New Layout and Releases

  » Posted August 3rd, 2005 by Nazgul

One day, a lazy guy was being dragged down the street since he was too lazy to actually walk. Suddendly, the person dragging him got tired.

Nazgul dropped his legs, “Forget that I’m not dragging you anymore. Get up!”

Laik folded his arms, “But… But that takes effort…”

Nazgul narrowed his eyes, “Alright then, guess I’ll give you these Full Metal Alchemist chapters to edit…”

“Not those long ass chapters!” Laik shouted, getting to his feet as fast as possible. Alas, this guy was lazy no more for the threat of FMA chapters kept him too paranoid.

Based on a fake story. — Laik

Anyway, I’m sure you are here for the goods:

Berserk ch: 256257258

Zetman ch: 21 – 22 – 23

NHK ch: 1 – 15

14 Responses to “New Layout and Releases”

  1. Buzkashi Says:

    Interesting new setup

  2. TheDarkness Says:

    Well nothing personal but this definetly needs a lot of work…. Still it’s fun to have a site like this

  3. Devil_Dante Says:

    … it’s a start.

  4. Buzkashi Says:

    Well the works been done. Still lookin pretty good. So we just post here?

  5. Eldo Says:

    I wanted to update the news, but I can’t. Oh wellz. Back to the forums for me.

  6. LordMune Says:

    Another place to spam? Excellent.

  7. TheDarkness Says:

    well i can’t do anything else so i’ll just spam around in topics like this…. the upper pic is out of alignment btw…. that or it is just too big

  8. Buzkashi Says:

    Its all good. Im sure there will be more things to do here in due time. Maybe a game, “pin the tail on the eldo”!

  9. Devil_Dante Says:

    I would like to pwn Eldo some time … :P. Anyways, I agree with the other guys that this site is too dark.

  10. Damien Says:

    Looking great. ^_^

  11. Buzkashi Says:

    Theres a mistake that needs taking care of. It says ch 268 intstead of 258 on the home page for the berserk dl’s.

  12. onizuka_benz Says:

    55555+ thank Evil-G for everything.

  13. Feyd Says:

    I’m sorry if I appear to be a bit dense posting this here, but I gotta. I hate to be the idiot just jumping on the bandwagon but I see a whole mess of people reading beserk volume 29 and…taking it for granted. I am a pitieous technological disaster….I can barely understand IRC but have just recently picked up bittorrent, which seems much better imo. I don’t mean to be a pest but since people have been talking about this volume 29 action I figured might as well go ahead and ask. The reason I’ve turned my baleful glance to this site is because everytime I try and find any evidence of truth at I get shut down in a hardcore fashion.
    Can someone please…PALEASE! direct me to the nearest bittorrent site where I could…procure?…the volume 29? I’m no slouch either, I know that if I download the file I must leave the window open for a while so that others can get the file off me, too. I don’t mean to be a bastard but could someone spell this out to a poor crippled fool such as myself?

  14. psi29a Says:

    Have you visited the EG forum? There is a Berserk forum there. Might not be perfect, but I think it has more mature outlook on berserk. Eh, what do I know. I’m just the admin… *squirm n00b*

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