Shootings at Virginia Tech (VPI) 32 dead, 28 wounded

  » Posted April 16th, 2007 by psi29a

We are all hokies today.

Update – 04/17 @ 11:23 AM : There are now F-15E (multiple) flying over head right now. We are expecting the President’s arrival on campus for the convocation.

— Previous days news below —

This is breaking news from killfile and psi29a who live next to VT campus. For all of our readership who goes to tech (we have a few), stay safe, and stay away from the people with assault weapons. This apparently isn’t the first, this year!


Several sources on Virginia Tech’s main campus are reporting possible shootings on Virgina Tech’s main campus. Emergency crews including fire, ambulance, and police are on the scene. This page will be updated as new information is made available.
Update 1

Emergency response began at AJ (West Ambler Johnston), one of Virginia Tech’s dormitories and has now spread to the front of McBride hall. The Virginia Tech community is now under lock-down, including this office. There is, as yet, no indication that this is related to the string of bomb threats Tech has received throughout the last week.
Update 2

Virginia Tech has confirmed that “A shooting incident occurred at West Ambler Johnston earlier this morning.” Police response has been swift and students on-site report a heavy police presence including officers armed with assault rifles. Students and faculty are urged to stay indoors and away from windows.

Killfile and I are fine atm, but please to those who are still on campus, lock your doors and grab your bats.

edit: — with live news feeds, it also confirmed 20 dead and 28 wounded.


from the campus at tech —

shootings at tech

edit: update at 8:20PM EST

Governor Tim Kaine has declared a state of emergency, giving Tech access to far more of the apparatus of the state. Kaine is flying back to Virginia from an economic conference in Tokyo and should arrive early tomorrow morning.

At this point, despite numerous victim interviews and repeated media inquiries, no information as to the nature of the shooter’s weapon has been forthcoming.

The press conference tonight was a complete farce, and I want to smack each and everyone of the fucking media pundents *ahem* journalists there for interjecting opinion instead of asking questions. Also, how many damn ways can one ask the same question! I want say thank you personally to all our men and women in uniform for their help today. They did a very professional job and made the best decisions they could under the circumstances.

We are talking about 2600 acres of land of open campus in a free society, emphasis on free. Having more security will not make the situation better, nor will throwing more money at it make it better. This shit happens and we all need to grieve, cope, and support ourselves and those who help to protect us.

61 Responses to “Shootings at Virginia Tech (VPI) 32 dead, 28 wounded”

  1. takinkit Says:

    I agree with Psi. Guns do not kill people. It is the people behind the guns. Also, as americans, we seem to take the easy way out because so much is given to us. Gun control is not the answer. There is always going to be a person that either has no remorse for life or has convinced their self that life means nothing. As a side note the people of Canada own more firearms per person then in the US. and yet less than 1/8 of their crimes are committed with a firearm(look it up if you don’t believe me.) The people of the US are brought up in violence and distrust. Until we can change this, we will continue to see this path of destruction and suffering.

    thoughts and prayers to all who are suffering and grieving.

  2. takinkit Says:

    Also, to those of you that say that this only happens in the US. Open you eyes and don’t believe everything you see on the news. Every day there are 10 year old kids killing people. Sometimes, they kill a lot of people. The difference is that those kids with guns live in third world countries and have no media coverage telling the world what a f ed up person they are. Here we do.

  3. gml3790 Says:

    my sympathy goes out to whomever had friends or loved ones in VT.

    im from pittsburgh pennsylvania and we deffinately felt the shockwave up here.

    all vt students will be in my prayers

  4. altekterror Says:

    WOW… all i can say is thank god i live in australia where this shit neva happens. only farmers and police use guns over here and no 1 else. no guns are the key here. aus have about 50 to 60 deaths per from guns. but usa has about 10 000 to 20 000 per yr. less guns less death

  5. psi29a Says:

    Oh really altekterror?

    Port Arthur Massacre in the Australian state of Tasmania where 35 people were killed by a single gunman.

    It happens everywhere and absolutes like ‘never’ aren’t very helpful. Just some perspective man, no offense towards you or anyone else. Eldo can back that up, as he is an Aussie as well.

    For a map of guncrime by country go here:

  6. Reiketsu Says:

    I feel sorry for all the families that lost their children, brothers, sister, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, beloved one.
    That was a tragedy and, again, stress the easy access to weapons by the civils.

  7. Grey Says:

    I know I’D like to be able own a gun for protection (it’s also an enjoyable and challenging trying to improve your aim at the range). Unfortunately, permitting people to acquire guns for protection or target-shooting doesn’t mean people will only use them in self-defense or targets at the range. This is evidenced by unstable people who use guns for efficient suicide/non-self-defense homicide.

    It is a pity, but it’s quite common for people to be emotionally unstable, and guns provide a dangerous outlet for wild emotion (of course, the appropriate mindset/personality has to be present as well–’emotion’ is an incomplete explanation). The event at Virginia Tech is a perfect example of the danger that stems from human frailty and efficient weapons.

    Also, regarding the media…I share your disgust, psi29a. Some ‘journalists’ can be quite dreadful.

  8. Eldo Says:

    The Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania that happened over 10 years ago was the last straw for Australia, because of this, tougher gun control laws were introduced. Most Australians were already against the use of firearms, and the laws further restricted the availability and legal ownership in Australia.

    Since then, the number of gun deaths has significantly reduced, and relatively free of any fatal shootings. There hasn’t been any reports from the media or otherwise of any major shootings in Australia. There is the occasional gang wars and the such, but the numbers of gun-related deaths pale in comparison with American figures.

  9. shellbellz4 Says:

    My prayers go out to all family and friends from VT. A coworkers son was the boy who was shot 3 times but survived. We are thanking God for this miracle. He is still hospitalized but recovering.

  10. psi29a Says:


    I’m glad to hear that he is recovering. Tell him and others that companies at the VTCRC give our love and support.

  11. darkdarkasian Says:

    I just found out that a friend of mine knew that kid since second grade. But he never talked to anybody. Graduated from the same high school as him in the same year. Another guy who graduated on the same year killed four police man in a police station somewhere. Bad year. Very Bad Year.

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