Chapter 272 Preview

  » Posted April 13th, 2006 by psi29a

Not only do we have a preview for you today, but we also have our hands on the raw and are currently working on it. So, enjoy this little tidbit while we work our magic.

Berserk 272 Preview

In other news, head on over to the Forums as we have a treat, we will be holding a contest based on fan-artwork, colored pictures, and other goodness based on EG releases (yes, berserk!). Details are not finalized, however if you win you get your work with credits shipped along with EG‘s Berserk (and more) releases.

29 Responses to “Chapter 272 Preview”

  1. Kojiro_S Says:

    Holy sh*t!
    Looks even meaner that his berserk self.

  2. ivanv4 Says:

    nice!! πŸ˜€

  3. Sergiusz Says:

    Guys as always you done good job !!!
    When will appear full chapter ?
    I can’t wait to read it πŸ˜€
    PLS HURRY ;]

  4. SAMfh Says:

    So Guts is unstoppable now? Can’t wait for the non-Berserk Berserker armor era…

  5. AD Says:

    2SAMfh-bah, guts is been now stoppable :-/ … heey, guts, that is ok, now take you break or that is my …etc

  6. Dave Says:

    was 270 ever scanlated?

  7. sauron3 Says:

    Even though he is cunning and adroit, I am still worried if he can beat that sorcerer, Diva (or whatever his name is). Still I hope Guts wins. It seems he is gaining much further experience to defeat Griffith through control of body and mind.

  8. TwistedFaith Says:

    I kinda liked him going berserk, I dont know why but animes with someone thats a berserker have always been special to me, berserkers are awsome.

    But I welcome the change since his old fights were much better(imo), like back when he was fighting the mercanaries(where he got the title “century killer”).

    Also AD, Im not trying to start an argument but what are you saying?

    Dave: yes it was scaned

  9. Eldo Says:

    Dave, chapter 270 has been scanlated. Check the torrents downloads on the right hand side of the main page or alternatively head to our torrents website to download it.

    Right now, delays seem to be inevitable now that the raw in our possession is incredibly LQ that editing it as it is and releasing it would be an insult to me and you readers. We are awaiting a better quality source to arise, so keep an eye out a better raw or if you live in Japan, scan us a copy. I do not feel like editing something that has been incredibly butchered like this. Even Mystic, has trouble translating since the quality is so FUBARed.

    Lastly, I just want to ask you guys what you think about the fan art concept? We are planning to include that in our releases to get you readers involved. Do you guys like this idea? The real question is: Would you even be bothered to submit or even do any fan art at all? If you do want to get involved, whether it is a drawn or coloured piece, head over to the forums and post your artwork there. Don’t be afraid, we won’t bite.

  10. Safeguard01 Says:

    Firstly, I want to say that I f’ing love you guys. I’ve been checking this site every day for the past few weeks since I read chapter 271 following its release. A big thank you to all of you hard working evil genius folk. πŸ™‚

    Secondly, in terms of the fan art concept, man I think it would be awesome. Although, I don’t think I would personally submit anything, especially considering my sub-par drawing skills.. :\

    My forte in terms of artwork are really limited to photoshop; that being said I may submit a wallpaper or something.

  11. psi29a Says:

    That would be cool, or if you really want to put your photoshop skill to use, we could probably use some more editors. πŸ˜€ Typical tests are required, etc etc.

  12. oro Says:

    humphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant wait for the chapter…its been like 2 weeks since the last one came out D: also when does 273 come out? i wish there was like a novel i could read to find out abt the story D:

  13. TwistedFaith Says:

    oro, you can just read the older chapters to find out about the story.

  14. oro Says:

    TwistedFaith i was actually refering to the story thats to follow πŸ˜› but come to think of it reading the old chapters isnt such a bad idea….hmmm that reminds me i have to start over Hajime No Ippo too, i didnt read it for a while and than forgot where i was so now i have to read all of it lol , 66 volumes— CRAP lol

  15. psi29a Says:

    uh, we try to release the chapters with a notification as to what volume it is in give or take a few chapters.

    At this point, Miura is in the middle of volume 31.

  16. psi29a Says:

    Oh, heads up… here is the reason why Chapter 272 hasn’t been released yet.

    The one on the left is what it should look like, the one on the right is what the raw looks like that we got. This raw is the only 272 raw in existance, and used by skullknight and others.

    We at EG are holding out for a better quality version, so please be patient. I have a lead and about to throw down $10 USD for better scans, hopefully by tomorrow. So, keep an eye out.

  17. oro Says:

    damn…those are pretty shitty scans

  18. oro Says:


  19. SAMfh Says:

    No problems, a few extra days won’t kill anyone. It just cuts down the time between 272 and 273…

  20. Eldo Says:

    If you guys could donate a couple of dollars to Mindwerks to thank psi for all his hardwork and to cover the cost of better scans and also bandwidth, it would be widely appreciated. psi has done a great job with helping EG with hosting and everything has come out of his pocket. So if each of you could spare a couple of dollars and donate to psi, to cover the Berserk raw cost and also bandwidth hosting and stuff, it would go towards making the EG better and more assessible to you guys.

  21. vincent Says:

    sure how?

  22. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Hey guys, I wonder if you already got your hands on a higher quality release?

    I’m kind of assuming you have because I already found one. So assuming that you have one, how long will it take before you will release the scanlation?

  23. psi29a Says:

    Yup, thanks for the heads up. πŸ˜€

    This makes a ton of difference, as in we can actually translate it. haha.

    However, we are still waiting for our private scans to come in. If they come in before we finish translating, great, if not.. then we shall see.

  24. buster14169 Says:

    Hey thanks for all ur releases and ur awsome translation job i really appreciate it πŸ™‚ question tho, do you guys have volumes 1-3 available for dl? if so how do i get them cause ive looked thru the site and havent seen anyway to get them from that far back. If not, do u know of a place as to where i could get them?

  25. ifallible Says:

    Anonymous Coward, where’d you find the raw? I’d like some berserk raws to do some casual translating

  26. psi29a Says:

    We either pay out of pocket for our raws, or we have them handed to us for free. We generally don’t release raws, however I’ll see what the status is on that.

    Also, if you are into casual translating, if you have some time… could ya help out EG a bit? We have a few projects we would like to pick up, and we always welcome translators.

    We are pretty much go at our own pace when back-log of chapters are concerned.

  27. Anonymous Coward Says:


    I don’t know whether your taking psi29a offer or not, but I’m gonna answer your question anyway.

    However I don’t exactly know if I’m at liberty to say the exact website (sounds stupid, I know, but for all I know this like ‘The Scene’) so I’m gonna give a few subtle hints to get you there

    Just go to google. Type in the name of everyone’s favorite come-and-go character (skullknight) in the search engine. Click on the most obvious result, then go to the community of that website. The rest you can probably figure out yourself.

    I hope I provided you with enough aid.

  28. Prometheus MK2 Says:

    Hi every1!
    I have a question: How much volume exist about Berserk, and the storry is still in production?

    1 more thing… u guys or girls did a good job with the translations!
    Congratz! πŸ˜€
    and sry for my english… πŸ˜›

    Best regards:

  29. ChoX Says:

    I only started watching anime about half a year ago and my friend, among other things, brought 2 dvds with manga on them. He told me to read them, but I had a better idea (watch anime and leave the stupid comics rot), then about two weeks ago I finished all 79 dvds of anime he gave me and I said wtf I’ll give it a try.

    BAM! Something great happened. While I watched anime I had breaks to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. While I read Akira, BotI, Berserk i didn’t even blink. It was BLOODY superb.

    I have the same question as Prometheus MK2



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