Berserk 280 Preview

  » Posted January 3rd, 2007 by psi29a

Oh yes, it is preview time!

Berserk 280 Preview

See you all around the weekend of the 12th!

48 Responses to “Berserk 280 Preview”

  1. exile Says:

    Finaly I was waiting for news about berserk almost forever! It`s the best new years gift for me!

  2. karl Says:


  3. noog_100 Says:

    OMFG!! is this true??

  4. Matlage Says:

    This wait better have been damn worth it and it looks like it will not disapoint. ^_^

  5. arcanes Says:

    Wow!! make the 12th come faster!!!!

  6. FoxWar Says:


  7. Taru Says:

    This is better than christmas & new years combined!

  8. SAMfh Says:

    Looks like this battle may not be a good time for the Midlanders.

  9. shin Says:

    Yesss! I was waiting ages for this one… 😀

  10. Soroikish Says:

    At last!!!!!!!

  11. zfire Says:

    wow, looks pretty badass. cannot wait.

  12. fin089 Says:


    that´s the one!

    finally all evil genius torrentfan´s can see what I was talking about.
    (in the post for the new Berserk manga chapter date)
    But now it´s a differnt page???
    why?? anyway…so cool you guy´s posted it!!

  13. Cower Says:

    B I O M E G A !!!
    B I O M E G A !!!
    B I O M E G A !!!
    B I O M E G A !!!

    Duh… i am so simplminded… >_>

    Anyway Berserk is good too… but i need more Cyberpunk to read… and Sceadu-han is so late with Abara…

  14. Legion Says:

    Midlands army looks like it’ll get saved by the White Hawk

  15. Batou Says:

    This looks to be good!

  16. lfe Says:

    nice preview!

    someone’s gonna get owned that’s for sure

  17. Harkan Says:

    If thats all the soldiers they have, time for the Hawks to pich in and get Grifiths country

  18. Bob Says:

    Bah, I have a feeling that once either Griffith + apostles or Gutz + Zodd (or maybe even Skull Knight, golly, he’s so mysterious) find out a way to kill someone made of thunder the Kushans will flee (or at least the death of his magic has to affect all the mutated tigers, aligators etc).

  19. servela Says:

    cool preview, i can’t waite 🙂

  20. Lone Wolf Says:

    At last…phew….-_-; 12th is not so far…

  21. Harkan Says:

    Prolly be like this, kill the flesh body and his astral (thunder one) will lose power and get owned
    But i still find it strange why he sent them to kill the old lady, is the magic she knew that big of a threath to the apostles and the god …….five thing
    …….grrrr , its one of these things that make you want to have a time machine
    go forth in time and get all of the other chapters

  22. dzm Says:

    nice preview. been a long wait too.

    anyhow those guys are in trouble fosho!

  23. Core Says:

    I agree with the time machine guy. That would be awesome…. unfortunately
    there is no set future..if we were to look at a picture, it would probably be 3d and look like a trees root system with paths going in all different directions.. it would be crazy!


    Anyways, cool preview. Hope its a decent chapter…although, must say be good to see guts crew get out of this town, feels like been there to long.

  24. altekterror Says:

    wow man that looks good. the wait is almost over. i cant wait w00t =)

  25. moo? Says:

    Zetman!!~ :/

  26. seeker4life Says:

    BEEEEEEEERRRRRSSSSEEEEERRRRRRKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! Now begins the killing time wha ha ha ha

  27. RedSamurai Says:

    Finallyyyyyyyyy! I have no idea where Miura has been hiding for so long, but I guess I can be just happy to look at this picture and start wondering if there will be a Gatsu – Grifith encounter!!!

  28. Mei Says:

    I waited this so long. Just feel happy. Thank you.

  29. noog_100 Says:

    Does anyone remember the part where gutts open/almost open his eye?
    I hope miura explain it in this next chapter.

  30. Harkan Says:

    HE did , when was that, which chapter?

  31. noog_100 Says:

    it was on the last page of the chapter 278.

  32. vincent Says:


    well i think it was cause he could “feel” griffith approaching and the very last thing he sees is the close up of the hawks eye, which i’ d say is perhaps one of berserks best scenes
    and of course we know now that the white hawk is going to participate in the war, but what i want to find out is wants going to happen to caska after they arrive to elfhelm (if they make it there of course), well questions over questions.. i just hope miura wont take so much time again to make the answer come close

    btw what should be explaind about it, he sees griffith and then becomes unconsciouss cause of the fight and all the pain

  33. alma.|.gebra Says:

    i hoped til now miura has draw a whole volume in his vacation .) …
    maybe he did but only release 1 ch…
    omg i think this manga will continue forever, just think about the four other godhand member…
    this story is just awesome, nothin more to say (speechless)

  34. equalityofcipher Says:

    OH, HELL YEAH!!!! can’t wait. all praises due.

  35. MAka Says:

    Can`t wait for the chapter to be released.Hurry up already ;p

  36. Arudo-Kun Says:

    OH SII!!! porfin!!….. un tanto larga la espera xD

  37. Jacob Says:


  38. karl Says:

    tomorrow 😀

  39. Arolynn Says:


  40. gml3790 Says:

    TODAY WOO WOO!!!!!


  41. Spokesman of Madness Says:

    at long last the day has arrived i almost forgot what berserk means

  42. Jacob Says:

    Will the translation usually come the same day or the day after?

  43. Pj Says:

    Today : Death Note 13 + Berserk 280 : )

  44. psi29a Says:

    Just a few more hours to go… *grin*

    I’ve already started prepping our releases for the tracker.

  45. Pj Says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeees !!

  46. Mr Heroux Says:

    me = 🙂

  47. remus Says:

    Ho yeee you know I love you a are so cool (fraindely because I am not gay)!! You are simply great.

    From a fan in france

  48. Bob Says:

    NGGNGNNG! Must… Not…. Make…. Joke….. About… the french…. being…. gay…. NNNNGGGG!!!!

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