Zetman, Back In Business. (some angel heart too)

  » Posted May 22nd, 2012 by DrPepperPro

Sorry for the delay, it’s due to many different factors suchlike- Ohhkkay aand we’re back. Make sure to read the translation note on the table of contents page.


Also, there’s new torrents for all the previous volumes of Zetman, 1-15. The v1 torrent has ToriyamaWorld’s c1-5 in it now, so it’s a bit more convenient for first time readers. And there’s some changes related to the translation note mentioned above. Also some file naming changes and volume cover stuff. But other than that, not much is different. The side-bar torrent links aren’t updated for now, so you’ll have to go to the downloads section (tab at the top) to find them.

Also, our child is missing. If you see him anywhere plz call 1-800-EVL-GNUS.com. His name’s Berserk. He’s about 37cm tall and growing, so you may have to look in small places to find him, like under a rock.

EDIT: OH ALSO HERE’S ANGEL HEART. I forgot to release it earlier.



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  1. ekiow Says:

    Well these certainly were some filler chapters… Oh well.
    (Curiously I got the same feeling about the last Berserk chapters)

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