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  » Posted November 28th, 2005 by Eldo

There are certain things you expect from us that are reasonable, translated Berserk chapters as they appear in Young Animal, quality translations and meticulous editing. We promise all of you that no matter what, we will always stay true to our roots and continue scanlating Berserk even to the detriment of our other releases. Berserk will always have priority.

Evil_Genius tries very hard to make frequent and consistent releases to provide you with the chapters and to ensure you recieve the highest quality as possible. However, it is very hard to maintain this pace as we have other real life commitments to fulfill and with more staff it will help ease our workload substancially. Without the support of more staff, our releases would be rather sluggish and trust me, none of us wants that to happen. We are looking for more staff to work on our projects to guarantee that we can make regularly updates as well as provide more manga projects for more people to enjoy. If you’re interested, drop a PM to Nazgul ([Orochimaru]), Laik, or myself (Eldo). We are in dire need for translators and editors.

We need Chinese/Japanese to English translators who are interested in joining Evil_Genius. No experience in translating manga is necessary, just able to dedicate some time to translating manga. We can provide help if you’re stuck in some parts in your translation script.

Also, we need editors for editing the mangas from the raw to its final product. Again, no experience in editing manga is necessary, but it is most perferred. Send one or more (three is plenty) of sample pages of your edited work on a manga along with the raw in its original format attached to your PM. You must be able to edit stroked texts that are covering the background and replace it with the English script. Redrawing skills, however minor it is, are needed for the stroked texts. A sample of editing the stroked text in a manga page attached to the PM will mostly be all that’s needed.

If you think you could meet the criterias as stated above, please send a PM at our forums or at our IRC channel which is #[Evil_Genius] @ irc.irchighway.net to Nazgul, Laik, or Eldo, and a swift reply (as possible) will be made to you. We really do appreciate your help, as well as the time and effort taken for scanlating mangas with us.

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