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Hi there.


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  1. borabosna Says:

    (⌐■_■) deal with it

  2. phillipRT Says:

    appreciate it to see this again, hopefully we see more at least 1 or 2 months time

  3. Carabuck Says:

    New chapter :

  4. Fest Says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

  5. Grease Says:

    Sailor 26: “-LAAAAND!”
    Isidoro: “-So.. this is your home? ELFHELL..”

    ……Till” next decade!!
    Berserk continue in 2025 with an special extra!! 3 NEWS PAGES!!

  6. citanuzuki666 Says:

    I took a peak at the end of 340 and berserk will continue on 10/23 for those not wanting to chance a spoiler

  7. Alexmedinaduran Says:

    RAW 340

  8. stele007 Says:

    @citanuzuki666 Thank you, I checked these comments just to check that. Hopefully this 4 week schedule keeps up!

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