Breaction chapter 4 and Berserk chapter 261

  » Posted August 27th, 2005 by Eldo

The news was about one or two days ago, but it’s better late than never to report to you about the release of the long awaited chapters of both Breaction and Berserk, heh. Breaction is a joint project with Yakuza now, direct your gratitude to them as well for their hard work.

EDIT: Version 2 of Berserk chapter 261 has been released, fixes are made to the script for clarification. Thanks goes out to Wandering_Mystic for his translation work.

Click below for the BT links:

Berserk chapter 261 v2

Breaction chapter 4 (joint with Yakuza)

As usual, you can download it on IRC as well from our bot, the packlist is located here.

6 Responses to “Breaction chapter 4 and Berserk chapter 261”

  1. wanka Says:

    wow major diff in the ending from ver1 and ver2

  2. nihil Says:

    err.. now whats going on?? i read both versions of berserk c261 … and in the end there is two different situations..! now Farnese will go with Guts and the others, or stays in the castle?? you confused me …

  3. psi29a Says:

    Version 1 was from a FAKE translation that EG took from, because we don’t have a proper translator at the time and typically has spot-on translations. They however, don’t release scanslation, just the translation.

    The reason for the FAKE translation was apparently to cause consternation through the manga scanlating community and make Evil_Genius look like a tit.

    One of the forum regulars stepped up and notified us that the translation was way off base and offered to re-translate it. Thus Version 2 was born and released. Wondering_Mystic has offered to do the translations from here on in and is welcomed as full member of Evil_Genius.

    As for SK.Net, we had no idea that the translation was FAKE till members came in to our forums and told the truth in a rather back-handed manner. That is fine, however I would like to point out that I do not want Mindwerks.Net members going into other forums and bad-mouthing others especially not Hawks or The issue has been laid to rest, no more translations from, we do our own (*cough* higher quality *cough*) Berserk translation.

    I apologize to the community for this mess. I hope this helps un-confuse people. You all can read ‘teh dram4’ as it unfolded in the forums. We all move on and hopefully everyone benefits now.

  4. Jillian Says:

    I am interested in coloring some scans. See the website above for an example of my work from Trigun Maximum SPOILER WARNING! Someone from Evil Genius, please email me at if I can do some work for you.

  5. Jillian Says:

    the site’s

  6. Buzkashi Says:

    aye your pretty good. Why not register at the forums and ask there in the proper suggestion area. You’ll probably get a response real fast.

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