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That’s right guys, it’s BERSEKS TIME! All in glorious HQ also, enjoy every single pixel of those lousy mags. Harr.

A high five goes out to our man Xandarg who bought the latest issue of Young Animal and scanned the chapter for us, since apparently no one else cared to release it till now. (Thank you Blue_Elephant, for your camera raw. It helped us a great deal in speeding up the translation before we got the real scans!)
Berserk returns October 9th, with a new Arc too! The extra stuff that came with this chapter will be released separately at a later date.

In other news, w00t, we’re starting a new project, courtesy of Xandarg and tsubaimomo: Zero! Here’s the first chapter:

And finally, here, the remains of our usual awesomeness:

EDIT: Arghh. If some of you guys are wondering were your comments went, I just deleted about 20 comments on accident, thinking the selected comments were spam. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused.

90 Responses to “B-B-B-B-UUUNIT!”

  1. newArc Says:

    I was certain Puck would be some bigwig on the Elf island all along. He’s just too insignificant all the time for Miura to miss the chance to surprise us.

  2. VF Says:


    <3 EG

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks guys. Brilliant job, as always. 🙂

  4. Thana Says:

    Meh… This chapter was not as much as I expected… But the coming arc will probably be awesome!

    Also, there was Zetman. A new gadget for Alphas( 😉 )!

  5. miyagiCE Says:


  6. Pez93 Says:


  7. Kain Says:

    Unbelievable, Griffith truly is the demon king of ambition…

    Thanks for this new fix of berserk, it was a good one!

  8. baka zero Says:

    can’t believe that berserk is out…. thank you Miura and thank you EG! 😉

  9. Thana Says:


    Last page on the air booster 😉

  10. DrPepperPro Says:


    Volume 34 was just released, so it’s definitely v35.
    The first page is saying that the story as of volume 34 is continued now.

  11. Starnum Says:

    @Thana: That’s Engrish. You can’t trust original English text in manga and anime. 😛

  12. revanchist Says:

    I love you guy. And I can’t wait tiil the next release >.< (I bit offtopic: Berserk is 5 months older than me :D)

  13. Sogeking74 Says:

    umm… Thanks for Zetman)

  14. Soleyfir Says:

    Great work as always, thanks a lot.
    Can’t wait for the next release, though I’m a bit afraid of how Elf Island will be… There are equal chances of it being great or lame.

  15. Morshu_YouWANTit?! Says:

    Anyone know when the next release date is?

  16. Acid Tripper Says:

    OMFG Berserk goes Ancient! I tottally fucking jizzed all over my desk when I saw that CITY!!!

  17. Starnum Says:

    @Morshu: It says at the end of the chapter dude, pay attention. Oct. 9th is the official release date for the next Berserk chapter.

  18. Morshu Says:

    @Starnum: Hey, I had a huge microbiology exam today, and that’s on top of studying Chinese and Japanese, I’ll be in Lala land all that I damn well please.

    Anywho, thanks for the info; nice to see that it won’t be twelve more years between releases.

  19. Jashin Says:


    You get a god damn huge ass kingdom out of nowhere after you merged the worlds and shit?! God Dammit! Gutts and Skull Knight are going to tear you to pieces when they get their hands on you, you fucking god hand whore-ass fucking evil motherfucker! I don’t care if the whole world loves your wussy ass!

    Christ this pisses me off!

  20. Carlos Says:

    lol at Jashin

  21. tyler durden Says:

    al fin berserk
    que bueno que ya salio


  22. Morshu Says:

    Wow, Zero is friggin amazing; I have high hopes for this manga. My sincerest thanks for undertaking this project.

  23. branko7171 Says:

    Finally, a new chapter and a new Arc.

  24. Eric Says:

    So greatness.

    And Hopefully a a bi weekly or weekly release

    excitement of Berserk make me want to re-read it all.

    tHanks you so much!

  25. freshmeat Says:

    Just read zero, that’s some good shit i’m looking forward to the next chapter, also i think i said this before but lets hope this guy doesn’t die before berserk ends

  26. Morshu Says:

    @freshmeat: Last that I heard Miura is in good health. I can’t really see him going before his manga is complete unless he offs himself in realization of the high expectations his readers have for the ending of his manga.

    So, everyone, low expectations for great justice!

  27. Da_Man Says:

    Hi, thanks for the releases.
    Can you explain why the torrent for the angel heart 155-156 i always get error: access denied when downloading it, the other torrent links are working fine, im using utorrent


  28. CladInShadows999 Says:

    man… finally some confirmation… me and berserk were born on the same day lol 9/25 20 years ago, how epic……………………………………………… DESTINED FO GREATNESS?!?!?! or insane misery? lol

  29. Good Imbecile Says:

    Falconia? hehe, shouldn’t it be Hawkonia or something?

    Thanks EG for the release!

  30. mf Says:

    E-E-E-Evil Genius!!

  31. Mr. America Says:

    erm, Baka-Updates tells me that Zero is completed with (this?) 1 volume in country of origin. Is that true? It just seems … off… . Or are there some more chapters in the first volume? In that case we can expect some more zero releases soon right?

  32. tsubaimomo Says:

    Zero consists of 1 volume with 3 chapters. And yes, you can expect more soon.

  33. Henrik Says:

    Good Imbecile, no, since the correct name of the mercenary group has apparently all along been “Band of The Falcon”.. Yeah, I don’t like it either. I’ll just continue to say it as Band of The Hawk, but Falconia sounds better than Hawkonia that’s for damn sure 😛

  34. Matthew Says:

    Hey just curious; I’ve noticed the image sizes for Zet have been becoming increasingly smaller. Any reason :??

  35. Thana Says:

    >Hey just curious; I’ve noticed the image sizes for Zet have been becoming increasingly smaller. Any reason ?

    Its a sinister plan, scheduled for long, to blind us all.

    Oh, and carlos sucks balls.

  36. Berserker Says:

    allriiiiiight! berserk time 🙂 keep it comin’ EG 😉


  37. devilpyro Says:

    almost.. i was born at 23 september 20 years ago… and i`ve just know recently berserk have same age as me too lol
    arrgh! the only thing i want to see is griffith dead! no matter he`s still have human heart or not. either him or the other god hand. i only care about their death heh..

  38. D= Says:

    You know what’s the scary part guys? It’s what happens when Guts and party have to get BACK on The God Damn BOAT.

  39. miyagiCE Says:

    As posted here http://www.evil-genius.us/index.php/2009/09/de-zatmen11-it-hear11/ with the beginning of volume 11, the raws we have are complete shit. Expect nicer pages for volume 12+.

  40. Kierren Says:


    You people have impeccable taste in manga. I salute you.

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