Berserk 277 Preview

  » Posted July 25th, 2006 by psi29a

The long month is coming to a close, and you all know what that means. We have a huge line-up for you folks and we plan to make our mega-release exactly when we wrap up Berserk which is still on schedule for release in Japan on the 28th.

So here is your drool moment of the month, enjoy!

Zodd in Berserk 277 Preview

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  1. Harkan Says:

    Wait untill tomorow man, get some sleep and the manga will be there. They arent people who would be mean and not relese it.Althou id understand them if they didnt .*sight*

  2. buttsecks_apostle Says:

    Guin Saga( was a huge Influence for
    Maybe Miura sama is aiming for a 100 volumes+ ??

  3. lfe Says:

    I’m new to this manga stuff, so I have no idea how long it takes for them to translate. I wouldn’t mind if it takes an entire week. Though more eager fans would certainly contest.

    My friend got me started when he loaned me the tv series. i always wondered how he escaped hell and all. However once i found out the manga existed and downloaded them i put them on a dvd and gave it to him as a present. hehe it’s like getting more people addicted to manga like us 😀

    Amazing work guys!

  4. Daiceman Says:

    Ok, apprentally the chapter is out, check the forums for more info.

  5. Young Yoyo Says:

    The chapter 277 is really crazy, yall know about that.
    I can’t wait for the next chapter !!

    Thx Evil-Genius Team !! Keep doin’ your thing !!
    (from France and still waiting lol 😀

  6. Santiago Says:

    I cannot read the Berserk_v31c276.rar… The torrents is not working.
    Someone knows where to get a torrent workinhg?

  7. Gattsblackfalcon Says:

    hey please anyone tell me where i can find Berserk vol 23 to the current ( beggin in my knees ) please i am stupid , where i can dl the scans ? . thanks for your help i really appreciate that .

  8. psi29a Says:

    @Santiago: the torrent no longer exists, it has been repacked into a volume.

  9. Nat Says:

    Where are the links to early Berserk torrent volumes? like 7+

  10. psi29a Says:

    EG started at volume 27, anything before that is not ours, thus no torrents.

    You can buy earlier volumes from Dark Horse @

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