Berserk 362

  » Posted October 23rd, 2020 by DrPepperPro

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23 Responses to “Berserk 362”


    Thank you guys, finally a chapter, great work as always 🙂

  2. AIR Says:

    See? 2020 isn’t that bad.

  3. nroejb Says:

    Just saw a link to this site on mangadex, haven’t been here since Angel Heart was dropped, but nice to see how enduring the group is.

  4. C'est Says:

    Thanks a lot!!! Great chapter!!!

  5. PIXE Says:

    Gotta say im glad i endure the daily torment of eg on my home page for days like this.

    good chapter, a little upset it was simply a chapter that had to happen, but i don’t know what to predict happens next.

  6. Lon3vvolf Says:

    Sweet Jesus. This is one of the best chapters in a while!

  7. Spokez Says:

    Thanks for the chapter guys! Awesome work, as always!

  8. Derik Says:

    Seems like they are trying to move the story forward a bit with these revelations. I imagine it’s SK’s way of warning Guts about continuing down this path, and what might happen to him. Especially the part with the branded woman apparently dying in his arms.

  9. alexmedinaduran Says:


  10. Jerry Says:

    Wow!!! when the smith spoke I said “Are we really about to see this?!!”

  11. User Says:

    Thank you!

  12. Gustav Larsson Says:

    I go into this website many times a week and sometimes, sometimes it’s just worth it all.

  13. Skull Knight Says:

    Seeing those Godhand there tells me that if some had to be replaces… they CAN be killed!

    Let’s see what’s up next.

  14. Dazzar_Berserk Says:

    thanks EG, I visit the site frequently to check for updates. Been following you guys for 10+ years, great work as always!

  15. The Mammoth Says:

    Did you read the note at the end?

    Miura says one of his author friends died.

    Do you know what it means?

    His peers have actually started to die off.
    For so many years we’ve been joking Miura will die before finishing Berserk. It’s just became a lot more likely.

  16. Emevoli Says:

    Noou poor Miura.. I wanna give him a hug! May his friend Makoto Takayama rest in peace!

  17. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Yeah for a terrifying second I thought the note was about Miura dying. Anybody know what his friend wrote? Anyway another great chapter, it’s not halloween without some Berserk I always say.

  18. Tannie Says:

    I think perhaps there are missing chapters in the torrent link? It starts me off right at the moment Guts gets lost… I had to check the online reader to see what’s up?

  19. Tannie Says:

    Whoops! Disregard my comment, just realized I opened up an old torrent.

  20. Souvik Says:

    Hi EvilGenius. If you are recruiting, then I am interested in helping out you guys. I have a lot of free time on my hands.

  21. PhillipRT Says:

    damn its been so long!!!!
    ty EG!

  22. Cavan Nugent Says:

    Killing it! Hoping to get the next one soon 🙂
    Just finished the whole manga in under a week and a half give or take. Fallen in love with the series berserk. Found the “brother” song around 2 years ago, never realized it was from a manga or anime! I’m glad that I found this and even got my friend onto it too. Thank you for all the great chapters and the lessons taught. I will def be coming back soon to see the next installment. Wish you good health and take your time – a fan.

  23. saeba Says:

    would you guys consider continuing angel heart ? i know you have translated a few chapters in form of text only, but please keep going !

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