Go! Go! Zettoraaangeeeeer!!1

  » Posted September 24th, 2009 by miyagiCE

By the power of Zordon, here’s some more Zetto!

EDIT: Arghh. If some of you guys are wondering were your comments went, I just deleted about 20 comments on accident, thinking the selected comments were spam. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused.

19 Responses to “Go! Go! Zettoraaangeeeeer!!1”

  1. BAHIM Z 360 Says:

    Wow you guys are on fire!!! O_O

  2. MrAmerica Says:

    hooo, interesting chapter.
    U rule. infinite.

  3. aaaaargh Says:

    ffs, when is berserk coming????

  4. Starnum Says:

    The official release date is tomorrow, so we’ll probably be releasing it in the next few days. 😉

  5. Milo Says:

    Thanks, you’re doing great work =)

  6. bolk Says:

    yay new zetman ! thx for the upload kekekeke^^

  7. aaaaargh Says:

    omg, my bad, i thought the release date was 22th.. damn
    anyways, keep up the good work =)

  8. Owtt Says:

    Hells yeah! awesome upload, thanx

  9. smokeesid Says:

    Oi! thank you!

    I hope the speed will remain as it is ^_^

    And 26th……berserk will release Oh man! Its an awesome month where evil genius on fir and berserk is gonna return

  10. Thana Says:

    Meh… quite a cliffhanger…

    Ah, and release doesnt mean its translated in an instant.
    Patience, my very young padawan.

  11. Sogeking74 Says:

    Thanks for the release, though it ends so fast XD

  12. Taurus_no_Mane Says:

    Thanks for the last Zeeeettooooranger chapter!

  13. DudeGamerZX Says:

    Excellent job, you have my thanks 😀

  14. TheQwertiest Says:

    Yay for the new chapter!!!
    Keep up the great work!
    And, btw, you are awesome, lol =)

  15. freshmeat Says:

    thanks for the great work guys

  16. smokeesid Says:

    @Thana every one were patient for the past 90 days buddy and some months when EG took breaks

  17. vaiowega Says:

    Thanks a lot for the last Zetman chapters !!!! You guys are on fire ! Keep up the awesome work !!

  18. cowl Says:

    THANKS! 😀

  19. The Prince Says:

    “@Thana every one were patient for the past 90 days buddy and some months when EG took breaks”

    @smokesid: What exactly is your point? If you want to take issue with having to wait so long between releases then take it up with Miura. And if you are suggesting you have been patient in waiting out the three month delay between releases then congradulations, but its not like you had any choice in the matter.

    But if you take issue with the time it takes for EG to scan, edit, and translate their releases, and you’re willing to overlook quality and accuracy for the sake of expediency there are always other places people can go.

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