Angel Heart 200

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  1. colonywars Says:

    WoW ! Thank You! And it took shorter than year πŸ™‚ No news about Miura?

  2. Ninos Says:

    Thx for the release!

    Looking foward to more EG πŸ™‚

  3. Deezel Says:


  4. Casey M. Says:

    Thank you so much!

    And if God has any mercy at all, he will motivate Miura to continue Berserk.

  5. matt Says:

    My god i almost gave up on this!! thank god you guys are doing it! hopefully you guys release it more than once a year

  6. Nothere Says:

    As long as miura doesn’t die before finishing berserk properly, I don’t care. We can all check back 10 years later to reread it all in one big go.

  7. Hikarub Says:

    Thanks for the release!

  8. Faulknen Says:

    @Nothere – What, the whole 3 chapters he’ll probably post in those 10 years? (If we’re lucky, that is)

  9. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    I’m currently reading a pretty bizzare manga called 14. About 60 or 70 chapters in, it refers to someone being the greatest mangaka in the world, because he’s 180 years old and still working on the same series. Reminds me of someone πŸ˜‰

  10. boar Says:

    And thanks again.

  11. TrollTanker Says:

    Thanks a ton !

    Berserk taught me patience over all those years :p I think it will be my first and last manga to read !

  12. Genkaku Says:

    I wonder if you could translate the volumes 5 and 6 of the manga “Yume Tsukai”.

  13. yang Says:

    yes! YES! YES! thank you evil geniuses! i found out about this series a few months ago and it quickly became my favorite for some reason. i was really expecting to never see another update due to how long it had been, so thank y’all!

  14. retter Says:

    You really should finally update that opinion poll, guys. Just sayin’

  15. ChiefGaines Says:


  16. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    I just realized the opinion pool is approximately 2 years old… When is it it’s birthday ? :))

  17. Mr.America Says:

    Soon he breaks the one year limit… yay.

  18. jumpin-ja-ho-za-fart Says:

    OMG….that opinion poll is the funniest thing ive seen…its living in the past!!!!! Hahaha…lemme give a few new options..
    B)when bacon becomes the new standard for currency
    C)when christopher reeves reprises his role as superman
    D)when world peace is achieved
    E)wait, what the heck is a “elfhelm” again? I forgot.

  19. Guts Says:

    Damn, Ive been away for at least 8 months expecting one or two new chapters of Berserk and there are still none? Wow thats gotta be a record.

  20. Mistyman Says:

    Yep it’s already more than twice the duration of the previous longest break. And that poll is very indicative as well, even when it just appeared I had serious doubts about 2013 being the elfhelm deadline. Needless to say, I’m very pleased that my apprehension turned to be right /sarcasm

  21. Henrik Says:

    It’s just as well, Berserk went to shit years ago, the moment it became Miura’s fantasy wet dream. I say this as a former hardcore fan. Much better mangas out there, which, you know, actually finish and stuff. Sad truth.

  22. Mistyman Says:

    The problem is that it went to shit after being extremely good, so there’s always that delusive hope that things may yet get better… foolish and naive as it may be.

  23. voivode Says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to claim Berserk was shit for ages. Berserk becoming mediocre or even bad was a gradual process but I think it became apparent either after the Fantasia Arc started or when the current version of Guts’ party was established. As if one comic relief that has a habit of destroying the 4th wall wasn’t enough.

  24. Henrik Says:

    Yeah, but oh well.

  25. smokeesid Says:

    I don’t think it has become mediocre, rather different style of portrayal for different arcs

  26. Valja Says:

    Every time I wonder if I should start reading Berserk, your comments are enough to make me give up D:
    So I’m patiently waiting for Zet instead. Vol 17 was… woaaah *__*

  27. Rancid Says:


    I don’t agree, there is no such thing as ”mediocre” with berserk. It set a high standard, and as manga progresses it has to be measured to that particular standard. That being said, Berserk sucks big time, in my opinion 27th or 28th volume was the turning point. All down hill since then πŸ™

  28. Fan Says:

    So now Miura is working hard to make another turn uphill and get Berserk to the top again πŸ™‚ Just wait a decade or two and see how his grandson finishes this adventure πŸ™‚

  29. kentarou Says:

    stop moaning boys, he s back!!!

  30. Eldir Says:

    So we will wait another +6 months for Berserk?!

  31. Knull Skight Says:

    Well, there’s what Miura’s been doing all this time…

  32. hurr Says:

    I am sure some of you already know, but Miura returns:

    Will you translate this as well?

  33. Mistyman Says:

    Funny thing, it looks like Miura was actually working on something unrelated to Berserk: I’m curious, are EG goint to scanlate it?

  34. heronz Says:

    at least he didnt pass away. BUT…if berzerk is coming back AFTER this mini-series at his current pace, Japan may already be under water from climate change. πŸ™

  35. annarek Says:

    at least we now know it’s not abandoned or anything. now i got my hopes that by the end of 2016 Guts will be arriving at elfheim (or elfhell!!! πŸ˜› )

  36. Dean Says:

    Thanks for posting this update. I come to you for my berserk news haha. look forward to this short story. sounds like it could be epic

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