Projects Status (and yes, also about Berserk)

  » Posted October 25th, 2006 by Eldo

First of all, I would like to say that I’m growing increasingly tired of answering the main question that has plagueing everyone’s minds: The release date of Berserk. The purpose of this newspost is to address this, and also, to make you all shut the hell up. I understand that since EG scanlates Berserk, some people think that we are undisputed experts on the subject, ranging from storywise to its publishing in Japan. I also understand some of you can’t read, as the release date issue has been discussed in previous newsposts, which also makes this newspost moot, but I love ranting anyway.

How we obtain the release dates for the next chapter of Berserk is in the same way as you do, by checking the bottom of the last page of the chapter. If it doesn’t say anything, in this case, like last chapter’s, then we don’t know either, and it’s pointless to ask us. We do not with hold any information regarding this, and we have no reason to. The second option we use to check for next chapter release is from Young Animal’s website. They have a chapter listing of manga titles that are to be printed in the issues. Unfortunately, it does not show future release dates about a particular manga. It only shows the chapter listing of manga titles in the magazine that is on sale currently, and also a preview of the chapter listing on the next release. That means, there are only 2 chapter listings on the website at one time, only that of the current Young Animal magazine that is on sale now, and next issue. The website does not stretch anything beyond that. We have checked the chapter listings, and Berserk is not there. However, the next issue of Young Animal magazine is released on the 27th of this month, a couple of days away, so we can check if Berserk is to be released in the issue after the 27th release from Young Animal website update. I will update this page if I am imparted with any new information regarding its publication status in Japan.

It’s a mistake to think that since EG is responsible to scanlate Berserk, that we are able to obtain any insider information. That is incorrect, we are receive as much information as you guys do. If the end of chapter doesn’t show the release date, we don’t know either. And no, we won’t guess and put a random date down, because if we are wrong, there will be a mob with burning torches and pitchforks camped outside our door. For now, please be patient, and do not ask for release dates. I’m sick and tired of answering them or even seeing the question at all. We do not work for you, and are not obligated to provide an answer or release the chapter at that particular time. Understand that we all have lives outside of EG, and is not a job for us, it is a hobby. Again, please be patient, and I will update the website once I get any information about it.

As for other projects, such as NHK, Biomega, Angel Heart, Zetman…they are moving along. Breaction is done, and awaiting QC stage. They will be released soon. And also, we need Japanese translators. If you’re interested, send me an email or PM in the forums. Your contribution is related to the rate at which the releases are made. And people will love you for it.

EDIT: Berserk will not be in the next issue of Young Animal either, to be released on the 10th of November. Sigh, we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. I hope Miura is enjoying his holiday and is not getting any death threats.

– Eldo.

49 Responses to “Projects Status (and yes, also about Berserk)”

  1. Tochtli Says:

    There will always be a few monkeys that ruin it for the rest of us, don’t let that discourage you though. There are of course much more of us who appreciate your group’s skill & effort since we can’t really do all of this on our own, resources provided or not. I suppose we should all stay a little more quiet.

    & Yes, I am a Berserktard. u_u;

  2. RedSamurai Says:

    No matter how often we say it, it won’t be enough to thank you for what you’re doing for all of us…
    So once again:

  3. Logickun Says:

    I agree with Red Samurai. You know most scanlators(?) go unappreciated. I know that you all aren’t obligated to do this what so ever, but you do it anyway. I for one respect and appreciate that. You guys are the ONLY way i would be able to read Welcome to the NHK!

    So PLEEEEASE keep doing what your doing, because as Eldo said. We LOVE you for it! Thanks for all your hard work Eldo!

  4. FrogBoss Says:


  5. nah Says:

    This is BS!! You guys know the date give it to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gml3790 Says:

    psycho berserk fans should appriciate the hardwork EG does and stop worrying about themselves.

    im in the process if rereading all of my berserk manga to keep me busy till the next release ( that should keep me busy for quite a while)

    thanks again EG for everything you guys r doin! keep up the fantastic work! you deffinatly are appriciated 😉

  7. Harkan Says:

    I agree with you EG peps, who wouldnt get angry. Some sure have nothing else to do then to start posting , when is this coming, why isnt this coming. Its starting to make me iritaded. Ok , berserk rules as a manga, but there is shit load of manga to read other then it.

  8. GHenrik Says:

    Well said. Spank the noobs hard.

    All shall kiss EG’s shoes.

  9. Kamipt Says:

    you guys are doing a favour to mankind T_T and you’re the best, and only retards complain about it! And if people are desperate and waiting everyday for a new berserk chapter I give them an advice: It’s unhealthy! Just do something else… I don’t know, like making bread or something…

    it’s all.

  10. kef Says:

    maybe you should put BIG NOTE on top of the site that you don’t know the Berserker’s release date. it may help…:f

  11. Ranteil Says:

    First off, this is my first post. Secondly I know of several people personally that share my veiw of this subject. Hopefully every one will agree, but as always there are some bad eggs around. I hope to state this only once. Berserk rocks, and is wouldn’t rock as much if we had crappy scanlations of it. EG is one of the best scanlating groups that I have seen around. On top of this they make their scans as fast as they can. This means that they wait on resourse material to come in. I’ll admidt that I miss my Berserk fix, but I also know that EG probably does too. Therefore GIVE THEM THE TIME TO DO IT! I don’t want them to drop Berserk because a few people insist that they are holding back. Re-read your stuff, find other mangas, and check back often. In the meantime EG, do your best so I (and others) can enjoy all of your scans. Thankyou for putting them up, and can’t wait for your next batch.

  12. Sjin1ne Says:

    i agree with kamipt… berserk is awsome but fans have to chill, EG “only” translates the chapters, they don’t make them (btw i’m very grateful for your work please don’t stop it) so don’t quest them when will have another release

  13. Acorazado Says:

    I really apreciate your hard work, you don’t even have to give us any explanation, because without you I wouldn’t even be able to keep track of the releases. Thank you very much!!!

    PD: Sorry if my english is not quite good :P.

  14. Reiketsu Says:

    People disturbing about releases are like a routine in every scanlators’ site, only because those guys not only have non comon sense about the work is gives to make the mangas reachs our hands very well translated but also they’re way too lazy to stop and read the “About us” topic where you guys explain you do it as a hobby (from Fans to Fans stuff), it doesn’t mean the great majority of us don’t understand and apperciate your efforts. So, please, take your time. As I said before, it worth the wait.

  15. jistanidiot Says:

    So when is the next chapter coming out? Just call up Kentaro and ask him. 😉

    Anyway In case y’all are feeling unappreciated, THANK YOU for all your work (and not just on Berserk).

  16. 9r33n Says:

    = *

  17. LordMune Says:

    when is teh next bezerk chapter coming out

  18. kageryuu Says:

    Thanks From Spain too!

    We have “toh” with you and we´ll never be able to fix it up. You guys saved my life from “golden age”, where I was left to die, and I know how difficult this work can be. So don´t worry about those who just can´t see anything but their own belly… maybe they are just kids unnable to understand that you are fans as we all are. Thank you very much!

    May you always find water and shadow on your path.

    P.D: My best desires to R. Jordan another “struggler” from fantasy realms that we lve and enjoy

  19. Eldo Says:

    Mune, you’re farking fired. Nah, I’ll keep you around, you amuse me.

    Edited the newspost to inform you all that Berserk will not be released on the 10th of November either. Miura must be really enjoying his vacation.

    Thanks, guys for understanding, and for all those nice comments. I’m surprised you people read it, I just love ranting. MY RANTS ARE LIKE MUSIC MADE BEAUTIFUL! For now, hold the fort up for us, and wait for our other releases.

  20. TwistedFaith Says:

    Im surprised you can deal with it, I mean to get complaints for something you do for free must suck hard.

    You guys rock.

  21. Steve Says:

    People should seriously just chill. Let Miura have some time off and relax, he’s got a life too. I dont want Berserk to turn into the new Hunter X Hunter…

  22. SAMfh Says:

    Actually, Miura in interviews says he doesn’t have a life outside of writing Berserk. Or at leasat not much of one. Anyway, it’s clearly not EG’s fault this is taking some extra-extra time; maybe you guys should write the next chapter instead of waiting for it to come out.

  23. TempleKnight Says:

    “because if we are wrong, there will be a mob with burning torches and pitchforks camped outside our door”

  24. Batou Says:

    Damn You Muiraaaaaaa!!!!!…………I just wanted to day that :)….but seriously, i dont mean it.

  25. Fatah Says:

    Keep up the good work

  26. computeraidedyami Says:

    You should have post earlier, I have already sent my death threat to Miura.

  27. N1NJ4 Says:

    yoooo whats up guys!!! any way this is my first post but id just like to say thanks a lot EG for ur hard work. Honestly u guys are amazing for taking the time and giving the effort to translate all of these manga for all of us fans out there. Plus i thought id just like to point out: its flu season, maybe miura is sick or something. I mean it would explain a lot =P

  28. lije Says:

    nice rant, and please never let a few idiots dissuade you from your scanlation attempts.

  29. Orthanos Says:

    there are a couple of things i would like to know. How many loyal fans of EG were here in the past and how many we have in the present.

    If i can recall, back when Shiek err whatever the young witches name is joined Gatts, there were a couple of healthy breaks for those chapters too. What i mean to say is that there are people here who understand what you do and then there are those who dont.

    I have been a silent fan for a while and by a while i mean like 3 years or so of patiently waiting for a berserk releases. While i do enjoy seeing the growth of this fan site community wise, i hate to see what kind of audience we are creating for EG. This is there show. Live with it, Deal with it, appreciate what they of EG has done.

    (People who dont understand EG probly just downloaded the volume tanks and blazed through mura’s hard work. That would get under my skin cus it took me like a couple of years to read it like the loyals i took 4 years or so to read up to this point while others get here in like a month….Not fair, suffer noobs suffer)

  30. Bob Says:

    Who’d want to kill Miura?

  31. tubby Says:

    You can’t control how fast the chapters are drawn, and they’re certainly art intensive as compared to a lot of other comics. It’s unreasonable to expect Miura shoot the work out and not need a break or for EG to have some kind of secret knowledge of when the next chapter will be out.

  32. gats Says:

    jajaja very fanny that guy….
    but you know what orthanos you are right we have to suffer…
    even wait or having the nest chapter we’ll be suffering because we dont know how long this serie its going to be on air…
    and like i said before sounds fanny but at the same time sounds cruel….
    anyways thanks EG you guys are my heores.

  33. MacabreAngel Says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever posted on the Evil Genius site, but I’ve been downloading Berserk from this wonderful group for quite some time. Sure I’d love to have some new chapters, but that’s just not going to happen right now. And regardless of why that is, no one has the right to blame these hard working guys who give us all our Berserk fix. I think you’d be hard pressed to find another Berserk translating group out there (especially one that does as good of a job as EG).

    And if you just CANNOT stand to wait for the next chapter, go out and find another manga. In my humble opinion, I’d recommend either Naruto or Bleach, as they’re both the same genre as Berserk.

    Thanks to everyone here who works so hard to give us all something to look forward to :).

  34. Bob Says:

    ….Except for the storyline, gore, action, atmosphere, drawing style, time etc.
    The only real similarities you can draw is that they all depict fighting and they’re printed on paper.

    Personally what I love most about Berserk is the beautiful way it’s drawn, the attention Miura puts into it, he gives practically every window it’s own realistic background (compare that to Naruto or Bleach!, god, Bleach actually sometimes has like 10 pages with ONLY white background (why I stopped reading it, apart from that the story started to become repetative.), the physique of every person or animal is always exact, if you hold Berserk next to pretty much 99% of the manga’s getting drawn these days you’ll see that Miura spends soo much more atention and time on his drawings.

    If you want a good read while waiting, go for Jiraishin, good story and character development, beautiful drawing (even though not as exact as Miura’s) and even some gore (always with a purpose thnough ^^).
    And while you’re at it, get everything he ever made cause the man is a genius.

  35. Orthanos Says:

    Angel Santuary…..Or Devil vs Devil. Those are personaly a good choice of manga to read while waiting for the next chapter

  36. gml3790 Says:


  37. Someone Says:

    Curse you Miura and I mean it !!! ^^ and you’re doing a good job EG, continue like that.

  38. Ominously Says:

    Ok sure, it may be true that EG are only the scanners, but I have to dish some hate out… I need my monthly fix of Berserk… even if it’s only a messily 10 pages each month… I NEED IT TO LIVE! Despite this, I give my gratitude to all those working in EG, great work, keep the berserk coming …. At a steady rate… (I just Kentaro Miura’s had a bigger team of animators so we could get a new volume each month….. stead of a two volumes each friggen year) …

    Briefly on the subject of Berserk does anyone one else feel an ending approaching… Or is that just me?

  39. Vicequaizer Says:

    As long as I get my share of Angel Heart, I am happy.
    Thanks for your great work! 😀
    And speaking of which, anyone know what happened to chapters 56~58?

  40. psi29a Says:

    @vicequaizer: Good eye on that one, 56-58 must have escaped me during the tracker upgrade. I’ll get on that asap. 😀 Thanks for the heads up.

    Good news is that we will push out a new release soon, not so good news is that we still don’t know anything more about Berserk.

  41. daedric Says:

    EG is the only place to go for some awesome Berserk, demon raping, action! Anyways, I only read Berserk, because the story is really interesting to me for some reason. It has everything from friendship, betrayal, life, destiny, fate, love, humor, and more stuff that I can’t think of right now. I loved the anime, and I was able to continue with the series on the manga, all because of EG. So I just want to say thanks EG, you guys are awesome!

  42. Orthanos Says:

    psi29 your the man!!

  43. PuG Says:

    love you guys

  44. Harkan Says:

    Hmm, i cant just stop thinking he might be dead or injured. Who knows, japan must have the same hounders as the net has. Got frustrated by the long wait betwen chapters and tried something and injured him.

  45. Berserker Says:

    the day we get berserk…it’ll be the day when everyone will hold hands, eat ice cream by the beach, use a bycicle instead of a car. everyone will say hello, good morning, good afternoon and good night to one another. everyone will shake hands and hug for at leat 5 minutes, and everyone will watch a perfect sun set and sleep peacfully at night. mothers will love their children tenderly, kids will play peacefully outside the house, lovers will love eachother intensfully and have the greatest orgasm of their lives…all of this will happen, the day we get berserk..

  46. Bob Says:

    Your saying we’re all gonna vote Ralph Nader and become gay?

  47. Berserker Says:

    who’s Ralph Nader..? >__O

  48. sanglant Says:

    hello, i have read your post… Please you’re victims of your success ^^

    I understand your feelings about berserk but don’t take that as an attack against you, there are always stupids ass …. But most of your readers and supporters are just addict about your release… An addict rarely bit the hand of his dealer^^

    More seroiously what do you think about a lightly modofication about the presentation… Like a post at the top of the page which say ” sorry guys, no informations about the next release of berserk, maybe later, and no, this is not the end of this manga.”

  49. psi29a Says:

    Or how about people just wait and see. Patience is probably the best thing a fan can do, especially when they are not paying. Victims of success our collective asses.

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