.

58 Responses to “Angel Heart 132, Dead Heads, and Zetman 101.”

  1. Eldo Says:

    Our stuff is pure A grade stuff. You can’t get that anywhere out on the streets.

    For anyone watching the Wire while reading this, hi, how’re you doing?

    Also, I was supposed to make a release. Guess I’ll have to make it double this weekend to make up for it, eh?

  2. Nydhogg Says:

    I’m Portuguese and I don’t consider opinion/opinião is the same as idea/ideia 😐

  3. ultra lucky cat Says:

    Oooooh new release! What could it be? 😀 I hope Zetman or Biomega!

    Btw, does anyone here know where i can find the last translated chapters of “Eden: it’s a wonderful world” (ch 105 and up)?

  4. Ahmed Says:

    Eldo…you put AWE in AWESOME 🙂
    Rock on, baby
    I’ll wait for the A-Grade berserk issue

  5. Moss Says:

    IMO, Muira should give all of us hardened fans (specialy the EG crew) a big hug and a medal. Now we know this wont hapend, but still.

    About that opinion vs. idea stuff, I have no clue how they can be synonyms, but heck, I suck at languages. Specialy at this hour.

  6. Reginald_P_Funkenstein_The_Third Says:

    I know it’s all part of the process Eldo, but what if we added muzak to EG radio, nothing too fancy just borderline bossa nova to cope with waiting on Miura. You know, just to spice things up a bit.


    That’s cool too.

    *whistles “Fly me to the moon”*

    Crap, I’m in Eva mode again.

  7. Michael Says:

    To the dude that made the comment about air gear thank you; I was sort of thinking about taking a glance at it because someone told me oh great was the dude behind it and I thought tjtg was alright, but now I am glad I haven’t laid eyes on it. The thought of the POTUS in an asian girls body riding super skates makes me want to bleed internally.

  8. Berserk Says:

    Oh, don’t take me the wrong way, besides that weird part (which is about 3~4 chapters) Air Gear is quite acceptable.

    Sometimes it gets a bit hard to follow because of some technological terms, but I like most of it. It’s just that the Obama part was a bit off…

    Up to 230 chapters, if you take the 4 Obama ones, you still get 226 good chapters to read.

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