Berserk 279 Preview

  » Posted September 7th, 2006 by psi29a

Getting to be about that time again and yes, we do plan on doing another mega release along with Berserk so stay tuned.

Berserk 279 Preview

Be sure to join us in the chat room (IRC) for the release party and of course check out the forums in general if you have something you want discuss/chat about! That is what it is there for.

95 Responses to “Berserk 279 Preview”

  1. December Says:

    Must..get…Berserk c279… *twitch*

  2. Shino Says:

    If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doin’ right 😉

    Look at it this way, the longer it takes for them to release, the closer we get to the NEXT chapter. Chapter 280!

  3. Skydea Says:

    @Spokesman of Madness
    I can Understand why German is so hard for you ^^”,
    it’S simoly all this “rules” with these der,die,das and all this small things that in English simply not exist or only parts of it.

    …ehm….hmm..right now i noticed that i exploded….. oh.. must be the parts of me that are falling from the walls onto the keyboard, and typing this message… funny.


  4. El Ponga Says:

    I’m from Argentina, a big fan… at first I had to kill some people to get my hands on Berserk’s manga, but since I discover this website I’m no longer a violent man. Thank you Internet, thank you Evil Genius. ARF! Tenés el manga de berserk a disposición, papá? quiero saber en cuánto anda el precio, me dijeron que está saliendo ahora en esta cloaca de Buenos Aires.

  5. KLAU$$ Says:

    how much will take to post dhe download file i’m getting crazy!!!!

  6. nightstalian Says:

    BTW I’m from United States(Texas on top of that), If I could I would impeach Bush, but I can’t.


    Still waiting,
    6:04 pm Sep 9th, 2006

  7. El Ponga Says:

    Note: Spanish and Argentina are not the same thing, our language in our capital is a bit (a lot of bit) diferent from other spanish cultures, even from our states that we call provinces inside the country. A big problem we have, beacose no other cuntry or culture with spanish language can understand what we are saying most of the time. However, every single thing you know about our culture belongs to the capital city meanwhile the big mayority remains in analfabetism and death… If you wann’a know something also about Argentina you can ask me, if you don’t it’s okay, I just needed to write something… man, how long we are gonna to wait for 279? I know my english suks! It’s becose here, everything its backwords, not in a literal way like japanesse or chinesse, but in a simbolic way

  8. ARF! Says:

    8:36 pm here and still waiting 😛

  9. Syd Says:

    01:45 – Sweden is waiting patiently

  10. Spokesman of Madness Says:

    If you guys have nothing to do can you take a look at the AMV i made today it’s my first AMV so pls comment

  11. seishi Says:

    thanks for berserk evil-genius

  12. KLAU$$ Says:

    aaaaaaaa uh uh !!! cant wait to bat that these chpters are to damn small!!!

  13. KLAU$$ Says:

    in spain is 2:20 am and stilllll………waiting ahahahhhaaaa! 🙁

  14. Mad Johny Says:

    Here in Brazil is 9:30 pm….. Hope its coming soon

  15. KLAU$$ Says:

    in brasil…ola hombre a te tambien te gusta berserk??

  16. KLAU$$ Says:

    i can speak spamish really well but.. i’m not interested in writting in spanish.
    i dont like much spanish … ill love to learn japones!!!

  17. ARF! Says:

    well… i’m leaving without berserk 🙁
    it seems like i’m going to check it tomorrow

  18. Mad Johny Says:

    Gracias, but in Brazil we speak portuguese, not spanish, althought they are very similar

  19. seishi Says:


  20. KLAU$$ Says:

    mmyaaa!! i see its like a fuckt up spanish…
    i found one that speaks portuguese but he talkt by himself !!!
    it was a a portuguese gipsy i think…

  21. psi29a Says:

    It is 22:00 EST here, and we still have a bit to do. Translation is finished, QA check on script is finished, and we are now working on editing. The raws need a bit of work, so we are fixing ’em up before we typeset.

    Just remember that we are not from the same place, literally all over the world. Some of us have blood shot eyes. 😛

  22. KLAU$$ Says:

    i’ve got the raw…..its short ….no guts around

  23. psi29a Says:

    define short

    no guts, no glory.

  24. KLAU$$ Says:

    19 pictures in total…

  25. psi29a Says:

    and what is the average per chapter over the span of any given volume?

  26. KLAU$$ Says:

    i think this no??
    i think i was wrong beacause i have a hole chapter with 220 or so but ….there are 10 i thik in the first chpater ….
    soryy my bad

  27. psi29a Says:

    apology accepted. 😀

    There are 19 pages in this chapter, 5 are the only single pages, the rest are double pages (7 of ’em) which take time to clean and piece together.

    Thankfully that part is done (22:30) and we are type setting now.

  28. SamGamgi Says:

    Go, EG! Go, EG!, Go, EG! GO!!!
    *cheering for berserk to come fast* XD

  29. Tyler Says:

    I just hope they get it done today, it’d be a waste to rush with those blood shut eyes and then just go …”FUCK IT, we’ll finish it tomorrow!”
    Read there was no guts, was expecting it can go either way.

  30. Mad Johny Says:

    Man, already 09/09 in here!!!

  31. Layzeegrimm Says:

    I don’t know about you guys… but I can’t wait for the next NHK release!!!!

  32. demonfans Says:

    Oh! man! I can’t wait this.. Cmon bebeh..!
    Go go go! 🙂 Nice job guys.

  33. Mad Johny Says:

    What time is there in US???
    Here is almost 1:30 pm, and I’ve got to go to Ipanemas beach tomorrow morning!!! lol

  34. pato Says:

    essa porra tah demorando pa sair… jah tow impaciente Xp

  35. SAMfh Says:

    The US is hitting 9/09 itself. Think I’ll catch this one in the morning; no Guts, no glory after all. (Sorry, too good to pass up.)

  36. vincent Says:

    arigatou yo

  37. Sandman Says:

    I’m the second one from Bulgaria after Spokesman of Madness :). I read the new chapter 2 days ago and I can’t wait for the next chapter. Actually when is the next chapter going to be out?

  38. vash` Says:

    thanks for berserk! i love it.

  39. KLAU$$ Says:

    when iths goyng to get out the new capter of berserk???

  40. ------berserker--------- Says:

    i’m such a noob around here ;__; can someone telll me why only chapters are published little by little? i thought berserk manga was only officially published in japan in volumes. if so why do you release like, only one chapter a month? dont take this as an insult.. and would you be so kind as so to enlighten my clouded mind about this subject? OR ELSE I’L CRUSH EVERYTHING AROUND MEEEEEE!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! sorry bout that.. to much berserk i guess ;__;

  41. CrimsonBejelit Says:

    Good Work evil genius
    Arigatò go tzai mas from Italy 🙂
    Waiting for 280 🙂

  42. Rafaello Says:

    I’m a Brazilian living in Texas, “US and A”.
    c279 was sweet, but can’t wait until c280.
    Does anyone know when it’s coming out?!
    I don’t know whether I stand the long wait anymore…

  43. HobRob Says:

    Well, I guess it’s back to suicide again for me…

  44. ekLypZ Says:

    mmmmmm 11th

  45. K - ri Says:

    i can’t wait for the chapter 280. When will it be published?

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