Berserk Chapter 269 Preview

  » Posted February 6th, 2006 by psi29a

Here is the preview to chapter 269, here is to hoping that we get the raws near the same date as next YA release. Cross your fingers folks!

Berserk Chapter 269 Preview

Quoting Wandering_Mystic: Behold the chapter preview for the next chapter (titled something like “Sword Beast”)

Update1: OK, there hasn’t been a raw out for Berserk and I know I promised that I’ll release some Zetman chapters along with NHK in conjunction with it. Without the raw, we can’t do anything about chapter 269, so keep an eye out for the raws. Updates will be posted as soon as news emerges and we will inform you all about the latest progress. Once we get our oily hands on the raw, you have my guarantee that it will be our first priority amongst all the rest of stuff that we do. Heh. I promise I’ll release the other manga titles as soon as I put some finishing touches; well, all I had to do is make a credit page for them. A month ago.

Update2: Just wanted to let you all know that we do indeed have a set of raws and are now furiously working on them. From what I heard from Eldo this chapter looks hot! — psi29a

24 Responses to “Berserk Chapter 269 Preview”

  1. john arroyo Says:

    wow, can’t wait to see the next part. i’m guessing guts has just been killed by that big monster and now the little witch becomes the main character… but i will never know until i see the next episode…

  2. Sirrom Ffotsirk Says:

    Wow, that would suck if it was just dropped suddenly on Guts. I mean, he’s sitting there doing his thing of slaughter and next thing, a large whale like beast thing just falls outta nowhere on him. How would that suck as a death.

  3. Gregoreiv Says:

    Awesome, ten dollars says their ship is destroyed and they have to settle for a dinghy of a boat to get them to where they need to go.

  4. Bam Says:

    what are u talking about!? guts cannot dieeeeeeeeeee@!

  5. Eldo Says:

    Like the last time, I’ll try to release this batch of freaking other manga chapters next time when I’m relatively less busy or just stop being lazy.

  6. Mäxchen Says:

    nono, ship gets destroyed and Shilke takes over the monsters mind ore sth. like that, and they’ll travel with it to Elfheim^^

    anyway, those monsters are anoying…kind of boring don’t you think???
    I don’t like most of the last chapters:(

  7. greg Says:

    ahhh guts needs to just leave those loosers and confront grifith allready 😛

  8. Smokinn Says:

    I’m with Maxchen on this one. It’s not like these monsters (even though no normal human is a match for them) are the least bit of a threat. I want the storyline to get back to Apostles!

    I’m surprised people are still wondering if there’s going to be a boat. When they left the castle with that guy saying let’s take my boat I’d written it off already!

  9. Daiceman Says:

    Most people are worried that the boat/all the boats are going to be destroyed in the attack.

  10. Arqaz Says:

    well he can’t just go run off and kill grifith. Each time he kills a monster his sword gets more powerful. Plus its like training hes only in his 20’s or something right he can only get stronger. well he has to do 2 things get strong enough to take out zodd, and keep caska safe or get her back to normal either or. If he loses his mind then theres no point in killin griffith it would mean nothing….lol I love this manga

  11. Paulino Says:

    If every boats r destroyed, they can hijack a kushan boat where the monsters comes from

  12. TwistedFaith Says:

    I thought guts was in his 30-40 I mean they show alot of time passing in the older chapters, and then between the eclipse and when the story resumes it was like 2-3 years right(its very possible that Im wrong)? I think at youngest he’d be like 28, but its hard to track time in this manga, since, how long has it been since the story resumed to this point? They had to bring an army from like an arabic area right? That would take a long time, or was the army already on thier doorstep? Either way they would have to beat the army thats already there and that takes time(altho they seem to be running through these guys like they were nothing).

  13. Arqaz Says:

    yeah thats true Im thinkin like 28 at the youngest it is hard to track time I just recal that he was alot younger in age then they drew him when he first joined the hawks or so it seemed like mabey vague enough to be anywhere from 14-18 but yeah my point is hes no dieing of old age so killing lotsa crap could only make him strong lol I gotta say this is the best site for berserk around so I hope they keep up the good work.

  14. psi29a Says:

    Just a heads up, we are just waiting for the raws to show up. 😛 You find ’em, we will translate them!

  15. SAMfh Says:

    Guts is 22-23; he joined the Hawks at 15, went into the Eclipse at 18-19, and it’s been about 3 years since then. He seems older due to the hypermaturity and battle-scarred body (the white hair isn’t helping).

  16. Arqaz Says:

    Thats what I was guessing at first. what is up with that white hair anyways?

  17. SAMfh Says:

    The white hair showed up after he started wearing the Berserker Armor; it’s probably just a sign of the effect the BA is having on his body.

  18. joltser Says:

    When we look at how long this manga has been going on, we think “is it nearing the end?” Honestly, i dont see it ending for another 1-3 years. Our favorite manga writer just cant get enough of the blood, tits, and madness. So all that is happening now, i think just might take a 180 in the near future, or not…

  19. MaximuS Says:

    If you don’t have Berserk 269 RAW

    there you go link for DL:

  20. meh Says:

    to what joltser said earlier id just like to say that i hope berserk never ends.. if kenturo miura ever gives up on berserk (which i hope he dosen’t) than hopefully his staff will continue!!

  21. person Says:

    In the story, it’s only been like a month tops since the apostles destroyed the witch’s house, but that chapter came out like 2 years ago or more (I’ve really lost count). Guts really is only like 22-23 as SAMfh said. They have been trying to go to Puck’s home for a while. That was like 8 volumes ago or so. I’d like to see this manga as an anime or to see it finish off as a high budget movie, but I don’t think it will ever end (not that I’m upset about that).

  22. vince Says:

    nice chapter, heavy drawings! well i totally agree with the others that the monsters he’ s facing right now aren’ t a real threat. But i defininetly want to see them traveling to elfheim, it ‘ll be very interesting to see whats coming out of this especially since there is like the most powerful magician on the planet..

  23. vince Says:

    oh i forgot, once more thx to the genius guy(s), great work you do!!

  24. TwistedFaith Says:

    Only a month? This is the middle ages right, so traveling to as many towns and the time they spend in them has to be more than a month, since didnt they spend like a few days to a week in some of the towns they stayed in? Also I dont remember seeing them riding alot of horses(altho my memory is kinda faded), also 22-23? Well that seems reasonable(spell check), if he was 15 when he joined the hawks(altho he looked more mature, then again he always looked more mature than his age).

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