Angel Heart 179-180, Berserk 315, Zetman 149

  » Posted July 25th, 2010 by arke

Yep, more Angel Heart for you, plus another chapter of Zetman and finally, Berserk.


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  2. Nestoraki Says:

    Thank you very much for all the HQ releases =]

  3. NeverWraith Says:

    You Guys Rock!!

  4. Argen Says:

    Thanks for both Zetman and Berserk, hope is a good one 😛

  5. kaizoku Says:

    Angel Heart, Angel Heart, Angel Heart, Angel Heart, Angel Heart, Angel Heart, and more Angel Heart!! The other releases are OK I guess. 😉

    Thanks for the releases guys!

  6. Baldulf Says:

    Thanks for your work.

    Specially for the Angel Heart chapters.

  7. okuni666 Says:

    Berserk and Zetman *¬*
    thanks a lot guys!

  8. SSJWill4 Says:

    ’til next time! -_- Miura is worse than Togashi now in my opinion. 3 chapter spurts? I mean come on, even though Togashi takes longer breaks at least when he does come back we can count on 10 chapters minimum. Oh well. Again, ’til next time I suppose.

  9. Pokes Says:

    Let this be a lesson to you bitches, stop whining about the length between issues; Miura is a fucking artist! Simply incomparable to any other manga.

  10. DamnedBones Says:

    Thanks for the whole batch of releases.

  11. ekiow Says:

    2 new chapters, way!
    And it looks like the fortune teller arc is coming to an end, good!
    (Still my least liked story arc of AH)

  12. Bill Says:

    GREAT, all that i wanted right now…

    “till next time” my ass.

    damn miura.

  13. Ben Says:

    The pirates will last…

    … Too damned long.

  14. Ngoc Minh Dao Says:

    Awesome release! Thank you very much….

  15. pyth Says:

    yeeeeees! thanks a lot!

  16. Thana Says:

    Yeah, thanks as usual!

  17. Demiurg Says:

    Thank you guys!

  18. bozo Says:

    I would accept less art quality from Miura if it was to have at least two berserk chapters a month. At this point I just want the story of berserk to move forward and see how awesome will be the elf island.

  19. Korci Says:

    Thanks for the hard work guys!

  20. Aiua Says:

    I cant believe i’m waiting for the elf island for years now …

    Damn miura, why cant you make some shitty chapters so i dont think about this anymore …

  21. zamb Says:

    Thank you sooooooooo much for this excellent work.

  22. Fernando Says:

    Thanks a lot for berserk guys…
    I hope he does’nt die and leave us berserk unfinished… I realllllly hate when such good artists like Miura passes away leaving their work unfinished.

  23. Breads Says:

    Thank ye, thank ye~

  24. that guy Says:

    what kind of command do i have to give in the irc to download the berserk chapter ?

    sorry if that’s a stupid question

  25. justdeath Says:

    Break again, also messed up my theory on the release dates.
    Oh well, here is the table so far:

    EG release dates and chapters per year (from August 2005)
    Table columns: Year, Chapters, Chapters per Year, Months
    | Year | Chptrs |CpY | J F M A M J J A S O N D |
    | 2005 | 250-266 | 17 | 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 2 1 |
    | 2006 | 267-279 | 13 | 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 |
    | 2007 | 280-292 | 13 | 2 2 0 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 0 |
    | 2008 | 293-301 | 09 | 0 0 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 2 1 |
    | 2009 | 302-309 | 08 | 0 0 0 1 2 2 0 0 1 2 0 0 |
    | 2010 | 310-315 | 06 | 1 2 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 |

    Here is a link to my complete Berserk file:

    Till next time…

  26. Hikaru_b Says:

    Yay! Angel Heart!!

  27. seishi Says:

    i would love a direct link right now =)

  28. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    thanks EG !!

  29. Slumer Says:

    Very nice batch of releases.
    The Berserk run was nice while it lasted.

  30. Baldulf Says:

    I won’t mind about long breaks on Berserk if there was something interesting happening.

    The flame is dead.

  31. Spirit Of Yggdrasill Says:

    Thanks for Berserk. Miura heading to predictable… this is first time for four years of reading Berserk that I am actually bored and not excited about it… lame…

  32. Risu Says:

    I think just the same. Pirates are no match for Guts. So why is Miura keepin’ doing this ? And then taking a break just after 3 issues ?

    Maybe he’ll come with better ideas next time. But, I hope that he still has the “thing” that makes “Berserk” so great.

    For exemple : it’s been a long time since Guts hasn’t gone Berserk, so why is he givin’ up so easily, against such weak opponents ?

    Maybe we’ll have an answer… next year ?

  33. Thana Says:

    I wouldn’t call being surrounded by countless leathal tentacles weak opponents… Besides that he isn’t alone. He can fight but what about Caska? Going Berserk may be a necissity in Gutts’ point of view.

    And again I try to convince you: Don’t think of it as a filler! This arc, that is…

  34. Sarf Says:

    This plot is necessary. My guess is that Guts will acquire 2nd sorceress to join his group. At the moment, his group has no chance at all against God Hand.

  35. CrackoWitcho Says:

    I can’t think of this latest batch of chapters as anything but filler considering the plot, as it stood before this batch, hasn’t progressed at all. A mermaid was introduced and we’re left with no indication of what, if any, her role will be from this point on. The journey to Elfheim was once again delayed by monsters, and Guts’ crew stood by and marveled at his awesome powar. Again. Oh, and Schierke sensed things were amiss. Like she does every chapter.

    Unless the followup to this batch is some intense psychodrama involving Guts’ deep-seeded rage issues, I’m going to write it off as filler.

  36. RedSamurai Says:

    I can’t believe it… it’s the first time I yawned at a Berserk release!
    I’m sorry but it’s starting to get really dull (the word filler has never been more appropriate), and the long breaks aren’t helping either (-.-)zzZ

  37. NeverWraith Says:

    Have some hope. Remember when the trolls first appeared, it was like WTF. Then Shit got real. It will happen that way again I’m sure.

  38. tsubaimomo Says:

    SK out of nowhere

  39. Drak Says:

    Face it, guys! Miura raised the standard so high he can’t keep it up anymore. I’m sure he’s clueless as to how the story should proceed. Griffith’s got everything; monsters are everywhere; Casca’s ‘cuckoo’; Guts can’t even use the armor’s powers without help. All these are even harder on Miura if you take into considerations that what he actually wants to do is having another peek at that wiggly hentai thing.

  40. Thana Says:

    Assumptions, assumptions…

  41. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    next release will be in late September at best 😐 this totally sucks

  42. pantaril Says:

    I hope that guts will at last slaughter some of his companions now when he is in berserker mode. That would justify this otherwise filler-like chapters for me:)

  43. Anonimo Says:

    Hi all guys :), Berserk volume 35 is scheduled for September 29, (use google translator on this link, so at least chapter 316 should be out by then (I know that it isn’t a great consolation XD).

  44. Anonimo Says:

    This link specifically concerns the release of Berserk:

  45. basquel Says:

    God dammit, “till next time”… I can only hope Miura isn’t going to make those pirates some kind of “Team Rocket” or shit.

  46. random person Says:

    urgh… you know, if he just did one chapter a month or even every other month, if it was REGULAR it wouldn’t be so damn frustrating. And unless the mermaid girl joins the party and becomes an instrumental figure in future chapters… why couldn’t we just have a few more awesome battles at sea and get to Elfheim already? I guess I’m just hoping that this will, in retrospect, fit into the overarching plot. But that retrospective is hard when it’s so erratic in release.

  47. CrackoWitcho Says:

    I’d rather she didn’t join.

  48. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    yeah Guts already has too many friends… what happened to the old lonely twisted and enraged guts

  49. Spirit Of Yggdrasill Says:

    Well he evolved :-) And that is ok. But why do we again see this same scene, overpowered by enemies he goes berserk and what…? Maybe this time he will keep his wits – that would be a major change. He does the killing and when his companions start to tremble he says: “Let’s move on” – and makes a happy face… But maybe that would be too boring, like he is the strongest and it does not have any side effects…
    But I still believe that Miura will master the plot again, I am just bored with this inconsistency 😉

  50. thepeaguy Says:

    Another nice chapter, yet more constant whinging from ungrateful fans who’re getting all of this for free. Zzzz…

  51. Anonimo Says:

    So far no Berserk’s arcs can be considered “filler”, all have continued the story in some way and I think that this one will be no exception (and then the presence of fillers in any manga is very rare). The fact is that some arc bring great changes in the story – see the end of the war against the Kushan and the beginning of “dark age” with the merging of the realms- others less and more hidden -s ee “Lost “Children” with the attitude change of Guts coming back closer to his pre-eclipse, the introduction of Farnese, Serpico, Azan (only glimpsed at the end of the “golden age”) the pricipal religion of the Berserk’s world and the hidden Beast).

    I also feel, but I could be wrong, that the adventure of the Guts’company on this island will be very short, perhaps among one chapter or two will reach its climax and will not be so long as the “war” against the trolls in the village and then in clifoto: we must remember that the pirates were introduced in the volume 28 as the recurring enemy for Guts in the final part of his journey to Skellig; now I think that they have reached their terminal.

  52. Kain Says:

    Thanks for the release !

    I hate the pirates characters, but this artwork is nice. The way the ship turn into a ship-snail, the return of berserk guts…

    But I don’t think he lost his mind this time, the beast is shown still in chains and he does not attack the nearby tentacles, he goes straigth for the ship. That’s not the berserk way of doing things.

  53. guitarwolf Says:

    “til next time…”

    Miura is a cunt, and this manga is starting to really suck

  54. Spirit Of Yggdrasill Says:

    @kain yeah I would think so too
    @guitarwolf and you are what?

  55. Thana Says:

    @Anonino: That’s something I wrote few topics ago. Thanks for thinking in a similar way.

    @Spirit: It’s posts shouldn’t be read… guitarwolf’s, that is.

  56. Spirit Of Yggdrasill Says:

    @Thana ‘roger’

    Well I really do not get it why is everyone so keen on “Lost children” – that is one(imho) of very important parts where Guts choose his way…
    And I agree on ‘no-fillers’ point of view.
    All my ranting about Berserk is caused by very slow(even for my standards – I am very patient) releases by Miura.
    You gotta love him, you gotta hate him… 😉

  57. random person Says:

    re: my comments on the mermaid joining the grouup

    As someone who has loved watching Guts build his own band of followers (which will be necessary since Griffith has built an entire ARMY of followers) and learn to open up again, I’m still not sure I want mermaid girl to join simply because what would she bring? We already have a girl who uses magic, she’d sort of be a spare… unless some twist is coming up. I could see her, with her ties to the sea, being a help in getting them to Elfheim, perhaps?

    That said, I repeat: the slow pace wouldn’t bother me if it was REGULAR. I hate waits where I have no idea how long they will last. I lose track of the story in the meantime. Although I suppose it gives me time to catch up purchasing the manga, which I am WAY behind on.

  58. guitarwolf Says:

    fuck you Thana and Spirit

  59. ekiow Says:

    @ random person
    Genrally mermaids can be pretty interesting, they are sea living creatures and thus very alien to land dwellers, the outer resemblence to humans in contrast to their inhuman conduct, which might only become obvious over time, leading to a growing feeling of alienation, makes them very promissing roles for every fantasy story.
    Of course, to be interesting they have to be done right, which isn’t easy and probably far to much for most manga authors, but I think that Miura is an author good enough to create such an (complex) role of that nature.
    On the other hand that would require lots of work and would take much fokus away from guts (and all the other chars). Which would be pretty bad regarding the slow pace the series already has.
    And I too think that, if she is limited to be just another a sea living sorceress, there is no real need for her.

  60. rebedia Says:

    The problem that people are experiencing is that Miura has been coming out with releases that have no character development, and has not for a while. What made Berserk so great was the interior struggles of the characters (especially Guts). For multiple releases–basically since Guts fell into the water and almost drowned saving Caska–there has been no character development, only action.

    On the issue of the pirate ship, yes, I believe it has lasted too long for it’s own worth. The idea of the haunted pirate ship with the annoying comic-relief sea captain has been stretched too far for how sparse the releases are. If I had never seen the pirate ship again after Guts defeated it I would have been fine.

    Miura is facing the same problem that R. A. Salvatore faced with Drizzt Do’Urden: once a protagonist gets so powerful (as in Guts with his berserk rage and defeating huge demon gods) and Drizzt with his superior, peerless swordsmanship and killing large demons and dragons, there comes a point when it isn’t so amazing anymore when they kill lesser creatures. This is so with the pirate ship.

    As a reader who loves Berserk and adores Guts and his personal battles and inner strife, I want him to fight huge creatures that have MEANING. The pirate is completely random and unrelated. Remember in the past how with each apostle it became personal? There were stories behind each apostle, and when they came in contact with Guts it had some EMOTIONAL meaning behind the violence, not simply violence for violence.

    This manga is becoming like an arcade game where Guts has to fight boss after boss until he “gets to griffith”. This is NOT what Berserk got its beauty and power from. In the past, battles were not so random and seemingly pointless, but now they come with increasing frequency.

    So far, in my opinion, ever since the world turned into Fantasia, the arc has become something lesser. Apostles were rare in the past, and the demons haunted Guts every night. Now that there are a million fantastical creatures, fights have less meaning (because they are NOT tied to the Eclipse). Thus, with so many “potential” opponents that Guts could fight, Miura needs to be very picky with who he makes Guts battle, and in this sense, he has gone off into the “fail zone”.

    Someone above said “I yawned after this installment, and I feel bad, but I really did!”

    This is because Berserk is being reduced to a DragonBall Z-esque bracket. Fight boss after boss, power up, come close to dying or failing but coming through with the help of allies–This is SO not why Berserk was amazing. The arc is going to shit just as Claymore went to shit—bosses, more bosses and powering up.

    Sorry for the reiteration, it simply seems like Miura has lost his original vision, or is being killed by his unrelenting drawing and composing schedule–I can understand how a deadline will make you create with less enthusiasm and creativity. Or, perhaps he has no idea where he wants to take the story and is stalling until he comes up with the right path for him. Who knows. I am grateful for Berserk, but am concerned with its increasing degeneration.

  61. Kain Says:

    I agree with rebedia. Nice way of putting things by the way, much more accurate than ‘filler’. It’s not only the story that do not evolve anymore, it’s the characters themselves.

    I really hope the purpose of this island is not just adding the half-mermaid to the group. Schierke is cute but come on, do we need another one ? Guts will end up only baby-sitting women and kids, that’s stupid.

  62. alex Says:

    I have faith in Miura. In my opinion he lost his way but i think he will be back in the seat again. So have some faith 😉
    see ya when next berserk chapter comes :)

  63. alex Says:

    and guys i will draw something from berserk on my wall it will be guts or guts and casca i was going through berserk checking for some pic but i cant decide so if you have some ideas post :)

  64. random person Says:

    The crazy thing is, you say “every since Fantasia started,” but that’s been less than one volume. Seriously. This actually hasn’t been going on very long, it’s just that chapters have been soooooooo spaced out, over two whole years, that it FEELS like this has been going on for volumes and volumes. If he could release with any regularity, once a month or something, we might’ve been out of this admittedly-weak arc in less than a year.

  65. pantaril Says:

    i’d go for one of these:)

    The first one is volume 13 page 79, tghe second is volume 26 page 212

  66. CrackoWitcho Says:

    “Now that there are a million fantastical creatures, fights have less meaning (because they are NOT tied to the Eclipse).”

    Maybe that was the subconscious reason I found it odd that Guts would rage so hard over demon pirate filler. I was like, “…Huh. Really? Full Berserker mode over a cheesy pirate and some tentacles?”

    But probably Schierke or someone said something, or something was otherwise implied that Guts would -have- to go Berserker to beat that pirate because we haven’t seen him do that in a while.

    And that makes everything okay probably.

  67. Anonimo Says:


    From what I understood, of course I could be wrong, is not exactly the anger/hatred that allows Guts of losing control of the armor, but rather the will in battle to free his istincts to kill and destroy whatever reason http:/ / ch = Volume +28 & page = 78.

    Imho the name “Berserker armor” indicates not only the mental state that the armor causes, but also that required to use it (and for this reason I don’t think that the armor could be used by anyone as many believe): Puck defines Guts a berserker just in the first chapter.

    Even when not motivated by anger or revenge, Guts knows that pushed from the battle he can make real massacres (see the Adon’s 100 soldiers or that of the trolls in the clifoto, just to give some examples of Guts’massacres where it was not, least primarily, revenge or hatred the reason for their): in this last chapter. Guts left voluntarily that the armor taking over on him in an attempt to protect Casca and his companions.

    Certainly anger/hatred can unleash the beast inside of Guts and “activate” the armor (eg. the desire for revenge on Griffith 282.html? Ch = Volume +28 & page = 25), but only because the consequence of these feelings lead Guts to want to kill and destroy.

  68. Anonimo Says:

    Sorry, these are the correct links from my previous post:

    First link:
    Second link:

  69. wot Says:

    Man, he is only going berserk because of the mentions of ‘ascending’, and more importantly ‘feast’. He’s pretty calm until the captain tells the tentacles to go to town on his friends, obviously reminiscent of Griffith’s ascension.

  70. Thana Says:

    @wot: But that’s what it said, only with way to much words. Your previous speaker, that is…

  71. Spirit Of Yggdrasill Says:

    @wot yeah, that is clearly what had happened

  72. Anonimo Says:


    You’re right, as I read the chapter I also noticed how the words of the Pirate drawing the eclipse and the monstrous banquet (which is the current situation), but now I had forgotten this detail.

    So again the hatred of Guts had a role in the release of the beast and the use of the armor, but the scene in which Guts Caska looks before the “transformation” makes me think that the first reason was still a voluntary, and overall conscious, act to free his istincts, and if he wanted this time had no problems to restrain its use.

  73. Neikius Says:

    Damn, this was a surprise. I didn’t expect anything so I got 3 chapters at once :) Anyway not much going on… sadly. Miura needs a break of few years, like GRRM. Better less stuff and better than more and of that only fillers.

  74. Kain Says:

    Why would he need idea ? For crying out loud, we are waiting for Caska to come back for years ! Her relationship with guts is a formidable source of inspiration, you only have to read the end of book 9 and begining of book 10 to see what it could be. Hell he should do an entire volume just on her comeback!

    It’s not like he lacks ideas for the plot, everything is there. It’s just he do not want to go there yet, and I find it very hard to understand.

  75. tono253 Says:

    Thanks a lot for Angel Heart. Keep the good work.

  76. CrackoWitcho Says:

    Question for you knowledgeable folk: how old is Guts now? How much Berserk time do you figure has passed since Guts got that armor?

  77. Twenty Two Says:

    Hey, guys, hou about wait till Miura finishs Berserk and then you say what is filler and what isn’t.

    So you won’t be wrong

  78. Anonimo Says:

    @ CrackoWitcho:

    From the Skullknight’s interview to Miura (dated april 2009)

    Q1: To the readers, Guts as a character has grown tremendously in the past few years, but how much time has elapsed in the Berserk world since the end of the Golden Age arc in Volume 14? (i.e. Lost Children – Millennium Falcon)

    R1: I’d say it’s been 3-4 years, though it’s not been clearly decided.

    So Guts, that at the time of the eclipse was 19 years old, now should be 22-23 years old.

  79. RedSamurai Says:

    @Twenty Two:
    Sure, I just can’t guarantee we’ll live long enough to see that happen 😉
    You know… when people complain about the “fillers”, it’s because they know the plot is huge enough that it can hardly allow for additional “side-quests”. Of course there’s always the fact that they’re afraid Miura could drop the whole thing at a certain stage.
    Were is not for this reason, I think even these “fillers” would be welcome, as long as their art is this great and their script is decent…

    @Anonimo: Yeah, Gatsu almost ages in real-time :)

  80. buttobasu Says:

    OMG! New Berserk already!? C’est impossiblê!!

  81. dansuman Says:

    looking forward to the next chapter of biomega

  82. thepeaguy Says:

    I find it ridiculously stupid how people are complaining over Miura’s latest plot developments yet continue to read chapter after chapter.

    When I grow tired of a story, I bitch for a bit, close the book and find something worthwhile. Simple.

    While Miura welcomes the feedback, I doubt he believes any of it. He continues to do as he pleases, much to the elite fans disgust.

    I got better things to read in a sec. This unrelenting criticism is tiresome. It’s analogous to untreated bullimia in that respect. You take in the new content, only to forcibly reject it because of some intellectual discrepancy on how a manga storyline should be.

  83. rebedia Says:

    @ thepeaguy

    That’s like saying once something beautiful is sullied, move on. Or when something once great is not so great anymore, that it’s time to focus on something different and good.

    Yes, Miura has set a precedent, and yes, we expect him to hold to that because we Love Him for it. Simply because we haven’t totally liked his newest stuff doesn’t mean one has to “move on”. What ever happened to the spirit of debate; conversation? It allows us to evaluate the source material and discern its problems, and what could be better with it. If everyone simply “moved on” then no one would know why they don’t like something, and active processeses in the brain about content would cease to exist.

    On a side note, debating about plot and action is a great way to figure out what WE as artists (the few that are) would like to do in our own work. When you care about something, you don’t pick it up, use it, and move on—you become passionate about it, love to talk about it, and will defend and tear it down for this reason.

    I agree, that if something has gone bad, especially something as “trivial” as reading manga online, that people should move on to better things. But that statement presupposes that they don’t, and that simply isn’t true. People will do what they need to, and it isn’t as if the folks discussing the finer points of Miura’s composition on The Black Swordsman sit at home all day and freak about Berserk; trolling all the websites and drinking Red Bull. At least most of us, I think.

    /end rant

  84. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    @ rebedia
    Hear, hear!

  85. revanchist Says:

    Personally I love the new Berserk chapter and I see nothing wrong with it.

  86. Wrath Says:

    there always has to be that guy who ruins a good rant. Thankfully we have darker than black here who sees common sense and gives praise where its due.
    retards on the internet dont appreciate wisdom or wise advice. go back to /b/ because its the only place awesome enough to welcome you.

  87. Argyle Says:

    oh yeahhhhhh at last! you people rock!

  88. RedSamurai Says:

    “Gatsu just dropped by, guess what he said?”

    That could be a nice long game to play until the next chapter drops in… say… December :)

  89. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    Aazealh: “Berserk won’t be in YA #17 (released on August 27), but Miura will be the subject of the first episode of some new study project by Nico Nicholson that will be featured in that issue. So we might get a glimpse of his working process.”

  90. Vexille Says:

    They need a new Berserk game for the PS3. I would pay 400 bucks for that thing. Even if it was just a dynasty warriors clone like what they did with the Gundam games. If they did it better than that cool, but either way I would dump my student loan for the term on it. Lol move support would be pretty awesome for that mega badass sword of his too.

  91. Karas Says:

    As long as they don’t have a character named Balzac in it.

  92. Phireo Says:

    A game about the the Golden Age Arc and the Black Swordsman Arc with a lot of battles and new monsters unseen in the manga… They obiously did something in those 3 year, 1 year, 2 year in between storylines… Though speculation appart… no game being announced as in development yet…


  93. Thana Says:

    I appretiate the deleting of these… unnecessary posts. Thanks, EG.

  94. Khalid bin ghaith Says:

    when will 316 be relesed?

  95. Gatsuwu Says:

    Miura is taking a 2-year break. Read something else Guys

  96. js Says:

    Sure are alotta dopefiends in here begging for their next high.

  97. gatsu Says:

    Gatsuwu are u sure about this?!!

  98. tsubaimomo Says:

    I do not think Gatsuwu is correct.

  99. lilaceboy Says:

    Even if gatsuwu isnt right, come back in two years. You MIGHT get 10 chapters to read. XD

  100. buttobasu Says:

    Miura is taking a break, but I HIGHLY doubt it will be for 2 years.

  101. Ghengis John Says:

    He isn’t taking a break, it’s merely that the next chapter features a sack full of rice exploding. In front of a dragon. On a ship. On the high seas. In front of a fire. Miura is simply taking his time carefully drawing and shading each grain of rice flying through the air as it passes in front of the dragon who’s skin must be meticulously scaled and veined on the boat that must have every rope thread drawn, every iron ring properly rusted and every tree ring present and properly aligned in each frame, checked for continuity while the hundreds of waves are added and shaded, to say nothing of the flames and smoke and the individual hairs and blackheads on the faces of the terrified crewmen all of this no doubt essential to telling the story he aims to tell.

    And when you see it you will say, “surely if the Renaissance masters had sketched a sack of rice exploding on a burning boat caught in a storm while a man with a sword as big as he is fights a dragon, it would have looked like this panel. Or this panel. Or any of these 30 others. Also, muttonchops.”

    The man is telling a STORY, people. And to do that we NEED to see that the man who just got eaten by a snake-monster after appearing in 14 panels had one dark side burn hair on the right side of his face that probably amused him while shaving for years and that needs to be consistently shown!

  102. Thana Says:

    Your puny try to be funny was… puny…
    You have failed me, Ghengis John!

  103. Candido Says:

    I’m brazilian!

    Love berserk! Thank you for the effort. Hug!

  104. Ghengis John Says:

    Sorry Thana, I’ll just have to make sure my next attempt at humor will be GIGAAAAAANTIC!

  105. Thana Says:

    I hope so!

  106. otakuzero Says:

    Word has it (on the obi of the latest volume release of Berserk) that a new Berserk anime is in the works–which would explain the delays. There’s also been some supposed leakage of new art for the anime (which looks awesome! IMHO)

  107. Fabio Says:

    I’m thinking if I’ll live enough to see the end of Berserk… ¬¬

  108. Maxi Says:

    Check for “Berserk 2010 trailer” on youtube. there is some trailer of the new anime of berserk.

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