Berserk Chapter 271 Preview

  » Posted March 22nd, 2006 by psi29a

You know its comming, just a few days away from another chapter release in Japan. So without further delay, here is an appetizer for you all before the great feast.

Berserk Chapter 271 Preview

Just a reminder, if any of you cool cats out there know a bit of Japanese and would like to be a member of EG, let us know. We can use a few translators to help out with our projects. There are a lot of things we would like to work on, but we need your help first.

17 Responses to “Berserk Chapter 271 Preview”

  1. Epyon Says:

    Just wondering …. Anybody have any idea when how many more volumes are yet to come out before it’s over? I don’t want Berserk to end, but nobody likes it when any story just keeps on going and going until it slowly dies down. I just hope Berserk ends with a bang and leaves us with fond memories instead of slowly simmering down into dullness like The Simpsons or Dragon Ball, etc. etc…. the list goes on. Have the creators mentioned anything?

  2. Anacran Says:

    Well, this is the best page that ever saw, you guys are doing a very very well job, Im from Bolivia and I love berserk too bad that game for Ps2 wont arrive T.T He! this is my first time writing in a forum =) so… -.-‘ thanks … I guess…

  3. TwistedFaith Says:

    Well the manga will probably go on for a long time, since he isnt even fighting against the band of the hawk anymore, but hey no complaints from me.

    But I do know what you mean about 5 years ago I finished the first AMG! anime then made the biggest mistake of my life, I started reading the manga and its still going the real story stopped around chapter 60 and now its a chapter 211 and its killing me, nothing of value happens anymore and I want to kill the mangaka.

  4. cooltool Says:

    I dont see why you want the manga to stop so soon.
    yah it could just be finished all in one page all 5 angels died world back to normal the end! gee theres no fun in that but You say the real story stops around chapeter 60 haha you dont no the real story then.
    Manga are very detaild storys there not like movies that can compress a super long story in 2 hours and make you go what just happend?

    But your right there is a limit to how long you shld drag a story it takes talent to keep a very long story fresh and i think Berserk is doing a good job.

  5. Cellar Says:

    I don’t want the story to end too but it true that the story is going very far from what it was at the beggining……. like if guts has totally forget all his hatred about griffith……… but maybe its only because Berserk don’t come out fast enough for me, i only want more and more Berserk.

    So, I still have to thank you guys for giving us berserk in english as fast as you can….you are always there for us Berserk fans…..good job =)

  6. FoxWar Says:

    I dont agree. The story is the same Cellar. He want only to go to the elf country to remove his mark. That all

  7. backwardsblade Says:

    between all the angels, griff, casca, the swordsman and the other huge story holes there is so much room for development, berserk could go on for years before it loses any of its appeal and mystery. i personally hope it goes on for years, even if certain parts like the current are mostly buildup and i have to wait. such a fantastic manga. bang up job for everyone involved in the trans/distro.

  8. psi29a Says:

    Berserk has been in production since 1989, and Miura has commented that he is only a 3rd of the way through a few years ago. I suspect he is only 1/2 way done now. That means the ending will be around Manga Volume 60. Given that Volume 30 ended around chapter 266, I would suspect that the ending will be around chapter 532.

    This is all spectulation based on interviews, and should not be taken as gospel. However, I think it is a good guess.

  9. altekterror Says:

    it is a wicked story but it does seem like it goin on a bit too long. but still i cant wait for the next chapter looks like a good boss fight

    thanx for the hard work guys. plz keep it up

  10. omegaC Says:

    I love this manga. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read. Nice Work you guys.

  11. guylon Says:

    I hope he’s still alive until he finished Berserk.

  12. psi29a Says:

    Just a heads up folks, 271 Chapter raw is in our hands. ^_^

  13. TwistedFaith Says:

    Cooltool if you were talking to me then I dont think you realise my rant was about an manga called “Ah megumi sama” which hasnt had anything of value happen in it for the longest time, and I know real story, nothing that helps the main plot happens anymore, they dont do anything except make up a bunch of bs short stories that could kill even the mightiest of readers.

    Now as for berserk, Like I said no complaints, hes doing what he said he was, going to the elfs island to remove his mark and I think he wanted to leave casca there, or cure her, cant remember anymore. After he gets everything squared away with the elf island hes probably going for griffiths blood, which is going to make for some kickass fight scenes(since the band of the hawk will try to stop him).

  14. Epyon Says:

    A hypothesis of there being a total of about 500 chapters sounds just about awesome! πŸ˜€

    That’s all I was wondering… when writing a story, a writer should know how it ends before it begins. I haven’t read or seen any interviews from the creators of Berserk, but from the comments here it seems that there is a direction and there is a definite end in mind.

    Hope it ends with a bang whenever it does. I’d rather have Berserk be a fond memory than, god forbid, see it become the bane of my existence. πŸ˜›

    … maybe there could be spinoffs once it’s done… like the story of the Skull Knight!! πŸ™‚

  15. Epyon Says:

    Wish I knew Japanese so I could help out. πŸ™

    Great job everyone. ‘ppreciate it lots!!

  16. Safeguard01 Says:

    I would also like to extend the sentiments of psi29a‘s comment; it was only during the recent closing of… I believe it was around volume 22 or 25 (please correct me if I’m wrong), where Miura states that “now, the [story] may truly begin.” Again I remember reading this specifically in an .. interview I believe with Miura, but so far I’m not having any luck relocating the original website where I found this information.

    Along these lines though, considering that current development of the story, the massively interwovingly complex character development–not just in Gatts, but every character in the story–all of these elements combined with Miuras captivating, masterfull ability to weave these elements into a world where the reader doesn’t simply watch Gatts in his journey, but takes part in it beside him, enduring his every experience… Berserk is an epic. Gatts, is a hero not simply in the hollow aspect that has been perpetuated in western culture–a mere slayer of demons or a rescuer of damsels in distress–but an everlasting individual, whom through batteling himself finds the infinite strength and courage to surmount the impossible. Miura uses this symbology explicitly and states this profoundly in the battles between Gatts and the apostles; despite thier overwhelming strength which they’ve gained through sacrificing thier souls, essentially transcending human form to become demons, Gatts–like us all–was always and will always be the fundamental unit of our species: he is a human being.

    I for one, love the story. Miura may take as much time as he needs to complete his epic. Its 17 years of development has stood the test of time, proving his prowess and mastery in creating Berserk. I have faith that he will not astray into the meaningless repitition others mangas have.

    I hope to someday personally shake not only Miura’s hand, but the hands of every individual involved in scanlating this awesome work. Evil Genius you guys are my heroes!

    BTW: those of you interested in reading an interview with Miura concerning Berserk may look here.

    (Epyon a sidestory concerning the skullnight I’m sure would be fucking great. πŸ™‚

  17. ZiggyZangetsu Says:

    i love berserk thank u and a great big hola to u translators for transing berserk. i hope thers plenty more casca banging from guts in the future that volume was hot—

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