Biomega 12

  » Posted June 26th, 2006 by psi29a

Time has come once again to travel with Zouichi and we promise the plot only thickens in this release! What can we say, Nihei rocks.


Enjoy gang! Also, a heads up on our releases. We will try to do more bulk releases, as it saves us time and you guys will have plunty of material to eyeball over the weekends.

12 Responses to “Biomega 12”

  1. Cower Says:

    i hardly can say anything…

    Nihei rocks.

  2. Thimulus Says:

    thanks a lot…

    the same from me: Nihei rocks!

  3. Steve Says:

    Thanks so much! I neglected to mention it earlier but Im totally stoked you guys started working on this project again! I loved the first volume release and was really dissapointed when just stopped all of a sudden… Thanks again you guys freakin rock!

    BTW, whatever happened to MPO? That seemed like a promising story…

  4. Szecc Says:

    awww…. I just wanted to say this to…


  5. psi29a Says:

    We have looked at MP0 and since we dropped it during the slow down of EG, another group has claimed it and wants to release it. If they don’t release, we will reconsider, but don’t hold your breath. We are quite comfortable where we are right now. 😀

  6. braveman Says:

    sorry , is berserk gonna be released this week ?

  7. Steve Says:

    they give a release date at the end of every chapter. if you took the time to read it you would have noticed that it doesnt come out until July 28th. you then also have to take into consideration that they first must get the RAW file and then however long its takes them to translate. just be patient and more attentive next time. remember that these guys are doing this for free and are doing an excellent job i might add. thanks again to the team for all thier hard work. i’d also like to add that you guys have an awesome lineup and that this is the only scanlation group that i DL and read all of the projects. 🙂

  8. Levortas Says:

    Is this week july 28th? I don’t think so… ;o

  9. newt0311 Says:

    Hmm. Biomega is really good. Can’t wait for the next chap. Anybody know where I can get scanlations for Blame!NSE and NOiSE?


  10. Lothirel Says:

    can anyone tell me how fast are new biomega chapters coming out?

  11. psi29a Says:

    Once a month or so.
    Slower than Berserk.

  12. ensngre Says:

    Great job as always, E_G.

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