There must be more!

  » Posted April 21st, 2008 by psi29a

Yet again, we are all lingering in the Interstice… waiting for our saviour, Mr. Miura to bless us with another episode. In the mean time, we hope you all enjoy your fix of our Angel Heart, Watanabe, and Zetman.


Next up is the final chapter of B.Reaction! and more Biomega… that is a promise. 😉 *whip crack*

21 Responses to “There must be more!”

  1. Kingcheese Says:

    Thanks for the release.

  2. Thana Says:

    Another Zetman! Great work 😉

  3. Pritcher Says:

    Thanks for the releases and big hurray! for final B.Reaction! coming up. Feels like I been waiting forever to finish that one off. Keep it up. 🙂

  4. El-Flex0r Says:

    Yay, more Zetman! Many thanks. =)

  5. Rob-In-Japan Says:

    Did I miss something or is breaction a really short series?

  6. PLUG Says:

    Can´t wait for the next release when we´ll finally get another Biomega chapter!!!

  7. Jose A Says:

    I have seen not read B.Reaction raws online. Thier are more chapters to go. Are you guys canceling B-Reaction scans???

  8. Jose A Says:

    Thier are 10 volumes of B.reaction, so why are the scans being cancel???????????????????????????????????

  9. Steve Says:

    Thanks for ther release guys, keep up the good work!

  10. psi29a Says:

    @Jose A — Sorry to disappoint you, but B. Reaction! is only two volumes, 18 chapters long in total.

    Please engage brain before typing. 🙂

  11. AlucardNoir Says:

    and yet again no biomega?

  12. Thana Says:

    “and yet again no biomega?”

    So your death is close and you cant wait anymore?

  13. Ogmios Says:

    Thanks for Zetman !

  14. Rob-In-Japan Says:


    was it cut short? It still doesn’t feel like a few of the characters have even started to develop.

  15. psi29a Says:

    @Rob-In-Japan — I have no idea. Perhaps someone else knows.

  16. Cower Says:

    It’s pretty much to catch up in “Biomega”…
    Also there is Gram Gakuen 3 (Blame Academy 3)…
    Btw 34-th chap of biomega is already out… .

  17. miyagiCE Says:

    I pretty much type this up for every EG release — B.Reaction was cancelled by the publisher after two volumes either due to little interest in the series by the fans (unlikely, as B.Reaction isn’t really much more than the obligatory fighting and panty shots (there are people interested in such stories at ANY time, it won’t ever die out)), or due to a dispute between the author and the publisher. The series was cancelled before the second volume even saw completion, which is why Evil Genius has been releasing the magazine versions. These lose chapters were never gathered in a tankoubon re-release like it is usually done.

    Hope this helps.

  18. Rob-In-Japan Says:

    miyagi that sums it up friend. I was wondering if it was raws because I could of just walked down the street to get them for you. Thanks for the reply.

  19. Satoshi Says:

    Rob-In-Japan If i was in your place i would just walk to the mangaka’s house and persuade him to continue, lol xD

  20. axemurder Says:

    ooo men watanabe is so funny

    tnx EG

  21. Rob-In-Japan Says:

    As he releases his hounds on me via montgomery burns style? No thanks pal!

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