Credit corrections for NHK chapter 37

  » Posted June 29th, 2007 by Eldo

I am saddened to announce that I have, uh, fucked up. When I placed the credits for chapter 37, I gave the incorrect credits for the translator. The entire translation for that chapter was by Nomimono, and not Elliot E. as shown. It’s sad that Nomimono’s hard and high quality work wasn’t recognised because of my uh, fucking screwup. I just want to say sorry to Nomimono for this gigantic screwup, it was incredibly careless of me. Hopefully, it would not happen again. I’m a giant idiot.

But my screwup aside, releases may come in around this weekend or the next. More NHK, Angel Heart, and finally Biomega! I’ll be careful with the credits next time. I do believe in credits where it’s due, so I feel really bad about this.

EDIT: Incredible. I spelled the guy’s name wrong as well. I should be shot.

11 Responses to “Credit corrections for NHK chapter 37”

  1. Cower Says:

    Biomega YAY!
    Angel Heart YAY!

  2. Leper Messiah Says:

    Sh*t happens… XP
    Thanks for the great work! 😀

  3. Hadora Says:

    And no Zetman??? :'(

  4. wicked Says:

    Well, he gets my recognition and respect after this post, let’s just hope many reads it, I mean, there’s not much more you can do. Cheers Nomimono!

  5. Rogue Says:

    Eldo, I’m so disappointed in you. XDDD
    Good to hear there’s biomega coming!!

  6. Rik Says:

    it’d be kind of a waste if someone would actually take your advice and shoot you, since then i would have to find an other location for my berserk manga 😀

  7. krazyivan Says:

    don’t worry – it happens to everybody every now and then. I assure You – everybody involved in a EG project is recodnised and invited to poland so i could buy that person a beer 😀

  8. krazyivan Says:

    shit – i can’t belive i just wrote ‘recodnised’
    on the second thought i ‘ve studying lambda calculus, computable functions, recursion theory and stuff like that for about 14 hours straight and i’m feeling a bit dizzy now

    oh yeah – and wish me luck I have an egzam in 12 hours

  9. Bambi666 Says:

    I realized this already a while ago, you translated the little witch’s name in berserk with ‘Schierke’. We all now the issue with ‘r’ and ‘l’ in Japanese language, but an ‘l’ would actually make more sense, cause ‘Schilke’ or better spelled ‘Silke’ is a common German name and you know Japanese mangaka love using foreign names.
    And yes before you ask, I’m from Germany.

    Keep up the good work, I loved the new chapters of berserk and NHK

  10. LordMune Says:

    Bambi666; I’m with you on this one. Her name is in fact written シールケ(shiiruke), which basic romanization turns into the proper name Silke or “Shirke”. Sadly, her *official* English name is Schierke, much like Skull Knight’s official name is “Knight of Skeleton” or something equally horrible.

  11. Nomimono Says:

    1. It’s all right – thank you, Eldo, thanks everyone
    2. Mune, Bambi, oh yes. I read the official German trans years ago – it has some no-good thing like “Schielke” – and when I read the scanlation in English it was like a revelation. “Silke” is just a normal, good goddamn name.
    3. krazyivan – cool, I’ll think of you when I get to Poland sometime.
    4. Please nobody shoot him. Seriously, he is essential to EG.

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