Berserk chapter 293 preview

  » Posted February 20th, 2008 by Eldo

Here it is:

Inspired by Blackaxez

I’ll avoid putting some jokes in the empty speech bubbles, in case people think that it’s actually part of the plot. It happened last time…so, maybe in the future I’ll consider it.

Also, more Zetman, more Angel Heart, and possibly…more Biomega!

edit: perhaps Eldo won’t, but LordMune and psi29a will! mwah hahahahahhaha!

edit2: this delay is brought to you by the fucking plague! Help us wish Mystic in a full recovery. He already feels bad for the delay, but this is his baby and we at EG respect that and are all waiting with baited breath (as we are aware you all are too). Rest assured we are not dead and Berserk will go out. 🙂

Also, there are those that wish to post other’s releases here. That’s all well and good, but I’m sure most here are clever enough to find it themselves.

We’ve always had the policy that no links be posted to either raws or releases. No exceptions.

Now if you are the member of the other groups translating Berserk, why not offer to help us here. 🙂

Many heads are better than one. Our translators are easy to work with and offer mentorship as are our editors. So, by all means… send us a message, join the forums, and lets go.

— psi29a

161 Responses to “Berserk chapter 293 preview”

  1. Maelstrom Says:

    Waiting is part of the Berserk experience anyway!
    We can’t say we’re not used to :p

  2. RedSamurai Says:

    Yeah that’s an important question… When is the next chapter out, anyone?
    I really hope i ain’t gonna be another 8 Weeks Of Death (8WOD) 🙂

  3. indian in augusta Says:

    arrrggghhhhhh, even though this is torture, I started rereading all the Darkhorse releases from the beginning…and its glorious.

  4. InterRage Says:

    when they ever get back to Guts party, I have a feeling that he will be out of action and that dude with the bow staff will take his place as the primary ass kicker for a short bit.

  5. ZigyZangetsu Says:

    # InterRage Says:
    March 7th, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    when they ever get back to Guts party, I have a feeling that he will be out of action and that dude with the bow staff will take his place as the primary ass kicker for a short bit#

    No way dude gutz will alwayz be the primary ass kicker…wtf

  6. Chonchobar Says:

    RedSamurai Says: I really hope i ain’t gonna be another 8 Weeks Of Death (8WOD)

    Nope, I think it comes out on 3-14

  7. streea Says:

    Have waited this long for a quality scan and translation, and while waiting isn’t fun (especially after waiting so long for this chapter to be released), I’ll wait some more. (Just don’t make us wait too much longer… please? 😉 )

  8. Fapiko Says:

    Think of it this way; The more we wait for this release, the less time there will be in between this one, and the next release.

  9. Reginald_Funkenstein Says:

    Does anyone else here read through the Berserk from the start every so often?

    I’m going to ramble a little bit, so please don’t flame me too badly.

    My reason, aside from zealous love of all things Berserk (true of any Berserk fan, I guess) is that I try to analyze how Kentarou Miura’s artwork has evolved as time, and the story, have progressed. Part of this for me is an attempt at learning from his artwork for my own artistic purposes, yet another reason entirely is to compare the painstaking complexity of the Berserk artwork at its current point to other segments of the Berserk storyline. Though for the most part my professional artistic curiosity frequently results in dejected frustration and “manga depression”, I can’t help but feel that one of the most amazing features of this manga in particular is how radically the style of artwork is enriched and improved. More startling still is how Kentarou Miura is able to portray the overall motif of an Era of the Berserk timeline. For example, the beginning sequence of Berserk seems to mirror the chaos of the setting, in which we are first being introduced to Guts the Kämpfer and his seemingly willy-nilly pursuit of apostles. This style of art and detail varies greatly from even the beginning of the Golden Age arc, in which the art seems to stylistically portray youthful naivety in comparison to the formlessly chaotic world of a man on the warpath. Henceforth the art evolves again and again at crucial points of the story, such as the developing relationship between Guts and Caska, upon which the characters and their setting mature in portrayal and storyline. If you compared a good frame from the current chapters to one of the frames from the beginning or from the start of the Golden Age arc, it would seem as if it was the work of two different artists.

    This also makes me ponder the period of time it would take for Miura to finish a chapter using one of his older styles compared to the newer, super-refined style. Just looking at a frame from one of the newer chapters with a decent amount of landscape in it makes me believe that Miura makes full use of his two weeks.

  10. bill j mcdaniel Says:

    @post 59

    Didn’t even notice it at first, however it’s funny to see someone respond to a little joke (based on the rumors as to why releases slowed down by DH, i.e. they’re selling off due to waning interest) in such a poor manner.

    But not everyone can be graced with basic intelligence or manners Because if you thought about it for even a millisecond, what would DH have to do with raws/scans being available. Way to fake being smart though

  11. elementc Says:

    You could just leave the pages with the joke bubbles for the end with a different filename. Besides, I really love joke pages.

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