Imminent Angel Heart. Praise the Zetman.

  » Posted January 17th, 2012 by DrPepperPro

Angel Heart.

End of Zetman volume 15.

Next Berserk chapter comes out January 27th.

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  1. Phireo Says:

    No video game addiction, that’s a thing of the past. He’s busy with the anime coming and as he’s one of the best selling mangakas in Japan he takes it easy in drawing… but does it well.
    Also, he’s not ill.


  2. Idolmaster Says:
    Yo no sé español, amigos 🙁

  3. Ed Says:

    Why is it taking so much time?I mean, it’s out in spanish and it’s been almost on week since it was released…I understand spanish if anyone need’s help with the translation over here in evil-genious

  4. DrPepperPro Says:

    Yeah there’s been some delay. It’ll probably be like tomorrow or so.

  5. earl jr. Says:

    Thanks for Spanish translation. Though Evil Genius is the best.

  6. iGrowPot Says:

    I liked this spanish translation. Still waiting for the evil-genius one, they’re the best. The brazilian oficial translation sounds a litle off sometimes, but I guess it more a question of adaptation than translation, but as far as I know japanese is very hard to translate, even thoug its structurally much simpler than english and specially portuguese(or perhaps its so difficult precisely because of that)

  7. iGrowPot Says:

    ps. Do anyone who has seen the raw knows if it says the date of the next chapter?

  8. Mukade Says:

    *looks around the corner*
    Berserk Chapter is coming, it walks slowly but it will be a magnificent scanlation.

    Thanks EG

  9. BlazeX Says:

    Did read the spanish one. Nice chapter, seems the Sea God’s saga pretty much reached its end, but it ended in a cliffhanger, so who knows what will come next. Also, no news about a new chapter after this one, so brace yourselves there in expectation.

  10. DragonSlayer Says:

    I haven’t read the chapter yet (I expect the translation of Evil Genius ;)) but I know for sure that the next episode will be pulbished 10 feb.

  11. Dass Jennir Says:

    thanks for the info DragonSlayer


  13. smokeesid Says:


    How do you know that? Where did you find it?(that the release of the next chapter is on 10th Feb)

  14. DragonSlayer Says:

    @smokeesid: I think that the chapter itself say that the next will be released in the next release of YA (February 10). The news is confirmed because I read it on various sites.

    @MmM: Thanks for the link.

  15. revanchist90 Says:

    I might be getting a little too emotional but at the part with the intro of the movie I started crying. I just can’t believe they are making it, it’s too good to be true…

  16. squigly Mc.diddleflipper Says:

    I just saw the movie in Shinjuku today. To my Surprise (I was expecting to be disappointed) it was amazing. There`s way less 3d-Cg then the previews let on. Honestly, it`s amazing. it can definitely sit along with Steamboy and Tekkonkinkreet as amazing films made my Studio 4C.

    (Ohh and I`m not sure if it was on display at all theaters or not. but the Theater in Shinjuku had a life-size [obviously plastic] dragon-slayer you could take pictures with.)

  17. SquigPie Says:

    Eeehm, are you guys ever going to release the scan?

  18. LordMune Says:

    @SquigPie nope

  19. vee Says:

    zetman go go
    i support you.

  20. Golden_Balls Says:

    hey got news about zetman, there are more then 177 chapters out but It’s in fucking chinese…

  21. darth vader Says:

    i whant know the time when we will you out next chapters of Zetman or the Volume 16 & 17

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