Berserk 373

  » Posted May 29th, 2023 by LordMune

Dark Horse please simulpub Berserk.

Polished the script a tiny bit for the torrent release this time as well, hence the delay. Online reader has also been updated.

Please support Mori Kouji and Studio Gaga in upholding Miura’s legacy! Buy the licensed volumes, and consider purchasing current issues of Young Animal directly; either physically from or digitally from Hakusensha.

373 – Rusted Iron Bands Unable To Push On
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7 Responses to “Berserk 373”

  1. solidusdlw Says:

    Excellent chapter! Thank you for the release, as always!

  2. bunch Says:

    Thanks a bunch.

  3. Daichii Says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter!

  4. James Says:

    Thanks for continuing the series! I like to pretend he is still with us and honestly at least speaking for myself the team who’s taken over is doing a great job. There’ll be haters, but damn I’m loving that we get more Berserk!

  5. Astroboy Says:

    Thank you for your great effort! The team sure takes after Miura’s habits though … =]

  6. NthDgree Says:

    Thanks again, team! Thank you for keeping the dream alive.

  7. Annarek Says:

    well now it feels like a proper Miura release! i guess they wanted to uplift the quality or maybe it is a hard chapter.

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