Angel Heart, Breaction, Zetman releases!

  » Posted February 3rd, 2008 by Eldo

You heard right, releases are here!


So yeah, I kept my promise of having at least 5 releases. We could have more, but I got lazy. We’ll have them ready for the next release batch. Hope you enjoy them. Still, no Berserk, so don’t ask. I heard from a little elf that, for the next chapter to appear, each person must buy a 100 copies of the volumes. So, uh, get cracking. It’s all up to you now.

EDIT: Because some people didn’t get it, my remark about people buying 100 copies of the volumes…was a joke. As in, an amusing and supposed witty device to provoke laughter. It doesn’t seem it was that funny to some people, who took it seriously and thought it was Miura’s word. Heh, no, that was all me. I thought a demand of this ludicrous nature was obviously a joke and people would get it. What Miura really wants is to you to save the Nigerian princess by giving all your bank account details so she could transfer billions of dollars into your account and run away together so no one would know of your secret love. Now, if you don’t get if that is a joke or not, I give up (and just in case everyone is that dense, no, Miura did not say anything of that sort, and no, don’t give your bank account details to this ‘Nigerian princess’. I’ll spell out what is a joke next time).

126 Responses to “Angel Heart, Breaction, Zetman releases!”

  1. Zetman_Jin Says:

    Hey ELdo, can you upp the raw of Zetman volume 8?

  2. Eldo Says:

    Zetman Jin, to answer your question, no. I don’t see the point of uploading 154 megs of unoptimised image files which would take me around over 2 hours to upload. It’s primarily for our own use anyway. I don’t think I gave credit enough to uncempt and miyagiCE. Many thanks to uncempt who purchased Zetman volume 8 in Japan, and miyagiCE for scanning each page, which proved to be a dubious task. In fact, special mentions would be made about their work in the next blog entry. I forgot about it and went for the short version and the little crap joke.

  3. InterRage Says:

    dont sell yourself short, it was an awesome crap joke. 🙂

  4. Thana Says:

    Yup, someone actually fell for it 😀

  5. The King Says:

    The prince, just stop adding to the fire. Why are people making a big deal about what axe had to say? who cares? you all should have just let it go instead of turning it into chaos. He made you all look like fools so shut it.

  6. Aegir Says:

    Hello people…
    I need to find the first chapters of Zetman => V01ch01-05. The links on toriyama’s world doesn’t work anymore!

    Thanks a lot for the info and for the job here ^_^

  7. Eldo Says:

    The King, oh yeah, you’re right, he made us all look like fools, so…wait, what? Uh, how? You came over to EG just to tell people to shut up? What are you, his father? Sorry, but the only person who can tell anyone to shut up is well, psi and myself, and other group members. So, thank you for your unheeded input on a topic that has settled two days ago, random poster on the Internet. Talk about adding to the fire on a settled topic, pretty ironic, don’t you think?

    Aegir, we did not work on the first couple of chapters of Zetman, but unfortunately for you, I can’t give any links in the fear they might be shut down by THE MAN. Here’s a tip: try Google, or IRC.

  8. KireruX Says:

    Thanks EG, I actually don’t read other releases but berserk, now I will since I finished fairy tale, Thanks for the aWesome work. I can’t believe some ppl didn’t get the joke about the 100 copies, I’m over reading the posts and I’ve seen someones very funny.
    Hope you can get over your diferences.
    Best of Luck.

    An Argentinian with bad English.

  9. Johnathan Says:

    Good deal. Thank you EG for the chapters. 😀

  10. ReggieNoble420 Says:

    Shit I just heard that the new Berserk chapters will be out on Feb. 22. I hope it ain’t bullshit man.

  11. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    can’t wait :D:D:D

  12. Yeror Says:

    oh crap, i have to go buy some manga! ill never get new berserk unless i dont! HA HA! the edit is even more funny, oh man. sorry i havent been on the site in a while. man thats good

  13. klauss Says:

    Man if he’s dropping Berserk manga i willpersonally se that he finish his worck! I will kidnap him and force him to draw faster his manga BUhahahahahahaha >:)

  14. Thana Says:

    While doing that… I have some suggestions about the plot. Hammer them into him, would you? <3

  15. Axemurder Says:

    my birthday is on 22 of febrero so thnx miura to this gift, i hope, and you guys need to start buyn the berserk volumes in your local store so miura feel motivated and finish the dam story, i cant wait any longer

  16. Igor Says:

    The Edit part made me laugh. 🙂
    ‘Nigerian princess’ LOL

    Keep the good work, can’t wait for Berserk. ^^

  17. your name here Says:

    say, why there’s no ‘forever’ option in the poll? pretty much more damn plausible

  18. The Prince Says:

    Hmmm…’forever’… in this Friday?

  19. Good Imbecile Says:

    Hehe, nice poll there E.G. seems like a one-thousend people
    are highly pesimistic.

  20. Death&Rebirth Says:


    Berserk chapter is released in Japan this friday the 22nd, so you’ll have to wait until eldo and the guys get a decent raw, clean and translate.

    I hope no one is to jumpy and starts hammering the guys with “Why?” and “When?” on this day…

  21. Thana Says:

    “I hope no one is to jumpy and starts hammering the guys with “Why?” and “When?” on this day…”

    Gnaaa… Do you really expect all people to be that smart? Remember: People like BlackAccess aka Rudy are looking at this site. My hope is that these guys go for the fast but crappy scanlation of Frankyhouse…

  22. DeMs Says:

    The part of people “hammering” is now part of the cycle -_-
    If I was to be rude, I’ll just hammer these guys into “you make me not want to check the posts and give up on trying to type stuff with another guy who’s got fluffy crazy supositions on the Berserk plot”
    Phew I feel better now 🙂

  23. Death&Rebirth Says:


    Don’t mention fluffy crazy suppositions. It brings back to memory the set of images of Berserk plushies…

  24. BigBonk Says:

    Berserk 293 preview out on younganimal ^^

  25. DeMs Says:


    I rather speak of evil fake tender bunnies trying hard to take over Femto’s plans to have his kingdom that will make a partial alliance with Gatsu than tickling my mind with theories even less likely to happen than evil bunnies about Miura’s lifespan that seems mysteriously short (because so many are hooked to his Berserk project ^^) and that he died because he tripped on his photo cam and landed as a faceplant on a pencil that just went through his eye and brain, not to count the cranium that just cracked on the brutal landing >:)

    THAT would make me shiver 😛

  26. Death&Rebirth Says:

    No contest
    You win

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