Berserk 334~~!! and Zetman 197-198

  » Posted April 12th, 2014 by DrPepperPro

Yay. Also make sure to read the note on the last page.


Also we need an editor for Angel Heart. We have about 30 chapters translated and they need your Photoshopping help.


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  1. Doomroar Says:

    Thanks for the Berserk Chap!
    Now we all know that city is not safe, it is probably a concentration camp, that once full will serve as a dinner table to feed apostles and monsters, i am calling it now!

  2. Tony Says:

    Something tells me this Falconia Capital is not what it seems.
    Watch it be some sorta giant sacrificial slaughter house of
    Good read tho.

  3. Pedro Ramires Says:

    Thanks for the chapter EG!

    @tony: I think it actually is what it seems: a big city where the dream of Griffith has come true. But it really reminds me the old (the ooooold) capital, the one we just had a glimpse at the bottom of the Tower of Rebirth. So I am expecting something really, really bad to happen in there.

  4. Zorky Says:

    Miura finally awoken from his long slumber.

    This can´t be real!

    Are you fxxxxxx kidding me!

  5. re Says:

    Appreciate Zetman, thank you

  6. Nethandle Says:

    Man, I wish I could help you guys with Angel Heart but I’m kinda working on a lot right now. When I’m done with Cat’s Eye and if you still need help I’d be glad to do so.

    Thanks for Berserk and Zetman too!

  7. Hiro Says:

    Niiiiiice! thank you guys for the new chapter!!

    Now… to wait until May…

    (thanks for Zetman too ^^)

  8. Casey M. Says:

    @ Loco: You idiot, it might only be 19 pages, but each page is a goddamn work of art, you ungrateful bastard. I don’t care if it’s shorter, because it’s superb quality. Unlike Attack on Titan where, yes, it might be 40 pages, but the artwork looks like utter shit.

  9. Takezo Says:

    I think i can help you editing Angel Heart. Send me an email.

    as always, thanks you!

  10. Stick1000 Says:

    Thank you EG. I was very pleased with this chapter. Miura’s artwork is glorious. I love how deep he goes into the background and the blend of Greek and Roman architecture is beautiful. I spent several minutes on each page just gazing into the depth. I look forward to Richert meeting with Griffith, I can’t even venture a guess to what will go down. I thought Luca looked and sounded familiar but its been so long I don’t remember her. The kushans were a neat surprise.

  11. AllFatherStarr Says:

    Falconia has mass destruction written all over it. I personally hope its at Guts’ hands

  12. asdf Says:

    Looks like author wont finish story in his lifetime ._.

  13. Jaakko Says:

    100 chapters later Guts will come, defeat all and everyone and rename Falconia into Hawkistan or whatever. Justice will prevail =)
    That’s the plot for Falconia ark =)
    Thanks a lot, Evil Genius! Great work as usual!

  14. gatsu Says:

    Thanks a lot EG.. you guys are the best.

  15. Sandwich Says:

    The gif for this perfectly summarizes how I felt when I read this chapter. Thanks EG for getting this out so quick. Feels good to finally see more Berserk.

  16. phillipRT Says:

    I finally read it…roll on May

  17. cloudiks Says:

    Thanks EG!
    Pfiou, we waited so damn long for this chapter.
    I hope the next ones’ll be this year :p

  18. Gustav M Says:

    SPLASH PAGE after SPLASH PAGE. It’s actually worth the wait. Never was that fond of Gigantomakhia

  19. elemhunter Says:

    Could I ask where you got your raws for Mugentou (a project you did the first chapter of a long time ago)? Your chapter seems to be in better quality that what is posted on the website:

    Is that just because of cleaning? I’m interested in getting the rest done. Thank you.

  20. DrPepperPro Says:

    The current online reader is 756px height. The old one was around 900px.

    Our release of chapter 1 is 1165 height because I full-screened my browser to screenshot the raw (couldn’t right-click save on the old viewer). This resulted in blurring and some weird artifacting (look specifically at the speech bubbles, they look jagged instead of nice and smooth like in the current online reader).

    It’s possible that their website still has the ~900px images hidden somewhere, but probably not, so you’re stuck with that 756px ones. I think they’re better than our release, just harder to read/typeset.

  21. Gnar Says:

    Apparently, a new Idolmaster has been released in Japan…

  22. tylrgamster14 Says:

    thanks for the release!!! cant wait to read the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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