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  » Posted April 18th, 2007 by psi29a

For those who do not know, Killfile and psi29a both work at the VTCRC on Virginia Tech’s campus. So the reason for the non-manga news is that it was easiest way to get the information that we know to you all and our loved ones, especially those who wake up at Virginia Tech and read Evil_Genius so they can get the fuck out of there.

Killfile’s wife teaches on Tech’s campus and more importantly she has taught in Norris. She also had TAs scheduled to teach in that particular classroom, 205 and 206. So we are all spooked, tired, worn out, and have been helping any way we can. Killfile and I (and our office) went to the convocation yesterday to morn with our fellow Hokies and I’ll post more pictures in the forums.

However, this does not put a damper the spirit of Evil_Genius as we pushing forward. Translation work of Biomega 21 is almost done, translation of AH is done, and we are going to start on NHK 37 and 38 soon. One of our own is in Japan right now, enjoying himself and also on the lookout for the missing B. Reaction chapters we need to complete the series.

So, we continue to soldier on and many thanks to all of those who offered their thanks and condolances. If anyone wants to stop by Blacksburg, we would be more than happy to share our beer with everyone.

Long live EG!


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  1. Scott Says:

    I know those words are late and hollow to you, but I’m truly sorry for your loss. On top of all of this, the media should be fucking ashamed of themselves for how they have handled this tragedy.

  2. Peter Says:

    I don’t get how you can overcome such tragedy so fast, atleast i don’t think i could. But to put it in the best japanese phrase i know. “I believe in your strength”, so push forward and overcome.

  3. Eldo Says:

    I do know this news impacted on psi and Killfile more than anyone else in the group, and it is extremely lucky that they are not affected by this tragedy personally and directly. I want to thank everyone who has posted on this site to show your sympathies to the victims, and took the time to mourn with the families of this ordeal.

    We will still continue to run as always, look out for the releases in the corner.

  4. psi29a Says:

    We are directly effected, killfile and I work on campus, we are both married and live here as well. We have not yet overcome, and we still try to help those around us any way we can. All we can really do is keep our minds and hands busy and continue.

    What is worse is the tripe that I have been getting from those in the community (manga/anime) who have no empathy and say the cruelest things ever. I immediately spam bucket them, but it makes me sad that such people are this inhumane especially those in our community.

    So, as the spam rolls in, they will be removed and IP banned. I’m tired of dealing with it, and have earned EG’s contempt. Get your Berserk & NHK from someplace else.

  5. LoverofHokuto Says:

    This is really a horrible and terrible human tragedy, which should not be ridiculed by anyone. It is a shame that some people feel compelled to make thoughtless comments without looking at the suffering this incident has caused. My thoughts and prayers got out to the unfortunate families of the dead and the students who are grieving this terrible loss.

  6. Killfile Says:

    Virginia Tech, and the New River Valley by extension, is a huge school and a small town. It’s at once astonishing and somewhat heartening that such horrible tragedy can strike a few dozen members of our small mountain community and yet everyone knows someone who lost a loved one.

    Certainly there are many shoulders to cry on in in Blacksburg tonight.

    The news is always something that happens to someone else until it happens to you. It is easy to joke and mock the suffering of others when they are far away but incidences like this remind us that every tragedy is a local tragedy for someone somewhere.

    Those of you that have written in support — thank you. Those of you that have laughed and mocked the dead — may you never know tragedy as personally and immediately as this small mountain community has. In your callousness you are also innocent, and no one, not even you, deserves to have that taken away.

  7. Pancho Says:

    Even if I’m new to this site (and this is indeed my first comment), I would like to say that I applaud EG’s staff’s dedication, level-headedness and maturity.

    I have little clue as to what you all must be going through, but if you choose to push onward, then that is worthy of praise beyond words.

    Good luck and may you never live to feel this kind of tragedy again.


  8. Joel Says:

    My deeply condolences to you all EG team.Belive in God and be strong to go forward and make your mark to honor those ones who stayed behind.I didn’t expect that this incident was related to me in that way geez i don’t even live in the states.I can tell how terrible that kind of experience it is.Be strong in this hard times.I hope from all my hearth that everything that comes forward are for the best now.

  9. Arkzein Says:

    Coming from a small town in Northern Ireland that saw 30 die from a terrorist bomb some years back (Like yourselves I was a hair’s bredth away from being a victim that day) I have an idea of what you’re going through and can emphathise, my heart goes out to you all.

    Try and ignore the sick folk that laugh and mock (we had more than 50 fake bomb threats afterwards) sadly times like these bring out both the best and worst in people. I’m sure that though the shock of it all will come back again and again, sometimes blindsiding you, the great community spirit and solidarity that arises will help when people are united in grief.

    Best wishes from across the water in any case, I share the feelings of helplessness of most but can do this much at least.

  10. Makinius Says:

    we are all whit you that was a black day for U.S.A.
    Im a regular visitor of the site, im spanish but when i see new like that i only think how crazy is this world.

    spain 23 of april 2007


  11. john Says:


    I may be able to help with the translation of chinese to english, if you are still interested.

  12. A Hokie Says:

    Killfile & psi29a,

    Despite everyone’s reaction to the matter, we were all surprised by the shootings to say the least. There are a few people who joke about the shootings and then there are those who mourn for the victims regardless of whether or not they knew the victims. I’ve heard of a few hate crimes against the Asian population up in NoVA and in the West Coast, but I’m happy to say I haven’t seen such things in Blacksburg so far. Students are moving on with their lives but at night, you’d see that they’re still in mourning and care about the victims. Seeing that you’re surrounded by these kinds of people, it makes you proud of being a student at VT.

    If I had known you two were at Virginia Tech, I’d drop by and chat it up a bit. Well… I guess I still might. Kinda have to bring up my grades a bit. Missed a month of school or so at the beginning of the semester (cancer in the family) and have been *trying* to catch up. That’s not goin so well either… but hey… enough of that. Thank you for everything.

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