Berserk 278

  » Posted August 11th, 2006 by psi29a

The wait is over for 278! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did translating.


So, we have another long wait ahead of us… so mark September 8th on your Calenders for 279. Also, as a heads up, we will have a big release of more manga later this weekend.

Update (2006.08.30) – Yes the torrent above will download what looks like chapter 277, but rest assured that the content is in fact 278. Note to self, do not release in the 3am in the morning. ๐Ÿ˜›

Also, if you follow links from other sites or from older posts on this site, please not that we release chapters in volumes so some of those links are dead (404). We don’t update the posts, but we do offer a nifty download widge on the right hand side that gives you a link to all of our releases.

With Darkhorse releases, we will pull the Prototype off the tracker as it is included in the volume release provided by Darkhorse. They provide the official translation blessed by Miura, so be a true fan and support DH and through DH, Miura.

79 Responses to “Berserk 278”

  1. titogod Says:

    SO mormel i found you.
    you made fun of me in gamespot cause i downloaded the scans and look at you here. You’re very sarcastic! like griffith

  2. KLAU$$ Says:

    man… i reread …and i found something…verry interesting ….
    in vol 22 Serpico’s storry iz similar with guts storry .
    The same thing hapens to Guts when he ran away as a kid whith an arow
    in his back and almost dies …He has the same choise to figh to live or to die wich is easyer…
    The point is that Serpico says “rvenge is a foolish thing that causes nothing but more revenge” i think this will play a major roll in Guts future ..Guts can learn a lot from this cold guy..
    If you read closely more the storyy resembles Guts storry in one way beacause he must chose when time comes …
    Like Serpico chose to burn his mother….
    In Guts case that could be Griffith or…Caska?
    I think that Caska is the only thing that binds Guts to the real world…thats why she is so important!
    I think that Caska is the only thing that will keep Guts human…like how SkullKnight sais if Guts can do this as a man (human) not like a crazy demon!

  3. KLAU$$ Says:

    cmon guys what do you think??’

  4. Alexander Says:

    Alright, I’m not sure whats happening with this. I finished downloading it and I’m about to unzip it. When I do, everything is from 277 (not 278). Uhm, any suggestions? And is this only happening to me lol?

  5. psi29a Says:

    It was a naming mistake, if you have read the original 277, you would know that what you have now is 278.

    Somethings just don’t turn out right in 4AM in the morning. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. KLAU$$ Says:

    Man!! at the end of 278 Guts opens his righ eye too???Or i am seeng dubble…:)?

  7. Etsp Says:

    Upon closer inspection… based on the shape of the eyebrow, and other subtle hints…I agree that that totally looks like his right eye…

  8. Hikarub Says:

    Aw, and I was looking forward to more Angel Heart. It’s an awesome manga and I really thank you for scanslating it!! Thank you very much!!


  9. KLAU$$ Says:

    what will hapen if caska regains her sanaty… what will guts do?
    i dont think that he will kill griffith in the end and that will be afful..
    i hope that he will kill griffith with that big sword of his…but not slise him not with the edge … but kill him like a fly that he become ….
    he become a bug that guts will squash…hhh (i dont think that i wrote that well..i f..t up my english whith this spanish…

  10. KLAU$$ Says:

    aaaaaaaaaa s..t i am going berserk heree draw faster…goddamit!! hhhh

  11. KLAU$$ Says:

    i ll buy twice the comic…if he draws faster!!
    for backup ofcorse ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. BlackDog Says:

    Awsome, am so glad i found this site! Thank you

  13. INSANE-DVP- Says:


  14. psi29a Says:

    @INSANE-DVP- Looks like some people can\’t be bothered to actually read the above comments or use basic deduction skills to realize that if you open the file up, regardless of its naming (our mistake, how many times do we have to type this?) 278 is exactly the content inside the file.

    Using all caps is the quickist way to be ignored on the Internet since 1986 with the invention of the IBM extended 101 keyboard.

    @andi: They are torrents, use a Bit-Torrent client to download. We do not offer direct downloads, and no we won\’t do it just for you. However, there is a nifty section in the forums where generous people around world offer DL links to the said rar files. -> look in the Interstice, you must sign up to get access.

  15. Eldo Says:

    Yeah, I put in chapter 277 in chapter 278 on purpose as a prank, you stupid dumb bastard. That’s what’s going on you prick. Don’t come screaming in caps and telling us you love our work, try to grow some brain cells.


  16. KLAU$$ Says:

    hhhhh evil guy!!!!

  17. KLAU$$ Says:

    common guys say something…those smart guys i love to “hear” them talk about berserk and shit ….. nobody ??? just waiting …..???
    its sad!!!!!!!!! man….
    i am looking on this site twice a day for a new post!!!!

  18. KLAU$$ Says:

    this site is awsome!!!! (i dont think that i spell that right!?)

  19. fin089 Says:

    thanx realy thanx EG Iร‚ยดm sooooo happy because in German there are only 30
    Berserk volumes out. you safed my days, weeks, month !!!

    Berserk is realy good now anybody anything about a second ANIME or new Movie or OV.

    please life long and do it long

    you are the best

  20. psi29a Says:

    Sept 8th is right around the corner guys. It’s gonna be a big one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. servela Says:

    uuuuw can’t waite :d:d

  22. Roqqau Says:

    I’ve been reading berserk for a couple of years. ever since after the anime ended and I thought, this ending sucks. Actually, I thought the whole anime sucked. Anyways, after awhile, I by some coincident found out that there was a manga… and it continued even after the anime ended. I downloaded volume 13 ( i think that’s where the anime ends) and after seeing what kind of a series this really was, I wanted more, like some kind of drug. I just had to get more. This is probably one of the best comics ever. I usually don’t like knights n stuff cuz all metalbands made it gay. But berserk is somehow different, with a lot of depth. Not to mention the drawings, was he born with a pencil? God damn it!!! Thanks for the great work n all that, keep it up. Since it’s not beeing released in my language (swedish that is) i feel free to use your site until it is. Peace out y’all

    Btw, anyone else thinks that the newest chapter is not as good as they used to be? I don’t know if i’s because before i used to sit a coupple of hours reding volumes and now it takes like 5mins to read a chapter and that might be spoiling the whole experience… and belive me, i tried to stop but… no luck, im badly hooked

  23. Hikarub Says:

    New releases on September 8th?! Any chance Angel Heart will be included in that update?


  24. GHenrik Says:

    To Roqqau

    The chapters are good, there is no change in its quality. But poor man cant draw any faster. Can you see how many lines and details berserk have? It is the most B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L manga I have seen. Would you change that for a chapter every week? Nooooooooo!

    As you said, I was hooked on manga a year ago and enjoyed everything I could find. For hours I used to read online manga and enjoyed it. I got used to my ping and clicked next before I was finished with the page so the page would respond. Now you can say that I’m past the most hours for hours reading, but I come every week or so to download the next chapters in the 6-7 mangas I read comes out. And I am sooo thankful to the translators, the scans, the editors, the proofreaders (must not forget them :D) and of course Kentaro Miura and the other authors of manga.

  25. Eldo Says:

    Note of course, that September 8th isn’t the definite might be a day late, but it will definitely be out. Of course, 8th of September points to the time zone in America, not anywhere else.

  26. derekgatsu Says:

    this is my favority site. for down the best BERSERK!thanks very much mans!!!!

  27. KLAU$$ Says:

    one more day…..

  28. standalonecomplex Says:

    Who’s the kid that stand on the beach? Is it the poor thing that Caska gave birth? Isn’t that guts baby? Maybe after the divine retribution chapter he is reborn? I dont think that kid is born to be evil, poor kid it just look like a monster, he always warn guts whenever Caska is in danger.

  29. kalifani6 Says:

    kunichiwa!U are the answer!,Good lookin out chief!U da man!(^_*)

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