Update on the Berserk hiatus

  » Posted November 7th, 2013 by DrPepperPro

So you may have already heard, but for those who haven’t, there will be a six chapter short story by Miura, called Gigantomakhia (unrelated to Berserk). We will most likely translate it. Here are the release dates for the chapters, and then Berserk will return sometime after:

Nov 22, Dec 13, Dec 27, Jan 10, Jan 24, Feb 14.


62 Responses to “Update on the Berserk hiatus”

  1. Bleachigo Says:

    Ok Thx 😀

  2. Dumber Says:

    Great news, tnx

  3. choco Says:

    hopefully this series will give us some insight on the upcoming berserk volume.

  4. jnkj Says:

    Soooooooo Zetman tho…..what happened EG?

  5. jnkj Says:

    like there are great scans of Zetman raws out. They’ve been out for a while. If you guys are unable to do the project pass it on.

  6. smokeesid Says:

    @jnkj It’s not about passing on, it is about picking up. As of now, no other group is picking it up and EG are the lone ones showing generosity

    And thanks for the raws. By the look of the first page it seems like we have one more series to cherish for it’s unmatched artwork and portrayal

  7. captaingaines Says:

    zetman zetman zetman

  8. blahblah Says:

    Miura! You shitbag!

  9. Demonic Says:

    Lol nice up date for the poll but sad that everyone voted for 2015, y do u keep doing this to us u bastard Miura

  10. ssjkakaroto Says:

    Thanks E-G for this!

    It’s funny people saying that Miura is “tired” of Berserk after all these years, but forget that after ALL these years there aren’t even 400 chapters. I’d guess that over 10 years, since 1989, Miura was on a break from Berserk. The only other mangaka I’ve seen taking such long breaks was Togashi Yoshihiro with Hunter x Hunter.
    Like others have said, I can’t let Berserk go, I really want to know how this story ends and I hope he doesn’t die before that.

  11. Joey1013 Says:

    Berserk will never be Completed, Miura already ill and took 30 years and not even at 40 manga yet. He is lazy, get help. Other manga writers put out 2 to 3 light novels a year. He can’t put out complete manga a year.

  12. Ehhh Says:

    He gonna die and Berserk also. -.-

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