Evil_Genius Comic with a Berserk 285 Preview

  » Posted April 24th, 2007 by psi29a

Considering the amount of craziness that goes on in the forums, we just had to make our own comic based on the events that transpire there. Fuji has offered to help us chronical the madness, so I present to you all, Evil_Genius’ very own web-comic!

*points to new tab at the top*

We started off with 3 comics up front to get things rolling, and for now it will be infrequent. The core of the artwork and story is Fuji and editing done by LordMune.

The comic starting from page 1!

This update isn’t over yet, it’s time for another timely Berserk preview!

第285話 英雄
Chapter 285: Hero

Berserk 285 Preview


edit: We now have the 285 raw and. Cleaning and double-page editing is almost complete, we are now waiting for translation and typesetting.

64 Responses to “Evil_Genius Comic with a Berserk 285 Preview”

  1. Fredpop Says:

    Berserk is the most awesome manga I ever read ! I reread the volume 6 to 12 and WOW that too much great. Best manga ! I hope it will finish in a good way for the poor Guts and Caska.. too much thing have change with time, but always exceptional ! Fight for your life !

  2. Harkan Says:

    Hey Shinobi, i think they are going to make it so that Guts fights Grifith in his human form, cuts him so badly or in half and out emerges his demon form. All whille the princess is watching or the people .
    MAn so many diferent ways it might hapen, cant wait^^

  3. krazyivan Says:

    man i just can’t wait
    i am visitng this site every 15 minutes hoping for the relese

  4. fendigucci Says:

    me 2. lol.

  5. Harkan Says:

    So what does EG say , is this a chapter we should cheak on every moment we have free …..or should we go to sleep and take it easy?^^

  6. krazyivan Says:

    it’s currently 1:52AM where i live – gues i’ll stay up until i’ll see a relese – EG – my mental health depends on you 😀

    p.s. keep up the good work – you guys rock !

  7. HappiestGuyInSpringfield Says:

    20mins 4 me.

  8. krazyivan Says:

    ok – it’s 4:53AM and I’m still a bersek-o-holic 😀
    i need my fix

  9. Luke Groundwalker Says:

    I’ve seen the RAWS, looks good, can’t wait for the scanlations.

    I’m more dissapointed in the fact that there’s gonna be another break ’til June 22th, but alas I can wait. Good news is that in the next chapter Guts and crew are gonna come back, from what I’ve heard was announced by Miura in YA.

  10. 27thArsonist Says:

    I’m about to die from waiting…

  11. Bleach Says:

    I cannot thank you guys enough. The only possible way I think I can show my gratitute is to buy all the Berserk manga when they are eventually released in the U.S.
    Seriously, thanks you guys.

  12. alma|gebra Says:

    griffiths goal, his wish isnt selfish!
    forget that shit about good hero and bad bad villain, this is not a marvel comic…
    berserk is profoundlier, and when miura ends this story it´ll be a masterpiece!

  13. Gutsthehero Says:

    It is a masterpiece and Griffith’s goal is very much selfish. Griffith wants to unite the world, but come on look at all the shit that is happening. Trolls popping out to kill, rape, and eat people. Wierd ass ugly apostles also eating and raping and killing. The end definitely does not justify the means in this story. Guts will be victorious. His journey after all is, but one word. Heroic.

  14. alma|gebra Says:


    u seem to be obsessed by guts, thats why u only see what u want to see, the bad villain griffith and the hero guts!
    true is, that both did good things and of course bad things, too! 1 more than the other. miura symbolize the human nature, the real life!
    go read the marvel comics, the good and bad stuff, when u just want entertainment!
    berserk is a heavy and profound story, try to see the whole note and the characters from a neutral position…

    that goes to all people with a fast judgement
    —–im out!

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