Berserk #345 v2, and the beginning of collaboration

  » Posted July 30th, 2016 by DrPepperPro

Hello, fans of Berserk, the good manga.
As some of you may have already noticed, the website/group MangaStream has gotten into the Berserk game, in collaboration with us at Evil_Genius.

So what does this mean for you, the readers?
Hopefully, speedier releases in higher quality than you have been seeing recently. Big ups to the cool guys and gals at MangaStream for making this possible – now Miura’s glacial pace is the only thing holding us back!

So what does this mean for Evil_Genius?
For us, it means some slight adjustments:

Raws: MangaStream’s dedicated raw provider will start scanning glorious high-resolution Berserk as soon as Young Animal magazine hits store shelves in Japan. We should no longer have to wait for the digital release or struggle with blurry phone cam photos of manga pages surreptitiously shot in darkened rooms.

Translation: I (LordMune) will continue to translate as I have been doing for the past half-decade. Hampera Junichi, a fairly recent addition to the EG team, will continue to TL-check and ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Editing: Our insanely hard-working editor-in-residence (DrPepperPro) will be contributing to the editing process together with MangaStream’s cleaners, redrawers and typesetters (and continue to be my sounding board for polishing the text).

Releases: We will continue to provide torrents here as we always have. In addition, the most recent chapter(s) will be available, in full quality, at MangaStream’s website for convenient online reading.

The exact details have yet to be worked out, but as a sort of pilot release a much higher-resolution “v2” of Berserk #345 is now available as a torrent and on MangaStream’s online reader. Font usage and other minor stylistic things are likely to change to better conform to traditional EG standards come next chapter.

Evil_Genius operative for over a decade

EG and MS, in it to win it, let’s go, surf’s up, chapter 345v2 looking good
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26 Responses to “Berserk #345 v2, and the beginning of collaboration”

  1. KRACX Says:

    That’s wonderful news. Congrats!

    Btw, the PNGs aren’t as optimized as you used to make them. About 1.5% bigger by the looks of it?

  2. KRAX Says:

    also, tell MS to stop using a 64 palate. If they’ll save as grayscale and run optipng -o7 they’ll get better looking and smaller pngs.

  3. hullu Says:

    Indeed, Great news!

  4. Argen Says:

    Awesome news, this reminds me, do you guys no longer take PayPal donations or am I not seeing the link?

  5. Fireball36 Says:

    How wonderful to see another chapter of Berserk! I love how well Miura shows the different lands that his hero travels. I’m also glad that Evil Genius has a new reliable source of the manga raws.

    A minor quibble – on page 15, the old mage seems to repeat himself saying to Shierke: “Your teacher was one such sorceress.” Are we missing a line of text?

  6. Stumps Says:

    Nice! Looks like it will be a fruitful partnership. Thanks for all the chapters over the years.

  7. maglodontophore Says:

    H e l l y e a h
    united, two teams that demand respect

  8. Greyscale Says:

    I was really surprised to see Berserk on Mangastream, but the scan looked great and it’s good to see collaboration like this being done. Hope it lasts.

  9. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Great news glad to hear all of this! I’m Happy EG will continue to provide us with Berserk, I mean afterall I’ve only been reading berserk and following EG since ’05 it would feel weird if I read Berserk from anyone else.

  10. James Says:

    Great stuff.

  11. Jher Says:

    those scanalations look greater than ever… so excited

  12. Kris Says:

    please do no stop releasing torrents.

  13. LordMune Says:

    We won’t, don’t worry.

  14. alexmedinaduran Says:


  15. obvious fake Says:

    the v2 introduced a typesetting error in page 15 that wasn’t in v1:
    in the second bubble, the last sentence is repeated in the third bubble. the original had that sentence only in the third bubble.

  16. Thomas Says:

    Just wanted to leave a thank you for the translations over the years. Much love from Norway 🙂

  17. Jher Says:

    I think guts lost some “thunder” as someone else mentioned, probably because Miura has also matured and calmed down (though i don’t doubt Miura’s mind isn’t as fucked up as it was back in his early days composing berserk). Guts says “oh great.. I’ve come this far.. by letting go of my osbession..”

    Anyway, I’m grateful he is still goin with berserk, it must be hard on him to work on it. I wonder what he does besides the berserk world and what inspired him to start it… did he experience betrayal like that?… I just really feel that berserk will take a sharp turn soon. I highly doubt it will be a peaceful ending.

  18. Fantasia Says:

    well, i hope u guys dont use any filter on this, cuz MS use a lot on their works

  19. Wew Says:

    I assume you won’t be uploading to batoto anymore? Or will you still be doing that?

  20. Enzo Says:

    As far as ending goes, if we ever get to see any, I think that the idea is for Guts to go to Falconia with his friends. When they reach it, Guts will be treated as the bad guy by the citizens, probably trying to stop him, so he might have to cut through some innocent lives. If he does that, and ultimately faces Griffith, he will end up at some point with a choice to sacrifice his friends and get Griffith, or give up and protect them. I just wonder what will happen then.

  21. LordMune Says:

    We never officially uploaded to batoto.

  22. freebie Says:

    Will 344 get the same treatment as 345 v2?

  23. Joe H Says:

    Thank GOD this team-up hasn’t sacrificed quality with those inane watermarks or shitty fanart. Also, the scan quality is generally better than the usual MS release.

    Also it’s a good thing you guys are translating this. MS has a habit of speed translating which tends to lead to some pretty awkward dialogue.

  24. Kuro Says:

    Are you guys no longer gonna release torrents?

  25. Rass Says:

    @23 “Releases: We will continue to provide torrents here as we always have. In addition, the most recent chapter(s) will be available, in full quality, at MangaStream’s website for convenient online reading.”

    I guess they agreed EG will push the torrent after a day or two. Seems a reasonable compromise.

  26. DarkWanderer Says:

    Awesome news! The power of creation. I’m have been in frozen hype loop for years waiting for us to penetrate that elf kingdom arc.

    @Enzo, I am thinking the siege on Falconia might see Guts either using the behelits he has collected to take a similar route as the skull knight or to perform a new dark cleansing ritual where this time the sacrifices are apostles and he is the one that must “consume” or sacrifice them to absorb their essence to power his armor. Using it as a talisman/medium to transform temporarily into something more? ..dunno… In this way there is balance in the exceptions that can transcend the weakness of the soul that make behelits so attractive to the petty humans souls. If we were to think that there is a sort of soul food chain.

    Succumbed humans with strong dreams/desires become apostles.. apostle sacrifices that overcome apostle dreams/desires with branding can become outcasts maybe… reversing the flow of the brand to focus the liberated energies of apostles… Soul Reaver anybody? The brand is a sort of gamble when I think about it.. like you mark a human for collection. Maybe that connection is two way… or needs a little modification..

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