Berserk 372 — v2 torrent

  » Posted May 1st, 2023 by LordMune

The belated torrent, slightly updated from the version on mangadex.

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372 – The Red Raven Sleeps in the Birdcage
[Evil_Genius] (version 2):
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7 Responses to “Berserk 372 — v2 torrent”

  1. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Welp, it’s official, Berserk is dead.

  2. sharingan Says:

    berserk is not dead lol

  3. Loop Says:

    Great chapter ! Love it !
    Can’t wait to see what comes next !

  4. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Matter of opinion i guess, Miura sadly certainly is.

  5. sussy Says:

    better than all the last ones, still it will never be the same and it kinda hurts to read and see what it could’ve been so clearly.
    I just hope the artists don’t get rushed to finish

  6. Phil Sheldon Says:

    373 already dropped, makes even less sense. So sad what has become of Berserk, specially what happened to Magnifico’s face in this chapter

  7. Daichii Says:

    It hurts to read, but because Guts is broken.. not because of the artwork. We are in an interlude just like in the eclipse, Guts’s way of the sword.. his perseverance and resilience are being tested.. and all of them are not enough to protect the people he loves so of course he breaks down. But now he has to stand up again and become even stronger. I hope the artwork is the same as Guts, although I could keep on reading this story even as a novel, let’s give them a chance to grow. Miura improved with time too. Keep on struggling!

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