Happy New Year

  » Posted December 30th, 2006 by psi29a

Well, as we wind down to 2006, I must say it has been an interestingly year. Can you believe that the forum has been around for almost 4 years already?

This speaks similarly for EG which Oro founded almost 5 years ago (2002). While he has moved on to more and better things, EG has lasted with new blood and I’m proud to say that we look forward for another 5 years.

There are very few Manga translating groups that have lasted as long. We have out lived Godshand when they tried to translate 3 chapters of Berserk, we have out lived Yakuza, and have also picked up where several other groups have stopped and disappeared.

We have gone from speed scanlators with dodgy translations to a quality minded group with excellent translations thanks to Wandering_Mystic, Nomimono, Eldo, LordMune, Albator, Starnum, uyauya, and Vicissitude.

While the list above is not everyone who is part of EG, these guys have shown a level of commitment and dedication to a hobby and passion that few in community have. So if you see ’em around, give ’em thanks.

In the mean time, have a great New Year and as always, we can’t wait for the 12th of January! — psi29a

18 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. DarkOb Says:

    Thank you Psi29a, have a happy new year.
    Thanks to all Evil Genius team for everything they are doing.
    I came here for Berserk (can’t wait for the 12th), I found many more interesting things and am always happy to read something from You.
    Please do not change anything for this new year, it was nearly perfect. (or a little more BReaction maybe?)

    Happy new year Every One.

  2. Harkan Says:

    Happy new year EG dudes

  3. fin089 Says:

    that´s so nice………cry…………

    so full of love and fanship friendship.

    you guy´s are great!

    Thanx and happy new year.

  4. CrNrt Says:

    Great job guys!!
    Happy new years 2006..
    And yoroshikune for the next 10 years ;p

  5. RandomPerson Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work. I’ve been reading your scanlations for a couple years now — they’re some of the best out there, if not the best. Great work, guys.

  6. karl Says:

    so I’m guessing that we are getting a late X-mass gift?



  7. Kino Says:

    Thanks to all of you for all this amazing mangas.
    And Happy new year : )

  8. Crimson Says:

    A really big thanks for Berserk this year! Can’t wait to se what’s comming next year.

  9. Ranteil Says:

    In short, I was trying to find your translations when you first began… wow, 5 years already…. Keep up the good work guys, and I’m going to try to support you untill one of us gives up! (hopefully it will be many years away!!!) Happy New Year to all, and enjoy the times!

  10. Hazy Says:

    Great work and happy new year.

  11. Syd Says:

    Great work throughout the year!
    Me and all the friends I’ve introduced to your fantastic scanlations are looking forward to another year of splendid work!

    Happy new year!

  12. fangoram Says:

    thx for all your hard work have a great new year EG!!

  13. gats Says:

    extraordinary job guys

  14. aoi Says:


    This is really really bad. So 280 will be published regularly on January 12th, the next ones…who knows. Maybe there won’t be any more Berserk for a very long time. Best wishes to Miura-sensei.

  15. aoi Says:

    Well, I’ve found nothing about it on Young Animal website, so it would seem to be a fake. I really hope it’s a fake.

  16. psi29a Says:

    @aoi: To bad your source doesn’t cite anything and just talks about it and even at that, it sounds like the author speculated. I’ll wait until more sources are available before making any conclusions.

  17. man3k Says:

    A Thousand Thanks to EG for making an AWESOME Scanlation throughout the years… 😀 I can’t ask for more…

    Owh, just if you guys didn’t noticed yet.. The RAW for Chapter 9 of B-Reaction has been Released by someone:

    Hope this could help… 😉

  18. rubbereruben Says:

    I’ve been reading Evil-genius’s scanlations for quite a while now, and never got to thank those responsible for such a wonderful job done every new chapter.

    My deepest appreciation for this excellent work. And glad you are so committed to keep this up.


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