Angel Heart 67-70, Berserk 277, NHK 25, Zetman 56-60

  » Posted July 29th, 2006 by Eldo

The chapters are here fresh from the oven! I would like to thank the crew for making the deadline, although some did not quite make it, their efforts are very much appreciated.

Without further ado, here are the chapters:


Biomega was going to be included in these releases, but unfortunately, due to time restraints and real life stuff, it will be delayed either till tomorrow or released sometime next week. I thought I might make a special mention that this chapter of Berserk totally rocks. Read it and see.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to give you a status report on our other projects.

Breaction, I have them ready and yes, we are still continuing them. I plan to release them for Christmas, or some sort of special event like a group member’s birthday. Has to be a special occasion. Unfortunately, we only have raws up to chapter 8. The other chapters are in the past Ultra Jump issues, and did not make it into volume form as volume 2. We have no way of obtaining the Ultra Jump issues, so we are asking scanners out there who have those issues or are able to purchase them to contact me via PM on the forums or on my email

Full Metal Alchemist, I know we released this earlier on this year, but the official word is that we’ve dropped it.

mx0, I know we did mp0, but we have no interest in this series that we will divert our already scarce resources onto it. Unless a translator and editor pops up simulataneously and is interested in this series, We’ll do it.

Those three are the only ones that come to mind, and the rest of our past projects we’ve dropped already.

We would like to start new projects and series, but we lack the proper resources to do so. If you are interested in joining the group with translating Japanese to English, please inform me via PM in the forums or my email address. We would very much appreciate the help.


25 Responses to “Angel Heart 67-70, Berserk 277, NHK 25, Zetman 56-60”

  1. seishi Says:

    a great berserk chapter \o/
    no doubt about this XD

  2. Bulgai Says:

    thanks for a great berserk release, it rocks! 🙂

  3. layzeegrimm Says:

    Everyone seems to like the Berserk chapter, but I am here for the NHK chapter. Thanks guys!!!!!!

  4. SAMfh Says:

    Thanks guys.

  5. Asuras Says:

    Damn guys, this chapter is the shit, and so is your release!
    Cheers from france!

  6. Tronos Says:

    w00t! Berserk goodness for me! *Dance* Thanks for the release guys, I don’t know what i’d do without my Berserk fix *cries* Keep up the good work please ^_^

  7. Lothirel Says:

    thx guys for your work

  8. servela Says:

    whoehoeeee berserk

  9. Andre Says:

    More Berserk, Angel Heart and NHK = Me ^_^

    Thanks to all of you that make rading these mangas possible. Keep up with the good work and once again; big TAHNKS. (^__^)

  10. Slennox Says:

    Yay! More NHK 😉

    Thank you, dudes! Much appreciated.

  11. Curse Says:

    THANKY YOU!!! seriously, thank you very much 🙂

  12. Shadow8 Says:

    Thank for the chapter 277

  13. mario Says:

    nice font, nice chapther! thanks

  14. The reader Says:

    Berserk was cool. BUT ZETMAN WAS BETTER!!! A great job! Can’t wait until the next release :p

  15. Akumu Says:

    Ive been waiting for this chapter forever, it was awesome, i cant wait for the next chapter.

    I love your work.

  16. almabar Says:

    That was an awesome Berserk chapter. OMG!!

  17. neelix Says:

    THX for Berserk! Good work.

  18. Harkan Says:

    nice chapter, makes me wana see the futre chapter where they show why Zod became an apostle. He is so calm, the others would rip of the head of anyone they see but he is diferent.Hope he draws a chapter about it.

  19. olimo Says:

    good job guys ths chapter was awesome ! cant wait for the 278

  20. Etsp Says:

    About this berserk chapter… I was listening to my music library all shuffled up, and as I go to read this latest release, Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” starts playing…I would highly recommend the experience =D

  21. efilflah Says:

    Thanks alot guys, I feel like a crack addict waiting for his next fix, shakey fingers, sweating….argh!

    ZODD…..can’t wait.

  22. Akumu Says:

    Harkan: I dont think Zodd would ever become an apostle, he seems like the kind of guy who cant stand to have someone tell him what to do, or even suggest it… He prefers to be free and do whatever the damn he wants.

  23. Bozabaksuz Says:

    Please help. I had a problem with my internet connection for about a month now and I didn’t get my copy of BERSERK chapter 276 and the link on yhis site doesnt work. fix the link or somebody pleeeease send me the chapter via e-mail: or send me a link where I could get it. THNX

  24. psi29a Says:

    @Santiago: the torrent no longer exists, it has been repacked into a volume.

    Please use our tracker. No we will not update our posts.

    What you want is in here:

  25. andi Says:

    hi every body.I just found this site,and i guess it’s one of best in question:can someone tell me how to download those manga goodies?every time i try to dl,the output is not a .RAR extensio file,can’t open it guys.Thx 4 helping..

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