Start of May treats!

  » Posted May 3rd, 2008 by Eldo

Remember last time when we promised Biomega and Breaction? Well, here they are.


Breaction chapter 18 is the last chapter for the series. So yeah, have fun with it. We certainly have. It is our second completed project, so yay.

Hope you guys enjoy the releases.

50 Responses to “Start of May treats!”

  1. ali3n Says:

    Thank you so much for the releases.

  2. Stoil Says:

    thank you as always 🙂

  3. Pritcher Says:

    Thanks a lot guys. First I wake up to finally find a new chapter of Ai Kora from Musashi and now this. Ah, it’s a good day in the mangaverse today. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. kingcheese Says:

    Thank you very much for the releases.

  5. Ogmios Says:

    Thanks ! It’s a pity that Breaction is so short …. well I’ve enjoyed it

  6. 4giv3m3 Says:

    Thx a lot 🙂

  7. PLUG Says:

    Yessssssssss! A new Biomega release!! Thank you very MUCH guys!

  8. Yoroichi Says:

    Scanlate more!you lazy scanlators!We need your scans to survive!

  9. Yoroichi Says:

    Serioysly now,many thx 🙂

  10. Ennui Says:

    Thank You!

  11. Jarome Says:

    Big propz on the Biomega and Zetmand releases, can’t get enough of these mangas.

  12. shanak Says:

    thanks a lot to the team!

  13. Aldarion Says:

    Thank you for Biomega!

  14. Cower Says:

    So… can we expect another chapter of Biomega anytime soon ?
    And how about Gram Gakuen 3 ?

  15. Patrick Says:

    B_reaction is not over there are 19 chapters i have the final chapter but it is not translated if someone would be so kind to do the subbing like “evil-genius” I will be happy to send it in.

  16. Sa[ff] Says:

    Thx a lot 4 Biomega & Breaction! I’ve been waitin’ 4 it… You’re great)

  17. fan Says:

    Thanks a lot for Breaction =)

  18. John Says:

    Was that the actual last chapter of B-reaction or the end you had to do because you had no RAW’s and a few other problems to work with? I want to know so I can keep an eye out for it if it comes to US and finish reading it. If it was the last chapter then that’s a pity, the reason I say that is it could have had a much better ending. Any way thanks for your hard work on it though I really liked the story.

  19. Thana Says:

    Yays! Another Zetman! Thank you EG!

  20. mongo Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your work.

  21. gastonf Says:

    breaction sure was short. I hope for a second season or something

  22. wazaa Says:


    Only one thing, b-reaction… what a dissapointing manga. This began well but the history had been done an impressive falldown… the end really sucks!!!!

    don’t hurt me, it is only my opinion. I’m very thankful that you fansub the manga, it is only that… well, it had become a very bad manga.

    The first ended project, NHK, it was really good (I have the 8 volumes in my house, and I’m very proud of these 😀 )

    PD: Yes, my english sucks, too.

    I desire you luck with your new projects.

  23. sortfel Says:

    how comes breaction is already over? wasn’t it popular enough or something?

  24. axemurder666 Says:

    weeeee, watanabe again, thx EG you rock

    …..i miss gatsu so much

  25. Eldo Says:

    Patrick, if you reckon there’s a chapter 19, email it to me and I’ll see if it’s right. I know that there is an archive of Breaction raws that says there’s a chapter 19, but as I don’t have the raws, I can’t confirm it. It could be wrong or an error by the raw packer; as multiple sources state that chapter 18 is the last chapter. No, we didn’t drop it, it’s supposedly finished.

    I have no idea why it’s over, so don’t ask me why. There could be a multitude of reasons, and it would be wrong to speculate if the reason is not stated by the publisher or the mangaka’s mouth.

  26. Johan Says:

    thank you.

    Grats on finishing breaction

  27. Reginald_Funkenstein Says:

    13 days until berserk (according to ticker). I think I can handle that, but for some people that wait must be comparable to a heart transplant patient having to wait 13 days for a new heart (without possessing their old one).

    Please pardon my random tangent now commencing:

    Also, is it just me, or is there a veritable lack of quality Japanese manga and anime being developed, or at the least being marketed within the United States? Oh so often when I find myself standing in front of the manga section at some random Borders store I simultaneously find myself kvetching pathetically that:
    a: The selection sucks
    b: ~30-35% of the manga is either yaoi or bishounen
    c: a great deal of the new manga is Korean, and there is a remarkably similar style of art and story from most U.S. marketed Korean mangas
    d: Manga art and illustration quality seems to be getting worse
    e: All of the nostalgia of the good series’ now ended still exists, and there’s nothing to do about it. SUFFER! I believe that the terms “Mangapression” and “Anipression” basically sum up this plight.
    f: Can mangaka like Rumiko Takahashi, Masashi Kishimoto, Akira Toriyama and Yoshihiro Togashi at least pretend that they are interested in advancing the plot so as to give smart people a reason to buy 80+ volumes?
    g: Will Tenchi ever choose between Ayeka and Ryoko?! Seriously, what an ass!

  28. shcnoff Says:

    yeah, it is pretty bad lately. there’s always something out there though. right now parasyte is being released again. if you never read it, the art’s a mixed bag (very nice gore, but everything else is meh) but as far as story and character work go… it’s a classic. kind of off topic. sorry.

  29. Adavanter Says:

    I just collected and finished B.Reaction all in one day! Wow what a rough ending. Not blaming anyone but the creators but sheesh I was liking it enough to finish it. Just wish it would have been more… I dunno in-depth or a little more clear. I’m a sucker for romance and I really wanted to know who ended up with who 🙁

  30. Simon Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the Zetman release. Such a shame that they’re so short. Nothing happend in this one :/ Waiting eagerly for the next one!

  31. dlood Says:

    B.Reactions end was … not an end at all. I’m sure the creators meant to make more, but had encountered a problem that made it impossible for them to continue. Such a shame though, I had a good laugh while reading B.Reaction.

    Thanks for the hard work, EG!

  32. Cower Says:

    awwww… there even scans of Mandala (aka Blame2) already in the net!!! >_>

  33. Good Imbecile Says:

    just a cuple of days left for the grand berserk! yay!

  34. Phireo Says:

    To Reginald and many others…

    I am not from the U.S.A., so I do not know what selection you have there. As for new and maybe old manga I can suggest a few tittles I am reading right now, that would certainly fill the gap between Berserk chapter releases. Norihiko Yagi made a fantastic 15 volume serie called Angel Densetsu or Legend about an Angel. You may know him from his latest work, Claymore. Although in the first few volumes the art is incredibly poor, it does improve a lot. I’ve been recently hooked up by Zero and Unbalance x Unbalance, both Korean. Another few good tittles would be Gacha Gacha, Trigun, Blade the Immortal, Kaze, XXX Holic,…

    You can also always look up old manga you never thought about reading only because you saw the anime. The manga version of Dragon Ball is a lot better than the Anime, not counting Z, that’s another manga… The same can be said about Trigun, Hellsing, BERSERK, Sailor Moon, Hokuto no Ken (I think it is Fist of the North Star in English), Claymore, Card Captor Sakura, X/1999, School Rumble, Magic Knight Rayheart, Slayers, Bastard!, Various Chronicles of Loddoss War, RG Vega, Versailes no Bara…

    Well there’s a lot of selection and I really hope you are not old enought to have seen as much as I have… as then you are screwed…

    You can always watch anime or work or study or do anything that is at least a bit creative or/and productive…
    If not… begin watching entire series, beginning with Dragon Ball, then Naruto and Bleach and after you are done with that and all Gundams and Sailor Moon series, begin with Stargate and X/Files, Lost and the Osbournes and Celebrity DEADmatch…

    Hope I did not hurt anyones feelings.


  35. Thana Says:

    Just try to hear a hand slapping a forehead very hard…

    Anyways, the next chapter is close – thats good news! 23rd May, if Im not wrong. Ganishka will probably show his awesome powers 😉

  36. Lucifer Says:

    296 preview:

  37. Good Imbecile Says:

    Thanks for the preview dark prince Lucifer… Man that Ganishka gross me out every time even more…

  38. レジナルド*フアンケンスタイン Says:



  39. Lucifer Says:

    raw is out

  40. Phireo Says:

    Next chapter is on lucky Berserk Friday 13th July day.


  41. Thana Says:

    Actually you are wrong, my dear suggestion guy. Because of your spoiler I DLed the RAW and the last side says 13th June – makes sense: July this year has no Friday the 13th.

    I actually “read” only the last page for the date to avoid spoilers… I’ll wait for EG 😉

  42. lilaceboy24 Says:

    The news makes my insides boil with anticipation. Cant wait for the release, and as always, Thanks EG!

  43. Phireo Says:

    Sorry, misstyped. 13th June… Friday


  44. krazyivan Says:

    so… how’s that translation going on?
    i’ve tried bleachexile scanlation but quitted after one page- it just not as good as EG

  45. Thana Says:

    I think its not productive to ask for intermediate results… As you found out EG-scanlations are top quality work. Just look at this site one or two times a day and wait for it – the chapter will be released soon for sure 😉

  46. krazyivan Says:

    @Thana – i’m not saying that the release should be out faster – i was just hoping for a status report like those which psi29a used to give on recent releases (ex. “we have the raw, it’s edited and in translation, should be out next week” or “we bet Eldo he wouldn’t shut laptop with a shotgun so next berserk will be a few days late”(no offence Eldo- just the first EG memeber who poped in my mind)) just a “we are still alive and scanlating” kind of message

  47. gypsy tears Says:

    maybe you should focus on getting BERSERK translated instead of all this other shit

  48. gypsy tears Says:

    heres another suggestion
    add a berserk counter, it would really be appreciated
    since you guys are the best scanlators working berserk – that i know of

  49. Eldo Says:

    We are nearly done with it already. I didn’t think a status report was appropriate because, come on, when have we not been working on it or skipped a chapter? We’re always active on it. The major pain is the time zone differences, when the translation is finished, the editing side is asleep, and vice versa. It’s nearly done, should be a couple of hours after this post.

  50. Thana Says:

    Thats what I expected of you guys 😉

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