Berserk Chapter 270

  » Posted March 11th, 2006 by Eldo

At last, Berserk chapter 270 is out! Grab it from the Bittorent while it’s hot.


I am saddened to say that despite the last post regarding the optimism of new translators onboard and the prospect of new chapters, we have to face the cruel and hard truth of reality where their real life commitments has rendered them too busy to translate. It seems like translators come and go in the same way as my income.

So, we still need those translators, more than ever now. If you’re interested, please send me (Eldo) a PM on the forums or on IRC, if you manage to catch me there. As always, your help is very much appreciated by many of us including the hordes of people who download our releases.

Hope you enjoy this chapter, next chapter would be out on the 24th of March, please don’t ask about release dates. We’ll be here waiting beside you for the next chapter, stay tuned for more news and developments, possibly drama elements, gasp! Not to let the bunny out of the hat, but Zetman and other manga titles are going to be released in a couple of days, when I’m relatively sombre enough.

17 Responses to “Berserk Chapter 270”

  1. SAMfh Says:

    Thanks again guys. You rock.

  2. Cew Says:

    You guys are the best!!! Thx so much…

  3. Mäxchen Says:

    hm, will there be a bossfight soon? I think its about time for Guts to finish some of his enemys for real! come to think of it, long time ago that Guts realy Killed a strong one…

  4. Morphine Says:

    Nice job guys, Thxs

  5. PsiLocKe Says:

    muchos gracias amigos! sorry to hear about the translators, that’s a bitch. if i knew how i would help in a second 🙁 anyways i hope you guys can keep doing the awesome job you have been doing! thanks again for all the hard work 🙂

  6. KuroiKenshi Says:

    thanx as always for the translations, and the scans…..great job guys

  7. Djeo Says:

    Thank you sooo much. Sorry about the translators.

  8. altek Says:

    thanx guys for the berserk fix. i feel so much better now that something is being kill by a massive sword. eheh oowww yeah

  9. LukK Says:

    I’m enjoying a lot ur job guys!! Grazie 1000!!!

  10. Asuras Says:

    Damn these releases rox!
    Thx peepsorz.

  11. Jaguar Says:

    Thank so much guys for the hard work. You know all us berserk fans worship you for taking the time and dedication to suppy us with this fantastic series. Sorry to see translators running away from home…see I know I should have taken jpn in college and not french.. LoL Keep the good work guys and best of luck finding some lovely new translators!

  12. Cellar Says:

    thx guys!! you make me feel a lot better now.

  13. Curse Says:

    thanks for the wonderful release

  14. Le blog de Math » Blog Archive » Encore des mangas Says:

    […] Berserk chapitre 270 : [Evil Genius][Manga En][Berserk]v31c270.rar […]

  15. vangelis Says:

    you ppl are doing a great job and you really can’t imagine how many others are thankful for that. Downloads can’t measure the berserk fans outhere!
    Thanks again!

  16. Lyra Says:

    Thanx guys, keep doing this wonderful job! 🙂

  17. Mic Says:

    thank you guys for your work… I really apreciate being able to read this tremendous manga and its all thanks to you! you’re my heroes 😀

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