Update on the Berserk hiatus

  » Posted November 7th, 2013 by DrPepperPro

So you may have already heard, but for those who haven’t, there will be a six chapter short story by Miura, called Gigantomakhia (unrelated to Berserk). We will most likely translate it. Here are the release dates for the chapters, and then Berserk will return sometime after:

Nov 22, Dec 13, Dec 27, Jan 10, Jan 24, Feb 14.


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  1. Ophill Says:

    Sweet! Good to know that he’s working on something. I’m not surprised that he would want to work on other stories that he’s thought of. Looking forward to it all.

  2. magolodont Says:

    i really appreciate the hard work of the EG team to bring us these releases

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s funny looking at this website’s poll now, that the true answer was never included. 2014 it is, ho!

  4. Doomroar Says:

    Ah that sweet sweet poll XD, well is good to know that the guy is still alive.

  5. Core Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a mangaka piss me off so much… I’ve been reading Berserk since I was a kid, literally, I can’t believe how much this author pussy foots around. What pisses me off more is the fact I liked berserk so much… wish I could just forget about it and move on. Ugh..

    On that note I seriously expected to read something along the lines of ” So you may have already heard, but for those who haven’t, the artist has passed away” -Not a quote

  6. Harriet Says:

    The fact that he’s alive and well is a huge relief, and that he’s still writing is so good to hear.

    Personally while I am frustrated by how long everyone’s had to wait on Berserk, it’s good that Miura’s been able to have a break, and especially that he’s getting a chance to work on some other creative projects. He’s been working on Berserk for twenty four years now and he must have had a lot of other ideas over the course of that time that he wanted to work on. That said, I think everyone would have appreciated some kind of notice to say he was going on an extended break instead of the cryptic “’til next time!”

    Thank you so much E-G for offering to work on Gigantomachia, I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in.

  7. Stick1000 Says:

    Being a writer myself, taking time off and working on another project can mean good things. It allows thw writer to return to previous projects with a fresh and rested imagination and a new perspective. However, Muira is taking one hell of a long break.

  8. Mistyman Says:

    2Core Have you heard about a certain George Martin? His situation is remarkably similar to that of Miura, the main difference being that he is a public figure, shamelessly showing off the loss of interest and general disregard for the series and its fans that made him rich and famous. Not surprisingly, such attitudes spawned an active and ever growing hatedom.

  9. TheDoctor Says:

    I agree. Miura really deserves to take some time away from Berserk. The poor guy’s been breaking his back to give us a strong, steady flow of chapters for so many years now. I’m amazed he’s managed to go so long with no respite. Just plain superhuman is what it is. If I put that much effort into my job, I’m sure my boss would be very insistent that I take a long, long, long vacation. He’d probably even suggest I find another job, in hopes of inhibiting my workaholism.

    Really though, I stopped caring about his breaks a long time ago. Perhaps it’s a sign of dementia, but at this point I actually find them to be part of his charm.

  10. Gill Bates Says:

    Well at least there is plenty of Zetman to translate in the meantime.

  11. VS Says:

    Same here Core,I cant move and forget berserk.I want to know the end of the story even if I have to wait ten or twenty more years.

  12. Valja Says:

    Then, thanks for working on it! I’ve never read Berserk, so this short story could be my first steps towards Miura-sensei’s works… If you release it I’ll definitely give a look at it :)

  13. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    I’m with core on this one. A week is a break. A month is a really long break. A year? I don’t think so… Interesting to hear about George R. R. Martin’s situation though, he’s done great science fiction but I haven’t read his fantasy stuff. Well he is getting on in years I imagine.

  14. Mistyman Says:

    That, and he’s bitten off more than he could chew. For better or worse, it’s all but a certainty now that HBO will finish the story before him, which again is reminiscent of many anime adaptations receiving original finales for still running mangas. Now that the show is a worldwide hit, it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

  15. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Yeah I can think of quite a few anime falling into the category you describe. Like, Berserk? 😛 Sad thing is I probably will read Gigantomachia, although it would be pretty hilarious is Miura released 5 chapters and then went on “break” before releasing the sixth 😀

  16. Mistyman Says:

    Nah, Berserk TV was rather of “no ending” category, which is probably even more common than “original ending” one. Actually, back then I was so outraged about it that it left me no choice but to turn my attention to this quirky black’n’white “manga” stuff. Good times.
    Now that I think about it, Gigantomachia may have been drawn years ago, and kept as contingency plan exactly for a situation like the current one. Appeasing starved masses, as it were.

  17. Faulknen Says:

    I think in that case he would have thrown us that bone a bit earlier, and not after 11 freaking months…

  18. Wat Says:

    After all this time and having re-read Berserk several times, it really seems like everything post-Golden Age is just Miura spinning his wheels for impatient fans. All of the important story themes and rhetoric are explained and pretty much wrapped up by the end of the Eclipse. The Post-Eclipse Griffith stuff has been sort of interesting, but only in that essentially refers to themes already explored during the Eclipse.

    The recent films speak much more powerfully than the comic has for years, which is sort of surprising/refreshing/disappointing, on various scales.

  19. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    About the pool, it’s funny that at the time 2013 was partly considered as a joke regarding the time we’ll get to Elfheim but it looks like the joke’s on us… next option: omg wtf next century :))
    Really glad EG intends to translate this Gigantomachia, should be quite interesting.
    Cheers !

  20. Faulknen Says:

    Oooh, poll update!

  21. Andras Says:

    Guys i came from the future here the biggest spoil of berserk…
    THAT WILL NEVER END, Fuck you Muira, you have created the Masterpiece but a life will not be enough to finish it…

  22. Jeeb Says:

    “Andras Says:
    November 13th, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Guys i came from the future here the biggest spoil of berserk…
    THAT WILL NEVER END, Fuck you Muira, you have created the Masterpiece but a life will not be enough to finish it…”

    lol this.

    Maybe what Miura is really doing is training a new apprentice to take Berserk into the next generation.

  23. borabosna Says:

    Valja, do not start reading Berserk ever

  24. MadxShooter Says:

    well that what you expect from Miura always fooling around i hate that shit :( hope he just finish any fkn chapter for berserk im really tired

  25. snez Says:

    @borabosna: I wouldn’t go that far. Valja can always play it safe just waiting until the manga is done.

  26. Tynar Says:

    That was what got me from anime to manga too. Now I hardly watch anime, but still read lots of mangas. In order to fill the time between Berserk chapters, that is.

  27. nigga Says:

    Miura is like the anti-christ of mangakas

  28. smokeesid Says:

    atleat there is something he is gonna complete on a regular basis

  29. Valja Says:

    @snez: ahahah don’t worry, I’m used to hear the “don’t even start reading it” sentence regarding Berserk. All the people I know and who read it alwas tell me the same: it’s a masterpiece, but it’s an unbearable pain having to wait forever for a new volume. Almost all of them decided to give up the read.

  30. Mistyman Says:

    @Tynar Yep, same here. Probably it’s because I’m no longer in the target audience, but these days only a couple shows a year will catch my attention. Anyway, true enjoyment for me is book reading, nothing really have come close to beating this medium yet :)

  31. tug Says:

    Gigantomachia ha? Sounds like Miura found some inspiration in reading some heavy weight Greek Mythology in the last couple of years… Very promising news 😛

  32. hurr Says:

    RAWs are out already, looks pretty good.

  33. WiseWolf Says:

    I for one will be boycotting Gigantomachia until he finally reaches that elf island, its ridiculous that the last chapter he released was like a year ago when you see other manga writers release a chapter per week like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. Sure the story for those mangas isnt as good as Berserk but lately it seems like the few chapters that he does release are all just filler to pass the time and delay the arrival at the elf island even longer.

    I purchased the physical mangas since they got a reprinting in November of 2013 to show my support for Berserk, hopefully Miura stops jerking us around for another year. I fear that I may die of old age before Berserk comes to a conclusion at the rate that its going and im not even 30 yet.

  34. @WiseWolf Says:

    I would be doing the exact opposite. I never bought any Berserk volumes or dvds so now I feel this is my opportunity to give something back.

  35. marsbar Says:

    Anyone has a clue where you could order Gigantomachia internationally? The only clue I have is that it’s spelled ギガントマキア in Japanese :(

  36. Henrik Says:

    I can understand after so many years he’d be burned out of Berserk and want to do something different. I mean how many truly creative people would want their whole careers to be known for ONE project? That would kind of depress me.

    Having said that, I truly think that his attitude has done as much damage as anything else.. We wouldn’t care AS much about all the waits and stuff if he learned to be more communicative with his audience. I pretty much know people like him though so I also know we stand a better chance of seeing our real life earth merge with fantasia before we see that.

    Good on him for trying something new though, while he actually can.

  37. Core Says:

    @WiseWolf See, that’s exactly it.. just like you said.

  38. ChiefGaines Says:


  39. smokeesid Says:

    Where the heck are raws?????????

    Someone said he has seen them

  40. lonku Says:

    the raws are here http://helade.tumblr.com/post/67640795321/gigantomakia-raw-is-out

  41. Phao Says:

    chapter 1 raw: http://imgur.com/a/Cgjgs/layout/blog

  42. Casey M. Says:

    I’m just glad Miura will be coming back to work on Berserk. I wasn’t so pissed off at the lack of Berserk chapters as I was at the lack of information on whether or not he had just dropped it or something. I don’t like that kind of uncertainty when a series as good as Berserk deserves to be finished.

    His break was well deserved, don’t get me wrong, and I look forward to his other works, but I am hoping he will prioritize finishing Berserk before getting distracted by other projects.

  43. GrayMoon Says:

    I’m not sure whether I should be happy, relieved or angry. Happy Miura’s still alive and kicking, relieved we’ll get some more Berserk chapters eventually, pissed that ‘eventually’ isn’t until February (assuming they won’t delay). There’s a limit to taking ‘a break’. Seriously! And while I’m happy he’ll be able to let out some of his creativity through another project, and I’ll definitely read it, it’s getting less likely he’ll ever finish Berserk by the day. And that sucks in more ways than I’ve got words for it.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Are they still on Namek?

  45. @44 Says:

    Well said.

  46. Puck Says:

    So, are you guys working on it?
    When should it come out?

  47. Bleachigo Says:

    EG will u scan this?

  48. AntKiller Says:

    Namek will explode soon… Or not, who knows…

  49. Bruno Says:

    At least we have a date!

  50. DrPepperPro Says:

    Yes it will be released in the next couple of days. Sorry for the delay.

  51. Bleachigo Says:

    Ok Thx 😀

  52. Dumber Says:

    Great news, tnx

  53. choco Says:

    hopefully this series will give us some insight on the upcoming berserk volume.

  54. jnkj Says:

    Soooooooo Zetman tho…..what happened EG?

  55. jnkj Says:

    like there are great scans of Zetman raws out. They’ve been out for a while. If you guys are unable to do the project pass it on.

  56. smokeesid Says:

    @jnkj It’s not about passing on, it is about picking up. As of now, no other group is picking it up and EG are the lone ones showing generosity

    And thanks for the raws. By the look of the first page it seems like we have one more series to cherish for it’s unmatched artwork and portrayal

  57. captaingaines Says:

    zetman zetman zetman

  58. blahblah Says:

    Miura! You shitbag!

  59. Demonic Says:

    Lol nice up date for the poll but sad that everyone voted for 2015, y do u keep doing this to us u bastard Miura

  60. ssjkakaroto Says:

    Thanks E-G for this!

    It’s funny people saying that Miura is “tired” of Berserk after all these years, but forget that after ALL these years there aren’t even 400 chapters. I’d guess that over 10 years, since 1989, Miura was on a break from Berserk. The only other mangaka I’ve seen taking such long breaks was Togashi Yoshihiro with Hunter x Hunter.
    Like others have said, I can’t let Berserk go, I really want to know how this story ends and I hope he doesn’t die before that.

  61. Joey1013 Says:

    Berserk will never be Completed, Miura already ill and took 30 years and not even at 40 manga yet. He is lazy, get help. Other manga writers put out 2 to 3 light novels a year. He can’t put out complete manga a year.

  62. Ehhh Says:

    He gonna die and Berserk also. -.-

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