Batch o’ releases, including Berserk chapter 269 release

  » Posted February 11th, 2006 by Eldo

Well, just want to tell you all that I decided to stop being sloppy and release the chapters from our other projects. These include: Berserk chapter 269, NHK chapter 19, a HQ volume scans of NHK volume 3, and Zetman chapters 45 and 46. The torrents for these files are as below:

Check out the torrents in the BT website,

Thank you all for being so patient. We at EG hope you enjoy our releases.

This releases are also obtainable from our IRC channel, #[Evil_Genius] @
Just for your information, the Berserk chapter 270 will be released in Young Animal at the 10th of March, so hopefully there should be a release within a couple of days from that date.

20 Responses to “Batch o’ releases, including Berserk chapter 269 release”

  1. Berserker Says:

    Thanks guys, this stuff is really worth the wait!

  2. Mistake Says:

    Hey guys, you rock. Exellent job!

  3. SAMfh Says:

    Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

  4. porter Says:

    Great job u guys…it’s getting more exciting and ur efforts are appreciated

  5. Morphine Says:

    Awesome job guys, keep it up.

  6. FakeLord Says:

    my prayers have been answered..Thx guys!!

  7. yay Says:

    yay!!! NHK!!! yay!!!!
    got a q though, y is miura’s release irregular? laziness? cuz it sucks waitin 3 weeks for the next berserk chapter (n00b question i realize)

    thanks for the work……MORE NHK PLZ!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Solore Says:

    Yay more nhk, thanks for the hardwork and translations =)

  9. Yohann Says:

    What you call sloppiness, I’d call it managing the suspense and the pressure. Thank you anyway for releasing NHK ni Yokoso, which is the most interesting manga I’ve ever read!!! It’s really my favourite one, and believe me, I have a broad range of tastes… Keep going Evil scanlators…

  10. nysaken Says:

    great job. Thanks^1000 for the new chapter of Berserk

  11. Jared Says:

    Thought you guys gave up on NHK. Good to see a new release. It is one of my most favorite things out there and really appreciate you guys putting it in a language I can understand. Thanks!

  12. Tetsuo Says:

    im always waiting for the next berserk release, and you guys never let us down with the translation. good work.

  13. Andy Says:

    thank you for NHK!

  14. Ivan Says:

    Thanks for the translations of Zetman and his publication!!.
    Thanks a lot from Colombia. (Colombia, not Columbia).

    PD: Some links in this website dont work but in

  15. psi29a Says:

    Ivan: we know, that is why we posted about it in our last post. All the links on the right hand side work, however, if you dig around in older posts those links may not work because we have combined our old releases.

    This makes for larger torrents which makes it easier to seed for us and easier to download (trust us on this) for you. Mininova has it’s share of broken links.

  16. le sanglant Says:

    hello i’m a french reader ! i appreciate your job and i hope you believe that you make me happy with your work…. THANK YOU!!! (excuse me for language mistake , i work my english with berserk too) bye! 🙂

  17. Ivan Says:

    Dont worry men!!; but please make the translation of All Zetman’s Mangas, i already have the Vol 4 and 5 but i want them in English (or in spanish xP)

  18. Ivan Says:

    Anothe thing: The font is too dark and i can read it good.
    PD: Like always, sorry for my english

  19. sam Says:

    Kudos for doing such a time consuming job and supplying for the rest of us this cool art! big thanx!

  20. SolRahlX Says:

    I just want to state something here. I’ve seen alot of people around the net complaining as to why Berserk chapters aren’t released as quickly as Naruto or Bleach chapters.

    Want to know why?

    Look at the artwork in a Naruto or Bleach comic then look at the artwork in a Berserk comic. There’s your answer.

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