Berserk 371

  » Posted December 8th, 2022 by LordMune

It’s Berserk o’clock in Japan, and he can’t keep getting away with this.

Bye-bye, all of ELF ISLAND CHAPTER.

To be continued.

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371 – A Dying Light in the Oppressive Dark Night
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9 Responses to “Berserk 371”

  1. RK Says:


  2. alix Says:

    thanks kindly for the amazing chapter … i sinserly hope the team can maintain a monthly release date!

  3. Hache&fer Says:

    Download doesn’t work 🙁

  4. PhillipRT Says:

    didn’t know it was back!!!!

    just binge reading the new series that I thought I’ll never read.

    Saddest part for me was Isma disappearing :(… hopefully she will comeback somehow.

    looking forward (with a heavy heart) to reading the series again 🙂

    thank you EG;)

  5. JonO Says:

    Thanks EG for all your hard work. Sad times ahead for our pals. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  6. Gwz Says:

    It’s back?! And it good?!?!

  7. Emevoli Says:

    Maybe it’s just me but wish our old man Guts would already get some slack. He suffered enough :[

  8. TheParagon Says:

    In a way the post Miura chapters feel more genuine when there are mini hiatuses

  9. DeSpawn Says:

    Oh the happy ness when I learned new chapters dropped last year.

    I am hopeful that the series continues in honor of its creator!

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