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Berserk returns. Next is Aug 28. New chapters will be published every other issue of Young Animal (approximately a month).


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  1. James Says:

    So happy.

  2. Doctor Says:

    Yes, we need a new poll — How many chapters will there be until another break?

    I think I’d vote 3-4, but I honestly have an iota of hope that we’ll make it to 5-6. Although a solid half year of steady releases may cause reality to implode…

  3. Greyscale Says:

    Thanks EG! Great to see Berserk back on track! I hope we get at least 4-5 chapters before the next hiatus. Guts needs to make another epic return.

  4. introgauge Says:

    oh man, I knew Rickert would start being a target in some way with Griffith. He knows too much. but it looks like he’s being targeted by maybe locust, but Silat is even trying to get on this.

  5. Nauker Says:

    I’m shedding tears of joy right now.

  6. borabosna Says:


  7. dalai Says:


  8. oh mah gawahd Says:

    holey shet!

  9. Aegon the Pot Head Says:

    Wow, I can hardly believe
    Now,what do you guys think will happen first?
    Daenerys arriving in Westeros or Gattsu in Elf’s Hell?

  10. Nicoladastra Says:

    Wasn’t it meant to be published on the 28th? 🙁 ’til next time ><

  11. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Hmm. Hmmmmm…. Well this is shaping up to be like all the other times.

  12. thepeaguy Says:

    As usual, the majority of the whiners haven’t bought a volume of his work. Freeloaders.

  13. Hawana Says:

    thepeaguy, fuck you. I’m translator and if you want to do quickly, do quickly for readers, even if I do not pay a cent for it.

  14. Hawana Says:

    Moreover, where he pay? I can even pay $ 200 just to transfer was quick and did not stop for three days.

  15. Shitstorm Says:


  16. jin21 Says:

    Hmm I guess the planned monthly release schedule was a lie?

  17. Alexander Medina Says:

    RAW BERSERK 339;PHPSESSID=qbkgk9q5nm5cqblm9r90pceab4#new

  18. jin21 Says:

    I’m joking by the way, just wish that with it being 2015 we would have a better setup in the comic and manga world where translations could be done swiftly and releases happen for all languages relatively days apart so people wouldn’t have to scour the web in search of the itch they need scratched. I think manga and comic book companies lose money by not being forward thinking. With that said Thanks you to those who help Translate here at Evil-genuis and I was hoping that being a fan of this manga since the late 90’s and purchasing the manga my money would of least propelled Miura to stay faithful. I’m glad he hasn’t quit altogether even though I dread the breaks I am always glad to find a new chapter appear eventually. It’s like an unexpected birthday of sorts to me now.

  19. Nicoladastra Says:

    It was too good to be true 🙁

  20. Murley Says:

    Man, you people are entitled

  21. ... Says:
    Looks like the RAW’s are out there at least,
    so can we all chill now and give the guys
    some time to work on the chapter before bitchin??
    (It’s been only 2 days since release after all…)

  22. Sui Says:

    What are you talking about? Chapter 339 scans are already out, they only need to be properly translated, check the Subreddit you noobs :/

  23. Sui Says:

    or, better,

  24. Griffith Says:

    lol people not realizing that the chapter came out regularly and it’s been online since last thursday.

    It’s EG that’s taking their time.

  25. Phil Sheldon Says:

    I was sure this would happen when you guys released it so quickly, too bad it came true, thanks for translating Berserk btw, so funny these complaints when there’s still another month (thankfully) for the next chapter. Seems they didn’t learned anything in the ride, though i guess i’ve been longer in it than most.

  26. Vath Says:

    It came out on the 28th. They’re just working on translating/cleaning/finding a non awful scan.

    There’s LQ raws floating around.

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