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Try the Berserk!

Also a note about another project: Angel Heart.
We’ve had no editors (that is people to clean the raws and put English text in) to work on it for quite a while. If anyone is interested, you can leave a comment here or private message Eldo or DrPepperPro on the forum. We don’t want to have to train anyone from scratch, but you don’t have to be perfect to join either. If you really like the manga and think you have the will and time to do it, there’s plenty of tutorials out there for learning the basics of typesetting, which is mainly what editing Angel Heart involves.

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  1. diashi Says:

    I doubt Guts will set off an eclipse. If I remember correctly it was said that he was not chosen to lead such events…etc.

  2. Starnum Says:

    The keyword in what Skullknight said was “might”. Just because he said that, it doesn’t mean anything. It was merely a warning on his part, and nothing more. Though it’s entirely possible, but I don’t see it going down that way. Casca’s bound to have some serious issues with the whole ordeal, even after regaining her sanity. That’s assuming she does regain her sanity, which I’m betting she will. However, I don’t see her completely resenting Guts. Personally I’ll be pretty pissed off if she does, especially after everything he’s done for her over the years. So what if he bit her on the breast and almost raped her, he’s dealing with his own demons, and he did managed to resist. I mean, he cut off his own arm for her, and has been protecting her this whole time. If she has anyone to resent, it’s Griffith. She may clam up at first and need some time alone, but I think she’ll eventually come around. However, only time will tell.

    As for the behelit, he still has it, but he can’t use it. It was stated that a sacrifice can’t use a behelit. He originally wanted to use it to summon them so he could kill them, but he can’t do it personally. A sacrifice’s fate is sealed the moment they’re branded.

  3. Anonimo Says:

    @Starnum: In a story (unlike the real life), if someone assumed something, or made vague hypothesis about future events or a guess about the past, unless the character does not want deliberately to lie, it is almost always an anticipation of something will happen / be discovered in the future of the story, like a true prophecy.

    From the words of Skullknight, is clear that Caska in the future will heal and this event will not only bring happiness in Guts: Caska will disagree with him on something, perhaps her save, maybe his revenge against griffin (but I think it’s more likely the former, maybe for the returned memories of the eclipse in the girl,that she can’t longer leave in her subconscious as now during the madness.

  4. ZETUMANU Says:

    Would it be too impudent to ask when can we expect the new Zetman? Week or two maybe?

  5. ImmortalSandwich Says:

    I think that all the trouble Guts has gone through to restore Caska would make for the perfect irony if she wound up resenting him, or at the very least, becoming a very fucked up and bitter individual. Not only do I find it fitting for the storyline, but I think it’s a very believable scenario.

    Either way, I do not think Miura is the type of writer to show us a conversation like that, where the Skull Knight makes certain to tell Guts she might not want to be restored — for no reason. It was definitely a foreshadowing of some kind. Maybe Guts has some sort of epiphany and backs out of restoring her at the last minute. I mean if he wants to protect her, then keeping her the way she is would be a much better way of doing it. If she was restored, she would not be restored as the powerful soldier who lead the Hawks in his and Griffiths absence. She would return broken and traumatized. She would be different than he remembers her to some extent at least. Maybe Guts will realize this and decide to leave her as she is.

  6. Thana Says:

    Well, I don’t think she’ll resent him. The Eclipse wasn’t Gatts’ fault at all. If she remembers everything she sees him cutting of his arm to save her.
    The reason she won’t like to remember all the stuff of the Eclipse back than would most likely be the fact that it caused the trauma she currently has. She’ll remember the death of all her friends, Judeau’s love confession, the betrayal of her idol and last but not least the rape. That’s some tough shit to remember!
    Most likely she’ll continue to be useless for a while… but if she can come over the thing that happened to her she’ll be a new awesome warrior of the group.

    I doubt Caska will resent Gatts for something. SK might be worried about her state of mind. I doubt Caska would stop Gatts from taking revenge. She has shown a little fondness of vendetta before.

  7. annarek Says:

    well if the elf-king restores her i think what Thana said. though i expect that she might not want to continue to fight and decide to stay in elfheim(or elf hell :P) and then guts going alone with the others to slay griffith. maybe she comes back later towards the end of the story. however i think that the child we see from time to time will play a great role in her restored self.

  8. InterRage Says:

    Caska is how she is because of the events that happened. This elf-helm stuff sounds too good to be true actually. You can’t just make someone come out of a psychosis, that is unless you take alot of Niacin(I looked it up :P).

  9. IGrowPot Says:

    I think the relation between Caska’s child and Griffith incarnation will have some influence over Casca’s actions when she came into sanity.

  10. thepeaguy Says:

    Nice chapter.

    Here’s a little donation for teh scanlations. 😀

  11. RedSamurai Says:

    I don’t know why I have a feeling that the Elfheim king, that everyone is taking for granted, will not cure Caska (or at least not after a loooong time). I think he will be either dead, kidnapped or lost his miracle-making powers.
    This will give Miura an opportunity to add another load of content: a full volume about the quest to help the King regain powers…
    Seriously, it won’t shock me to see that happen.

  12. buttobasu Says:

    So I hear Berserk 321 will be released May 13th, huh? Well I hope Utopia scans will have it up less than 24h. afterwards, so I don’t have to wait a week or two for EG to get off their arse. 😀

  13. Aldarion Says:

    buttobasu: If you really need to promote your group, could you do it a little less blatantly?

  14. Edonis Says:

    Give instructions.
    How You edit manga scans(Berserk #321?) and put it on YouTube. ^^

  15. Edonis Says:

    My sample editing:

  16. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    I don’t think anyone can read the Utopia scanlations, after the comparing them to EG. Berserk fans are used to waiting 3 months for one chapter – what’s a extra week or so?

  17. DrPepperPro Says:

    Well we don’t need editors for Berserk right now really. Your cleaning is pretty good already, but some minor advice:
    -save with higher colors (see the texture under the berserk logo)
    -rotate page (usually align with the side margin)

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