Berserk 279, Angel Heart 71-77, Zetman 61-62, and Biomega 14

  » Posted September 9th, 2006 by psi29a

Here comes EG’s MegaRelease ™ so enjoy! We have Berserk, Angel Heart, Zetman and some yummy Biomega. Enough to keep ya happy through the weekend.


Remember, Direct Downloads can be found here in the forums, but only if you are a registered member. Hope you all have a great weekend!

47 Responses to “Berserk 279, Angel Heart 71-77, Zetman 61-62, and Biomega 14”

  1. Mad Johny Says:


  2. Mad Johny Says:

    Wow, am I going to be the first to read!!! Thats cool!!

  3. Theos Says:

    Damn …. Thats all i gotta say .. Damn thats gonna be one big ass massacre the old fashion way

  4. BACC Says:

    mnay many many thanks as always Evil and staff!

  5. Taru Says:

    Thanks again for another fantastic group of releases =D

  6. Tyler Says:

    It Begins! Thanks.

  7. Muddtoad Says:

    Oh hells yes, a release of Berserk and Biomega, SCORE! It makes getting the shit drained out of me at college all worth it!

  8. Stoil Says:

    thanks alot guys, keep the good work πŸ™‚

  9. Steve Says:

    this is the first time the next release date has said, “Till next time!”. That kind of scares me a little… you guys think that Miura is taking some time off? ;_;

    You guys rock btw! Thanks bunches!!!

  10. Rancid Says:

    U guys are cool, tnx a lot, the new year is coming early

  11. venice1732 Says:

    Berserk and Biomega ! Thaaaanks !!

  12. neelix Says:

    Big thanks. And when chapter 280??

  13. Lothirel Says:

    thx i couldn’t live without you guys scanlating manga!

  14. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Thanks again guys. We really appreciate your work. GO BERSERK !

  15. Syd Says:

    But “‘Til next time”? No date for the next chapter? Not even an educated guess? Hell, I’ll take any kind of guess.

  16. SAMfh Says:

    Thanks, you guys are awesome. Hopefully not another month before 280…

  17. Hikarub Says:

    Wowsers!! 7 chapters for Angel Heart?! Yes, it was well worth the wait!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  18. fin089 Says:

    mmhhh shit, sooo short this berserk chapter. cry cry

    thanx a lot to this fansub scanlations

  19. Fenrisulfr Says:

    I have the feeling the next episode is for December >:-(

  20. Selm Says:

    Oh wow, berserk 279. Thanks for the updates, even though psi deletes my comments =p

  21. psi29a Says:

    Not all of ’em, just the ones we didn’t like. πŸ˜€

  22. bent Says:

    thanks a lot, mates……

    berserk 4 life

  23. Giby Says:

    Nice update. I was hoping to see some NHK, but we can’t always get what we want πŸ™

    Keep it up, you guys kick ass. πŸ™‚

  24. standalonecomplex Says:

    Finally 279! Thx for all evil genius party for the hard work! And wow! The typo’s and typesetting is getting better and better! It feel’s more satisfying to read.

  25. Veli Says:

    thx alot^^ you got quite big fan base it seems^^

    keep up the good work

  26. Kround Says:

    Wow,right now im waiting for the NHK Too =D,Hope to see it,Thank You guys!

  27. layzeegrimm Says:

    Pahahahahahah, this release was huge. However, the NHK chapter is missing!! I will be waiting for that one… and I will consider that release a HYOOGE one πŸ™‚

  28. lfe Says:

    that is a lot of arrows


  29. fin089 Says:

    why is this berserk chapter so short??

    and why do this so long for this 10 sites?? well it´s cool story line up yeah but naruto or one piece there come all first or second week one chapter out

  30. Mayu Says:

    *prays for more NHK* I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

  31. SAMfh Says:

    Berserk does seem to have slowed down recently. I’ll go nuts if we have to wait another month for this inevitable, though cool, slaughter.

  32. altekterror Says:

    oh man that was good. berserk really just keeps on gettin better and better. if it wasnt for you guys i wouldnt be able to get my berserk fix. and for that, i feel i owe u guys greatly, plz plz neva stop your hard work. we all are so thankful for what youve done and hope it continues well into the future. thanks EG sooo much for the work.

  33. psi29a Says:

    Miura has given us no date. Sorry gang. We just don’t know when we will see another Berserk. Have to admit, it takes awhile to draw a 1000 individual people by hand.

  34. MonkWren Says:

    Damn! I’ve just spent the past two weeks watching the Berserk anime, then reading the manga, and now I’m all caught up! This is horrible, I’m so used to always having it there to watch/read, and now I have to wait! ARGH!

    Also: Berserk=teh awesome.

  35. MaG Says:

    Wow MonkWren im about 2 volumes behind and also worried i’ll feel your pain soon… (think i’ll slow down the reading a bit)

  36. xdata Says:

    Many thanks, keep up the good work

  37. Cower Says:

    Well Berserk is Good…
    But back to Biomega.
    I guess name of “original founder of MV” not Loew but Lev (another one Russian name. It’s origins lies in such great animal as Lion. Lev = Lion ^__^)

  38. FoxWar Says:

    Thx a lot for the scan Evil Genius!

    But you didnt say the next release date. Any update about it so far?

    Thx for the answer!

  39. Szecc Says:

    OMG biomega….

    GO biomega GO!

    I can’t wait for the next chapter

  40. Spokesman of Madness Says:

    Thanks EG for the hard work hopefully berserk won’t become as slow as Hellsing…*Prays for the next chapter soooooooon*

  41. Hisdon Says:

    Bah, no NHK =(.

    Is the new one even out yet in Japan?

  42. RedSamurai Says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx so much πŸ˜‰
    Berserk will always be a unique masterpiece, won’t it?
    Anybody has an idea about when the next chapter is coming out PLZ!!!

  43. arqaz Says:

    I just rearead when i get to the end of berserks its so long the begining is interesting by the time you get up to date

  44. Hideaki Says:

    I’m so glad i found this manga after the Berserk anime cut in the end like that w/o another season. Thanks a bunch Evil Genius.

  45. Etsp Says:

    you know, when it comes to drawing armies, I wouldnt mind if he used a computer and copy/pasted some of them… but then again, Miura is a genius so he probably has his own reasons… Probably to prevent Berserk from going the HxH way…

  46. vincent Says:

    anyway it’ s worth waiting for isn’ t it?
    i hope everyone agrees on that one!

    to the dreawings: of course it takes time to draw a thousand man army and all those fantastic details, but we shouldnt forget that miura is a pro who doesnt take too much time on drawing those as “normal peaple” would.

    but there are also other decisions to make like which drawing to take in the chapter..

    but mybe he really is just on vacation or has troubles with his wife or children (if he has any)

  47. Crimson Sans coeur Says:

    Please someone who can bring me the Berserk chapter 278, i just dont wanna wait for have this wonderfull serie. (

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