Berserk 285 and more!

  » Posted April 29th, 2007 by psi29a

We have a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. Good news is that we have more Berserk for you all, yay! We also have a metric ass-ton of Zetman and an Angel Heart as well. So, this leads up to the bad news. 286 of Berserk won’t be out in Japan till June 22nd. Yes yes, we know… it makes us a bit sick too. We will keep on keeping on and fill the berserk-less gap with other manga. So remember, the sooner you guys can find us the raws for B.Reaction! 10-14, the sooner we can turn it around to you all with a translation. So far, our two leads in Japan have turned up nothing thus far. *sigh*


Direct Download:

Have yourselves a great weekend, do well on your finals, study hard for those exams, and keep rocking hard. — EG

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59 Responses to “Berserk 285 and more!”

  1. ranc Says:

    thx for berserk, and even more thx for zetman, and i hope u wont wait till next berserk for more zetman releases(no pressure, its just hard to wait for such a great manga)

  2. Hikarub Says:

    Thanks a lot for your great work. I was kind of hoping for more than one chapter of Angel Heart, but I really can’t complain. Thanks again so much for doing the manga!! (I love the manga so much more than the anime). \(^o^)/

  3. Felix Says:

    considering the releases i do believe that miura has something big in mind. maybe something as fundamental as the eclipse
    the reason he is fucking around with the storyline so slow and those slow releases is that he needs time to get his storyline for the next big part in line.
    so, i can´t wait for the next chapters..

    btw. big thanks to EG for translating/publishing

  4. Rancid Says:

    Tnx EG, but plz, don’t wait for berserk to come out to release the other mangas (in my case Zetman)

  5. Lurker Says:

    Thanks for another great release Evil Genius. We appreciate the all the effort!

    I finally finished downloading the B.リアクション raws, chapters 9-18.

    You can find the raws at

    It is pretty decent quality and I even included the chapters I had that were higher quality.

    Thanks again Evil Genius for all the hardwork!

  6. Eldo Says:

    Yeah, we have the chapters already, a friend of mine grabbed them as soon as they emerged from the internet.

  7. bleeding_ground Says:

    i cant find the raw for b reaction 14, but
    has 15-18. hope that helps a bit.

  8. bleeding_ground Says:

    damn. somehow missed the last 2 comments. sorry.

  9. Mr Heroux Says:

    Thank you.

    Getting odd invalid torrent when downloading, never happened before. Maybe due to “peerguardian” etc. Will find a way around 😉

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