Berserk 363

  » Posted January 21st, 2021 by DrPepperPro

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You all have left many beautiful comments about Miura’s passing. It means a lot to be able to read what everyone else is thinking during this time, so thank you. Navigating to the earlier pages of comments is broken right now, so here are links to see them:

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There is also a thread on the forum.

74 Responses to “Berserk 363”

  1. ZER0 Says:

    rest in peace Miura sensei, YOU WILL BE MISSED.
    It’s a damn pain in the ass that the story stays unfinished though. I was really looking forward (as everyone is really) the story how it will end.
    I still can’t believe it, but I’ll have to eventually …

  2. Obst Says:

    RIP Miura. Was using your website to read Berserk for the past years… very sad.

    Thank you Evil geniuses for the hard work.

  3. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Today is a very sad day, at least Miura is finally free from the obligation of drawing Berserk, seemed to weight on him.

    Goodnight, sweet prince.

  4. Jin21 Says:

    Well today was a very sad day Kentaro Miura passed away. No more Berserk and I am not feeling good after hearing this news.This bloody sucks. RIP to my favorite Author

  5. Kandidaten Says:

    Thank you for all the hard work, Evil Geniuses. Truly.

    @Phil, this is google translated from an interview with Kentaro Miura from 2019, gives me all kind of emotions.

    ──Isn’t it painful?

    Drawing manga is actually all fun. There are almost no pains or pains in drawing manga. It can be annoying, but it’s also fun. Otherwise I haven’t been doing it for so long (laughs). It’s all about fun, so it’s all about manga all day long, and there are places where I’m messing up my human life … Oh, by the way, I want time. It’s a pain to say that I don’t have time, my life is over, and my physical strength is getting weaker.

  6. JD Says:

    today the world has lost a legend,a god, Sensei MIURA has changed my life and the life of thousands of people with his masterpiece that i consider as a second religion, it really hard to accept that there will be no more chapters and that the greatest manga will not have and, life is unfair, RIP Miura Kentaro.


  7. kntrville Says:

    So sad for Miura! Thanks EG for Making me binge on Berserk when I was young and introverted. thanks for caring! I have read and reread the manga many times.

  8. ryuhadoken Says:

    incredible …. i don’t believe it. Kentaro !! come back old friend !!
    So strange to explain that pain.

    Many many thanks to him and to the team here.

  9. Splinter_ Says:

    so sad he’s death… so so so fucking sad… his work and this site meant a lot to me… im just devastated

  10. Roni Says:

    Evil Genius, I would like to thank you for your amazing work all these years, you guys have always been my only source for Berserk, to the point where I can’t think of the manga without thinking about you guys.

    Forever grateful to you and to our dear Miura, may he rest in peace.

  11. Emevoli Says:

    Oh boy.. I just checked the site as of my monthly routine. The unusual big ammount of comments immedeately let to the disarming thought “please noooo”.
    Well here we are. Miura’s work influenced me to such length that I would not be the same person without him.
    For me his persona was the brightest bonfire of all out there. I feel greatly indebted to him for putting all of his soul into his work. Dwelling into the deepest and darkest corners of the human mind to gain his “power” or to express it less corny “inspiration”. Shierke’s mind diving into the abyss thing always felt to me like Miura just displaying the way he works. His way of telling his story alwas felt very close, introverted yet personal.
    I never spent a single buck on his works. Even tho I swore to myself, that I will buy ever single volume at least twice once I am able to. Yet I remained piss poor over the decades. Kinda funny. Not being able to pay my debt will sting to me for the rest of my life I guess.
    Thank you Miura. Rly thank you.

    Thanks EG. I never exchanged a single thought with you guys – the way this site never realy changes.. kinda felt to like how I roll with things so I always felt some strange connection. But mb it’s just me 😉 Thank you guys and much love. I will keep Miura in my heart and drag him with me for the time being. Hope many of you will and can too.

    Eme aka Michael

  12. Kurokenshi Says:

    Thank you Miura sensei for the masterpiece that is Berserk, you will be missed. Rest in peace

  13. Paul Santos Says:

    This is the first time in years I’m putting comments at EG… Rest in peace Mr Miura and many thanks for sharing Berserk with the world. I remember logging on EG way back in 2007 to download the chapters after a friend told me about this really dark and violent fantasy manga that had a big-ass sword like Nightmare from Soul Calibur. Yours was the first manga volume I bought with my own money once I got a full-time job. I don’t know if it was a sixth sense but the way I found out about his death was when I logged onto EG the day the news broke out and there were comments talking about it. I was completely shocked. Any way, I take some solace that you died while doing something your were passionate about. Farewell and thank you again.

  14. Belial Says:

    I’m a pessimist at heart and I had an inkling, that grew into doubt, that Berserk would never finish, but I hoped it wouldn’t be because Kentaro Miura would die at 54. I was disappointed that he would slow the series to a crawl that would bounce between seasonal releases of chapters to full years. Despite all of that, I loyally held onto any hope that the story would be completed despite my inherent pessimism.

    Berserk is one of my favorite mangas and animes of all time. Miura is definitely one of my favorite manga artists of all time. To know that he now falls into the pit of remarkable artists with unfinished works (you’re next R. R. Martin!) is depressing especially knowing how long my loyalty lasted consuming his works. He was a figure of manga that represented the 90’s era of anime and manga that I was so glued to of that time. If you were a kid who saw Ninja Scroll sometime in the mid 90’s, maybe you know what I’m talking about. His detail in a world that wasn’t a cyberpunk utopia was incredible. His monsters were horrifying and his action scenes are still things I want to see on screen in the right hands of an animation studio. He has had other works that are definitely obscured by the brilliance of Berserk, but it was always good to see him working on other projects.

    I’ll definitely miss him. I don’t know if there will be others who will attain his level of detail, but I’ll remain optimistic because at least those shoulders are there for someone else to stand on. There are too many artists out there for that to not happen. R.I.P. Miura. You are obviously missed.

    The number of articles and tributes to him definitely put it out there that Miura’s work was influential to the anime and gaming industry in general. It was touching and surprising how much his input influenced so much outside of the manga.

    I definitely want to shout out to Evil-Genius for always staying on task releasing the chapters. Too many times, despite my loyalty, did I forget the possibility that another chapter was released, but I could always depend on the group for keeping those chapters coming, no matter how long they took. If someone manages to pick up the torch and finish the story, I’ll always be looking here first for the releases. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  15. ExSavior Says:

    There is a chance Miura’s assistant will continue the story.

  16. Mr.Babbs Says:

    This is very disappointing news. RIP Miura.

    I’ve been following Berserk since 2002. It’s been a good run. I want to thank the Evil Genius team for their hard work and dedication. It’s been appreciated.

  17. Dazzar Says:

    RIP Miura , i also have followed Berserk for 20 years and very saddened to heat his passing. Berserk has been a great spiritual support during my life.

  18. UnknwnTerritory Says:

    I stumbled upon this truly sad news just now. I was looking for alternatives on mangareaders, ended up on reddit and read there of the passing of Kentaro Miura. I could not believe my eyes and rushed to the godfathers of Berserk releases and as I’m scrolling through all these comments it’s finally beginning to sink in that I lost someone that was part of my life for the last 15 years. Now all that is left is picking up my last read chapter of Berserk which was released 6 years ago and crying my eyeballs out when I have read the last panel of the last chapter to realise this was the final chapter.

    RIP Miura

  19. Cracko Says:

    EG, you’ve been with me almost as long as Berserk has, and I’ve been chapter to chapter since 2004. You’ve always done immaculate translations, no subtlety or nuance lost across languages, and those little details are what made Berserk so meaningful and haunting. You’re the gold standard in my eyes, it’s not worth reading a new chapter unless it’s an EG release no matter how excited I was for new Berserk.

    Thank you for your commitment to excellence all these years.

    Rest in peace, Miura, and thank you. Berserk will forever be part of who I was, who I am, and who I will be.

  20. 666killer Says:

    Quelle tristesse d’avoir après la mort de ce grandiose artiste !
    Mr Miura, vous resterez le plus grand ! Aucun manga n’a autant touché de gens de notre génération, et en touchera d’autres comme le votre. Votre style, votre travail gigantesque et l’influence médiévale Européenne que vous empruntée en feront une oeuvre unique.
    Reposez en paix.

    Je suis également effondré de ne pas pouvoir connaître la suite de Berserk. Mais n’est-ce pas mieux ainsi ? Je suis sûr, au moins, de ne pas être déçu. Cette non-conclusion ne fera que renforcer l’aura de cette oeuvre magistrale.

    Merci à Evil Genius, que je suivais assidument depuis tant et tant d’années ! Merci les gars !

  21. LarryH Says:

    Chapter 363…Caska has been restored. Gutts seems content. Their offspring appears to Gutts. Perhaps Griffith has won but so has Gutts and company by escaping to a place Griffith can’t reach. In a way, chapter 363 is a decent ending. We’ll never know what Miura intended beyond this. Unless he left something for his assistants.

  22. Tekkaman Says:

    Rest in Peace, Miura-san. It took me over a week to accept this news, but I can be thankful for everything that Miura-san has given us for 30 years. I am also relieved that the story has ended during a respite for the characters and that we were able to at least see Casca regain her sanity (somewhat). Personally, I hope that no one else tries to continue the manga. Lastly, my deepest gratitude to the Evil_Genius team for so diligently bringing this story to the English-speaking world for so long. Much love to you and to all of the Berserk fans out there.

  23. .: p :. Says:

    I discovered Berserk anime series (26 episodes) when everything was video. It got me to read all the manga and spend the next 25+ years checking for new releases. Developing a love for Manga, Dark Souls, and anything with a protagonist wielding giant swords. One time I hooked up a Sega Dream Cast to play the Berserk game on the BIG Screen, through a prototype digital projector. My friends and I all sat around in the sweet spot in surround sound taking turns playing as Guts.
    For as long as I can remember Guts has been trying to save Casca. I believe Miura knew his time was short and raced to give Guts Casca back. Berserk ended up being a love story after all.

  24. tito-god Says:

    so we are never going to see the continuation?

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