Releases coming soon, and here’s a status report.

  » Posted May 19th, 2007 by Eldo

Sorry about the inactivity, guys. I know you haven’t heard from us, but we’ve been working behind the scenes. We’ll try to release a batch of Zetman and Angel Heart next week. Unfortunately, NHK and Biomega will have to wait, since exam period is nearing on us, and we haven’t studied yet because we’ve either been lazy/editing manga/reading about people editing manga/reading a manga about editing. As for NHK, we could really use an editor and a Japanese translator for some chapters. It would really help speed the releases up if we had some help with this. Please contact me (Eldo) if you think you think you could help out. However, it should be noted that NHK is pretty hard to translate, and is incredibly hard to edit, so an incredible amount of determination and dedication is needed.

Also, thank you all for offering to help us find the raws for Breaction. We already had them shortly after the last post was made, and I guess I was too lazy to edit it. We’ll going to work on that as soon as we’re done with the other stuff. It’s so great of the community to get involved, and I thank you all for your kind comments on this page and the emails.

26 Responses to “Releases coming soon, and here’s a status report.”

  1. Hikarub Says:

    Sounds good! Keep up the great work!!

    Oh, and good luck in your exams too!!

  2. Circuit Says:

    Thanks for the update! Glad to hear from you, good luck on the exams!

  3. Daiceman Says:

    More zetman is always good!

  4. PLUG Says:

    I´m grateful for your good work scanlating Biomega but has been ages since the release of the last chapter. So it´s sad to see no new chapter released this week nor the next. I can´t stand this long wait 🙁

  5. stoil Says:

    Take your time 🙂 Real life before all ;e

  6. gml3790 Says:

    its ok guys.


    we know u guys have lives outside this.

    keep up the great work!!!

  7. Cellar Says:

    Great…Keep up the good work EG !!

  8. Devin Says:

    You guys don’t need to apologize. We’re just grateful someone is doing this, and doing it well. I personally am waiting for Biomega but I am aware you guys do this for fun, so don’t overwork yourselves. Keep up the fantastic work. There are a lot of grateful lurkers like me out there.

  9. NeronaS Says:

    Well, I need my B.Reaction more than the previous guys, since it’s been ages since the last release(damn raws… >:( ). And I really want to say something like “no problem guys, RL>internet”, but I can’t stand it anymore. YOU WILL WORK LIKE DOGS! DO YOU HEAR ME???? 😛 j/k ofcourse ;p Good luck in your exams(mine are approaching too… )

  10. Evil_Genius_Fan Says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work. Keep it up and good luck with your exams.


  11. Norito Tsuji Says:

    I’m a pretty big fan of you guys.
    I read your post about wanting people to help you out in translating the comics and I wanted you to know that I’d gladly help you out.
    Please contact me at
    thanks and keep up the good work

  12. anonynmous Says:

    So wait. NHK will stay around untraslated, with the ending coming out, while you work on other shit that’s not anywhere near ending?

    What kind of logic is this? Give us some god damn closure, it’s not like you have many chapters left. There are 4 untranslated chapters yet. How hard is this?

  13. psi29a Says:


    No, NHK will not stay around untranslated. It is being worked on, albiet slowly but it is worked on. If you or anyone else would like to help us, have the time to help us out, have the skillset to do so, and put up with:

    “What kind of logic is this? Give us some god damn closure, it’s not like you have many chapters left. There are 4 untranslated chapters yet. How hard is this?”

    So by all means come on board if you can deal with the above, we would love to have you.

    However, the kind of logic that dictates that B.Reaction! be worked on because it has been out longer and has ended and we have dedicated a lot of resources to finishing that up now that we have all the raws. What about the closure for the B.Reaction fans?

    The only logic being displayed here is impatience for something that free and done out of a labour of love.

    Many of the crew here dedicated to EG, but have real-life events going on such as Exams, business trips, holidays, and family issues.

    We have dropped none of our projects and we have faithfully translated and released what we said we would. We have the track record to prove it.

    So in the end, I can only ask that you all cut us a little slack.

  14. Eldo Says:

    Norito Tsuji, I hope you received my email. Thank you for offering to help.

  15. Poots Says:

    Thanks for all the hard word. I am so happy to finally be able to read Zetman. It really is quite amazing and im torn between wanting to share it with all… and just keep it for myself!

  16. stoil Says:

    Give the twat a 2 month ban!



    ( good mood I guess 🙂 )

  17. Joel Says:

    Hey guys long time …well i know it’s hatd to work on this and real life too
    well just keep on coming on NHK ni youkoso,Bersek and the other stuff

  18. alidan Says:

    ok i have a question, what is the editing job? if its what i think it is i may be able to help.

  19. Eldo Says:

    alidan, if you don’t know what editing is in the scanlation terms, then you probably can’t help us out. Editing is graphic enhancement of the pages, and not editing a script (as in with books and the such). In addition, it does not simply mean putting the words into the speech bubble. Thanks anyway.

  20. Bean Says:

    I figure if you needed Raws for NHK 37 or 38 you’d’ve asked for them, but if you do need them, I’d be happy to link them or upload them for you.

  21. psi29a Says:

    @Bean –

    You are correct, we have 37, 38, and we just got our hands on the NHK 39 raw. However, is it true that there is no more NHK or that it is drawing to a end as anonynmous suggested?

  22. Eldo Says:

    psi, I have already answered your question.

    Anyway, to those still who don’t know, it has been suggested that it will end by the next chapter.

  23. Bean Says:

    I haven’t looked at 37 or 38 (beyond verifying the files’ authenticity), as my Japanese is horrible and translating it myself with help from my kanji dictionary would take so long as to completely ruin my enjoyment of it, so I don’t know if NHK is coming to close. I have heard the same rumor though, that NHK may be ending at 40, seemingly indicated by something in chapter 39 (whether its a note from the magazine or something in the storyline, I don’t know; I didn’t want to be spoiled). I don’t know if it’s anything more than a rumor though.

  24. Eldo Says:

    It is written in the last page of chapter 39, on the sidebar. It says, ‘next issue, the final chapter’.

  25. psi29a Says:

    Well, according to Eldo it isn’t a rumor so there you have it.

    @Bean: if you would like help out with translating, then we would more than welcome your skillset here at EG. 😀

  26. Bean Says:

    I appreciate the offer, but seriously, I suck at translating. My one attempt so far at translating an NHK chapter myself ended in epic frustration. I may be moving to Japan within the next year or so, and am looking to improve my Japanese before then, so if my Japanese improves anytime soon I would definitely consider it.

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